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we have purchased your Woocommerce Multistep Checkout Wizard plugin. The plugin is working nice. We have even added new step into our wizard, which includes woocommerce custom fields. However the fields within this step are validated firstly when a user tryies to make an order (the final wizard step). We are wondering if there is any way how to validate the filled fields as soon as the user tryies to press the “Next” button within the wizard. We realized this functionality works nice with billing information step, so hope this can work even with our new step.

Thanks for your reply.

Kind regards, Milan Drbohlav

you need to add “required” class with the fields into order for them to be validated by this plugin.

Presale Question: Would this plugin work with every payment gateway ?

I’m using FirstData Latvia PayEezy


I got some trouble after update the plugin. It dont show up the order overview anymore. Could you help please?

Thanks, Daniela

Please PM me your website URL.

fixed it by my own – thanks


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is it possible to have the validation messages in local language?

Thanks & regards, Milan Drbohlav

Yes. Please see the setting. Thanks


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Login step doesn’t show up

i’ve checked the “Display returning customer login reminder on the “Checkout” page

and ‘Add Login to Wizard’ is set to ‘Yes’


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It’s working, I had to login from incognito as I was already logged in as a user


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is there any way to add icons to “place order” button ?

we would like to add fontawsome icon in there


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also is there a way to insert the coupon into the billing details step?

You can add icons to the next and previous button through css like this

    background : url('images/next-btn.png') no-repeat !important;
    background : url('images/previous-btn.png') no-repeat !important;

While you can not move coupon code form to billing.


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do you think we can do it on our own with coding or it is something that is blocked by woocommerce ?

Hi, been looking at the demo and love what you have done, but I’m wondering if the way the steps are displayed can be tweaked at all.

Instead of having all the steps listed at the top, to do it in an accordant. So, each step is in its own panel, then when you go through the steps it closes the previous one and expands the next. Here’s an example – http://www.webpulse.com.br/responsive-accordion/demo/demo.html

I think if each step was in their own panel, it would make for a better experience, especially on mobile, as currently if you have a few steps you have to keep scrolling down.

Hope that makes sense.

Plugin does not provide this functionality.

Never mind, you obviously didn’t understand the question.

Pre-Sale Question: Will we still be able to override the checkout page template(s) so that each step of the checkout process has a visible right side sidebar ( i.e. with Cart Contents & Totals )?

Hello, I just installed the plugin but in the step of “Payment info” it remains loading and the page is not updated. I do not have any gateways installed.

What can be wrong?


PM me your website URL. Thanks


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hey for some reason the steps does not appear on mobile, it’s one long page


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or desktop


tombinder Purchased

seems to be working now


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I am unable to get the plugin to work at all. The settings page displays, but it does not change my checkout.

I have disabled gateways but to no avail. . .

I am using BuddyBoss’ Social Marketplace theme along with wcvendors.

Please let me know how enable the plugin. VIPpuppies.com is the website.

Thank you,


You need to copy “form-checkout.php” form this plugin (“woocommerce/checkout/form-checkout.php”) and place it under the buddypress socialmarket plugin under “buddyboss-marketplace/templates/woocommerce/checkout/” Hope it will fix your isssue

No luck. I copied over and replaced the existing one. It made a slight change in layout, but that was it.

PM me your wordpress login info. Thanks

Our client has asked for a multi-step checkout process that is commonly seen on some Shopify-based site checkouts. We purchased your plugin to realize this goal.

Examples: https://onpurple.com/ https://www.soundbrennerpulse.com/

In these examples, the ORDER of the checkout process steps is slightly different. How can we edit the order of steps, and what fields are displayed on each step?

Here are some screen-captures of the desired process: http://singularsound.net/assets/

Please Advise…

Thank You!


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Please PM your issue and don’t write your license key here. Thanks