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como_13 Purchased

Hello, i wanted to see if this message in error log is due to the plugin: “PHP message: The WC_Customer::get_country function is deprecated since version 3.0. Replace with WC_Customer::get_billing_country”

Thank you I appreciate it. Great plugin!


Have you run any page speed tests with WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard? My current WooCommerce checkout page is slow, so I’m looking for something that will improve the UX while also making the page load faster (I know there are other factors involved in this and I’m working on those as well). Thanks!

Hello, I just purchased and installed the plugin, but the multistep doesn’t show up. I see only one page with the whole checkout process fields on this one page, without any next, previous or order-Button, and the spinning wheel instead. I have also installed a plugin called woocommerce germanized (to customize to german market needs), this has a multistep checkout function too, which is disabled, because it does not fit the needs of my client. What can I do?

WooComemrce Germanized” plugin have an option which is “Enable to make sure default checkout template is not being overriden by theme.” you need to uncheck this field. Thanks

This option was unchecked. I tried now to check it, but the only result is, that the spinning wheel disappears and at the page bottom appears the order-Button – the whole checkout process stays on only one page and no multisteps are in sight…

PM me your website URL. Thanks


HARZKIND Purchased

I have a very similar problem as the last poster. Woocommerce German Market seems to be interfering with Multistep. Any ideas how I can get both working?

WooComemrce Germanized” plugin have an option which is “Enable to make sure default checkout template is not being overriden by theme.” you need to uncheck this field. Thanks


HARZKIND Purchased

I read that answer above. But Woocommerce German Market is a different plugin: https://marketpress.de/shop/plugins/woocommerce-german-market/

Does not matter because whichever plugin you are using is overriding the checkout template. You need to see if there is any option to stop this. If you don’t find any then send me PM along with details of your website login. Thanks

Checkout need user to verify password

on our site I have two fields for password so the user can verify before they continue. https://cl.ly/1T0F3n1l3825

the verification/validation needs to happen on the click from the billing page and it does not validate/check for match until the user clicks pay now on the final screen which is confusing to users.

do you have a function or a way to fix this? Can you include a function / update to the plugin to give a configuration where we can turn on and off that functionality of users needing to verify passwords when creating accounts?

You can use javascript to check if the two fields values are the same. See this example at https://keithscode.com/tutorials/javascript/3-a-simple-javascript-password-validator.html

thank you for your reply. is this something you would consider including in the plugin release? I am not familiar on how to include the js in your multistep process, would you be willing to do this as a project for me?

I am wondering before I purchase… Is there a setting to turn off the login step? (For sites that exclusively use guest checkout.)

Yes. There is an option to remove this. Thanks

It is currently not working on my site. I had to disable it.


Could it be because I did not update my WooCommerce yet?

PM me and let me know your issue. I will see this. Thanks


ATM55 Purchased

Hi. I have just installed this plug-in but it’s not showing up on the site at all. When I go to the checkout page it is just blank. Could you let me know why this is? Thanks.

PM me URL of your website. Thanks

Hi there! I’m thinking of getting this plugin. Would you know if it would work with Quick Checkout? https://quickcheckout.wordimpress.com/

have not tested it. But i think it will work.


My shipping fields are not showing up. When I get to this section, it does not remove the “display:none” for shipping fields. I renamed the tab to “Infomações Adicionais”. If I manually remove the “display:none” via Chrome console, it will all show up.

I doubled checked all of my custom CSS and there is nothing related to it.

Link for testing: https://www.cursos.pet/finalizar-compra/?add-to-cart=8476

Please advise.



Nevermind, I figured it out, and it was not related to your plugin. All working fine now =)