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Well done ! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks, we’re excited to have released our second plugin!

It works only in combination with WooCommerce or can be used as a standalone plugin? Thanks

Currently it only works with WooCommerce as it’s related to a sold product or service. What were you thinking of using it for?

We’d like to have some feedback on a service we’re providing through our website, not using WooCommerce. We could handle our customers a link to give us NPS feedback on the service…

So the customers do not register they just receive a link to give feedback? The issue could occur if they give feedback more than once which can skew the data. Let me know if this is what you meant.

Hi Kodemann, this is exactly what I’m looking for in a plugin. But I’m wondering are we able to find out what people give which scores?

If I don’t know who my promoters are, how will I know who I should speak to about promoting our brand?

It would be great if we could get an export of this data.

Hello brandonnolte, we have just submitted version 1.1 for approval that introduces a list of individuals who have given feedback on the overview page as well as a log of events on the settings page.

This is fantastic! I just purchased it. In trying to tweak the email I saw a grammatical error that I can’t change:

“Based on your recent experience with us, how likely are you to recommend us to a family or friends?”

Should be “recommend us to family or friends?”

I have some other feedback for you that I think could improve this, but I don’t want to junk up the comments section here. Would you prefer that I send you an email about my feedback or is here okay?

Thank you for finding that grammatical error, we will change it on our end. Please send an email via the profile page with all your feedback and we can then send you the fix for the grammar. Thanks.

Is the NPS question customizable?

Is it possible to add a textarea so that the user can opt to leave a comment if they would like?

Currently there is no option to add a comment in addition to the rating response to reduce distractions. We could potentially add this in the future if you feel it is important however.

Is the question editable from the admin?

I do require a comment section, we want to give customers the opportunity to give a reason for their rating if they’d like. Something like “What is the most important reason for the score you gave?”.

Yes the question is editable from the admin. What I suggest as a work around for now is reaching out to the customers directly after that have given their feedback. On the NPS page you will have a log of each customer, their score and email. Hope that helps for now.

Hey, Is this plugin still supported? Does it work with the recent Woocommerce release? I see there’s not been an update since October 2014

This plugin is still supported, if you have any issues with it please let us know.

Are you interested in customisation work? p.s. I tried emailing info@kodemann.co but the email bounced back

Please send an email via the profile account to discuss further. Thanks!


will this work with current wocommerce and wordpress versions?

Nice work mate

Hi, there.

This is exactly the plugin I need but before buying it, I noticed the last updated was 2014, so I would like to know if It is compatible with recent versions of WP and Woocommerce?

Thanks in advance.