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Hi, I bought the plugin and tried to install it, but I have a big problem: when i activate the plugin, It simply doesn’t work and also it’s still visible the original WooCommerce Checkout mode. If I leave the plugin active, the payment option of my original Woocommerce theme is hidden.

How can I solve? Is there a shortcode to use?


PM me your website URL. Thanks

Good afternoon,

In Woocommerce 3.2.6 there’s an issue with the following; “Found 2 elements with non-unique id #_wpnonce”

While updating to Woocommerce 3.3.0 this should have been resolved, however, using this plugin with the login on checkout enabled still shows the same error.

The error can be found on the “login” and “place order” field.

Is there a solution to this problem?

With best regards,

PM me this message along with screenshot of error. Thanks

I just tried to replicate the issue with a fresh install with only woocommerce and storefront, looks like I have another issue to sort out.

Edit; the new install with WooCommerce update 3.3.1 did indeed solve the issue.

Looks like I got to you to soon.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Hi, Is this plugin compatible with the WoodMart theme? https://themeforest.net/item/woodmart-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/20264492

Would this plugin wait for the default woocommerce checkout pages to load and then it renders to multistep checkout?

Yes plugin loads the default checkout into different steps. You can try this plugin with your theme and if you find any issue you can contact me. Thanks


your module is not ok for me !

i want my refund

i want my refund

Sorry refund is not possible without genuine reason. Let me know if there issue with the plugin and i will help you on this. Thanks

i’m sorry but i want my refund it’s not ok for me.

Hi It might be me but your demo doesnt seem to follow a user flow:

Clicking I dont have an account goes to coupon not as advised above : If you are a new customer, please proceed to the Billing & Shipping section. ????

Is this me or an error??

No forwards clicking??


That Message can be changed from woocommerce template file.


PCMSRL Purchased

Hi, I have bought again your plugin but the problem is that isn’t work properly. I have done the setting properly but on two different website, when the user tries to login to the e-commerce, a strange message appear. You can see it in the link below—> https://imgur.com/a/2TcK7 Can you please help? Otherwise I’m forced to ask for refund.

PM me your wordpress login information. Thanks


PCMSRL Purchased

Done it!

Hi, I’m interested in your WooCommerce Checkout Multi-Step plugin. I have only one subscription product with multiple variations. Is it possible to set the product page (“select your subscription variation”) as step 1 in the checkout flow?


Not possible unless you have good coding skills.

hello i have question as before buying this beautiful plugin

the first tab in checkout page is (woocommerce login)

i want to change the woocommerce login to my custom ultimate member login

can u do that?

Custom ultimate member login can be added as the first step but you have to handle the login process through Ajax and for that reason i won’t recommend doing this.


digitalka Purchased

I need some advice regarding this plugin. I would like to change the order of steps. For example, I would like to have the step with choosing the shipping option to come before the payment step. Is it possible?

Thank you.

Sorry not possible.


snigel Purchased

Just purchased this plugin and getting deprecated error messages in the checkout. It seems to be the ship_to_billing_address_only being used instead of the wc_ship_to_billing_address_only. I have installed the latest plugin package. How can I fix this until the plugin is updated?


snigel Purchased

Strange, because this error does not show without the plugin being activated. I also deactivated all other plugins (except for Envato market) and changed back to Twenty Seventeen theme. Still seeing the error. Will send you the site address in a PM.


snigel Purchased

Found the problem: your plugin references the deprecated function on line 42, 73 and 91 in the file form-checkout.php. When I edited the 3 instances where WC()>cart>ship_to_billing_address_only() showed up to wc_ship_to_billing_address_only(), the error dissapears.

Thank you for pointing out the issue. Plugin will be updated with this code soon. Thanks

Hi is it posible to first ask for payment then shipping address and additional info ?


DanNaim Purchased


Just wanted to ask if there is any option to add paypal express button above the first field in the checkout?

Thanks, Dan

There is no such option in the plugin.

Hi, I bought your plugin yesterday, but in the shipping section, where the “Ship to different address” is located, nothing happened. There is a mark on the field infront of “Ship to different address” by default, and also no table is open when it is selected. Instead when it is selected, I am getting the red field, because the plugin thinks there is something to fill, which is not filled. Do you have any idea about that. Thank you in advance. BR Aneliya


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I do not know where to upload my screenshot?

add the following css into your theme style.css fileto
.wizard .shipping_address{height; auto !important}

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I would like to know how can I split the field in the billing section of checkout form in two columns


How can be order information and paying steps when combined, appeared side by side. i mean on the left half of the page the order information and on the right half of the page the payment steps