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Hi, We have multilingual woocommerce store and emails would need to be added to different MyMail lists, depending on customer checkout language.

Is that possible?

Hi, which plugin are you using to handle the multilingual aspect of the site.

Hi Tomitos, Presently adding customer to a list based on their checkout language isn’t possible.

Hi, presales question:

If the order stay “pending” they are not added to the list? If they complete 2 days later, or if I approve the order mannually from wp-admin would then they be added to the right list?



I have a pre-purchase question about whether I can use your plugin on a multi-site installation where one site is in English and one is in French.

Could I use your plugin to create custom email templates on both sites and then control the naming of all the fields, including the ones in the table for the order processing email? (i.e. “Product”, “Quantity”, “Price”)

Thank you Anthony

This plugin only allows you to add customers to a list when they place an order on your site. It won’t be able to do what you asked in your pre-purchase question

It works perfect. Great contribution Thanks you very much! :)

Thanks for the purchase.

Is there a webhook or something that automatically cancel’s their mymail subscription if they cancel their woocommerce subscription?

A webhook can be added to the plugin for this. Which WooCommerce subscription plugin are you using?

Really amazing plugin! One question, are you planning to add a WooCommerce support to give the ability to manage emails for people who abandonded card, purchased, including products related pictures, etc.. ?

Thanks for the purchase. I can definitely look into adding this feature.

Hi, I have a MyMail autoresponder running after the user subsribe to my newsletter.

What will happen with this autoresponder in case that I will use your plugin?

My goal is to move the user from the “General list” (this is the list that I add them after the subscription) to the “Bought a product” list (using your plugin). So people STOP getting an autorespander (for subscribers) after a purchase.

Let me know if I’m unclear.

Thank you!

+1 for adding ability to build woocommerce templates with MyMail. i’d buy it if you had that functionality

Will look into adding this feature.

Tell me how you can add all those who signed up in the mymail users woocommerce?

Hi denosx, Please explain what you are trying to achieve in details. Thanks.

I have a form for subscribing mymail -name -email -city

I need to do that after the subscription a user has been logged in at once, and the username and password have been sent to him in the mail. A city attribute was added to the profile woocommerce

Hey, tunsplugins,

You haven’t replied to my comment about the marketing automation.

I would like to buy your plugin. However, please clarify 1 moment.

Can I move a subscriber from 1 list to another after a purchase on my website using your plugin?

For example a student was on the list 1, then she bought a course and I would like to move (!) her to a list 2. So she will stop getting any emails for the list 1.

Can I do this using your plugin? Or I would need any extra development from your side? I’m happy to pay for this.


The marketing automation should be possible with the MyMail Newsletter plugin. You will need to contact the developer about that.

Dear Developer,

I want to ask you if users can see a popup on products page or home page with a newsletter registration input field

That should be possible with the MyMail Newsletter plugin. Kindly contact the developer of that plugin.

Pre-Q: If a subscriber unsubscribes or cancels their membership, can they get moved off the “purchased” list and onto another list?

No response so I posted another question for clarity.

I want to have a user be added to a MyMail list when they purchase/subscribe to a product. This way they are on a mailing list. Then, when the subscription is NOT renewed, and it expires, they are removed from the list. (Parhaps moved to a different list for retargeting). Any thoughts on if your plugin will do this?

If is possible for this feature to be added to the plugin. Which subscription plugin are you using on the site.

We use the Woocommerce products.

Are you talking about the WooCommerce subscriptions plugin. Also can you send me a link to the plugin you are using for the subscription


THobbes Purchased

Hi, thx for your plugin. Last week Mymail have a huge update and is now called “Mailster”. My Question: Is this Plugin working after the new Mymail update? Thx in advanced and best wishes, Tom


THobbes Purchased

Thanks for your Message. One problem after the MyMail to Mailster update is that no woocomerce fields go automatically to the mailster fields from the buyers. Only the wordpress fields goes automatically.

Please what do you mean by “no woocomerce fields go automatically to the mailster fields from the buyers. . Only the wordpress fields goes automatically.” I am working on an update to the plugin and will like to have all issues fixed.


THobbes Purchased

Thanks tunsplugins for the attention. Our problem comes from an other woo commerce plugin. Best wishes Tom

Hello! Just want to know if this is 100% compatible with the latest version of Mailster (MyMail) – after their big update. I’ve been hesitant to install this plugin before I know for sure. Thanks!!

Hi. It is 100%Z compatible with the latest Mailster version. An update will be released this weekend as well for the plugin.

Is it also compatible with WPML? For example, if a customer purchases a product in the translated version of product page (spanish) will they be automatically placed on the specified group?

Is it also compatible with WPML? For example, if a customer purchases a product in the translated version of product page (spanish) will they be automatically placed on the specified group?

Hey Guys! :) Any answer for this?

Hi guys, any update on whether or not you will work on compatibility with WPML? There are currently not other plugins that will add a WooCommerce customer to a Mailster list when purchase is made on the translated product. If you make this work, you will be the first.

Hello guys, any word on making it work with WPML?

Does this plugin work now that MyMail has been renamed something else? I assume it would but I don’t know if the MyMail name change means they changed all the code to reflect the new name… thus breaking this.

Hello, after upgrade i can´t save changes in configuration, the button is disabled. Can you help me? thanks

I am really sorry about this. Let me check on my end. I will get back to you shortly.

Kindly submit a support ticket here https://tunsplugins.com/support/

Hi, I really don’t get what the purpose of this plugin is? Mailster has a free Woocommerce add-on available already and it does all your plugin can do. Am I wrong?

My plugin was released before the official Mailster WooCommerce addon was released. I am working on adding more advanced features to mine.

Presales questions:

1 – Can Mailster create marketing automation campaigns that are triggered on clicks or opens, not just an automated email sequence? For example, if someone opens an email but doesn’t click the link, can I have a specific follow up sent to them? And a different follow up to someone who clicked?

2 – Can Mailster automatically add people who purchased a specific product via WooCommerce to a specific list that automatically sends them a sequenced series of emails?

3 – Can an list member be added by sending an email to a specific address or is a web form or list import the only way to signup for a list?