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does this work with a woocommerce multisite setup?

Hello devineone,

Sorry but this plugin not working on multisite.


If you set up a coupon for the next order – Is the coupon emailed to the customer?

Yes right,

This coupon is send on customer email.


I’m interest in “Woocommerce next order offer” plugin. Is this plugin localized? Which language does it support?


Hello alphashock,

Sorry but currrently this plugin not localized. Only english is supported.


Hi, I’m keen on this plugin, will the coupon be auto-applied at the checkout on the customer’s next purchase?

Hello derrickloo ,

This coupon not auto applied, This coupon is send on customer email and customer need to apply coupon on checkout page.



Can i configure the coupon to be sent only if the current cart value meets certain criteria.

For e.g. If the current cart value between 3000 to 7000. Send coupon A. If current cart value above 7000, send coupon B.

Also, will this coupon be unique and restricted for each customer?

Thanks Amit

Also, is there a demo of the plugin which i can try out?

Hello amitbfg,

Sorry but currently this facility is not available on my plugin.


Hi, is this plugin compatible with lasted woocommerce 3.2.6?

ok and when will it be a new version with translation?

That wysiwyg editor would be a great thing to design emails.

Hello lukasprelovsky,

Sorry but i think we will update my plugin within 2 week because currently i was update some feature on my other plugin and they need to time for implement feature.

And also i have need to edit my whole plugin for add this feature. So this also takes times.


OK i will wait for the update :) thx

Hello, I have a question if you would not add to the plug-in also the possibility of generating a PDF in which the voucher coupon would be in the email in which the coupon will be added. It would be a perfect thing.

Hello lukasprelovsky,

Sorry again but this thing also not able to add on this plugin. This is only send coupon code with some message to user.


Hi i have idea for new funcionality. Delay sending emails by email. the email does not go right after the order, but it was set when the email is sent to me. eg after 14 days

Yes, But this plugin is next order offer. so you complete nth order so this sytem is send mail.

So sorry, But his functionality not able to add on this plugin.

Thanks for suggestion new ideas.

I like the feature of YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder, I just need to keep the email right now but not for the case I set myself on the day.

when is the update coming up with translations?

Hello lukasprelovsky,

When i release next version i will add translation feature. If this plugin users register as new issue then i release new version. So currently not fixed time to release next version.



Hello, I do not speak English, I use Google translate. Speak Spanish.

When the customer purchases one of the products in my store, via consignment, before he consigne me, he has already received the discount code, then the client, does not complete the transaction with that product, but cancels and buys again the same product with the discount code that arrived. How can I only get the discount code once the consignment has been made and I have verified the payment?

Hello wilgo29,

This thing is possible but you have need to give me ftp details on my personal email so i will do this. Also send me wp-admin details.

Email : goyaninaresh1234@gmail.com


Hi ! I just purchased your plug-in. I’ve just tested it and i don’t receive any code in my inbox mai, and no notification like your screenshot neither. Have you got any solution ?

Do you think i could generate a code only by buying one specific product ? Thanks.

Hello Martinjdesign ,

You have done all settings ?

If yes so notification will be come on cart and checkout page. If you not got so please share your WP-Admin details on my personal email id.



The discount code does not arrive.

The discount code does not arrive.

the discount code was coming when the person processed the purchase online, but without making the payment, after you entered my website to correct that, now the discount code never arrives.

Remember, I use google translate. I do not speak English.

I replayed on your email.

Please check your email

Hi, nice plugin indeed.

Pres-sale question: is possible to hide messages displayed while the users are placing order, so they don’t know of “next order coupon” untill the order is complete?

I sell a single product in my shop, and I don’t want my customers take only 1 piece to get the discount, then place the “big” order with the discount.

I want “reward” the first order with a “next order coupon”, but I don’t want users “misuse” the system, do you understand me?


I don’t fully understand you messagge..

So, is possible to hide the message, and leave only the MAIL notification?

Yes, This is possible

ok, sure buy!