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kcpowers Purchased

Hi I just purchased this plugin and am excited to use it on my site. I would like to add the registration form to the first step and I see that this is possible. However, after a user registers for an account, it seems they are redirected to their account page (and away from the checkout). Is there a way to prevent this from happening? It’s difficult to go from the account page back to the cart and I worry this would cause drop off / cart abandonment.

If user get registers from the checkout page then they will be remain on the same page. It is the functionality which is already present and is working fine there. Please check if there is cache at your end or other plugin is doing this…Thanks


kcpowers Purchased

Hi I don’t know how to check if there are other plugins doing this but when I had the registration form to the first page of the flow and create a new user, I land on the new users account page instead of the next step of the checkout process. Is this a setting somewhere in wordpress or woocommerce I can turn off?

Hi Kole, I sent you an email requesting support. When I activate the plugin the checkout page turns into a completely white page, once I deactivate it, I goes back to a normal checkout page. Thank you!

i have replied back to your message in your email. Thanks


I want to create a custom step on checkout, I have used the following code to do so:

add_action(‘woocommerce_multistep_checkout_before’, ‘add_my_custom_step’);

function add_my_custom_step() { $contents = ‘

steps title

’; $contents .= ‘ Place your step contents here. This can be anything including HTML/PHP ’; echo $contents; }

I have this plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-easy-checkout-field-editor/9799777

I would like to add new fields to the new checkout step via a new tab in the checkout field editor, how can I do this please?

Also on a seprate point, can you explain how I can combine and use these two snippets together

add_action(‘woocommerce_multistep_checkout_before’, ‘add_my_custom_step’);

function add_my_custom_step() { $contents = ‘

steps title

’; $contents .= ‘ Place your step contents here. This can be anything including HTML/PHP ’; echo $contents; }

add_action(‘woocommerce_multistep_checkout_after_shipping’, ‘add_my_custom_step_with_new_field’);

function add_my_custom_step_with_new_field( $checkout ) { wc_get_template( ‘checkout/my-custom-step.php’, array( ‘checkout’ => $checkout ) ); }

I would suggest to add custom fields like you do in the default checkout and then use jQuery to move that fields into your newly created step. You can use jquery appendTo http://api.jquery.com/appendto/

Hello! Does your plugin support Advanced Custom Fields?

And I guess while I guess while I’m asking, does your plugin also support Gravity Forms?

Thank you for the support! Luke

I think i have already told you that there is an extra empty div <div class="row"> </div> After your insurance step. You need to remove that.
Thank you for the reply. I think I figured it out (on my local computer, not the staging site I sent you). One question. . . how do I add PHP in this snippet you provided?
add_action('woocommerce_multistep_checkout_after_shipping', 'cclever_add_insurance_custom_step');

            function cclever_add_insurance_custom_step() {
                $contents = '<h1>Insurance</h1>';
                $contents .= '<div class="my-custom-step"> Place your step contents here. This can be anything including HTML/PHP </div>';
                echo $contents;
I have tried so many different things to no avail. I just want to load some custom content I have:
get_template_part( 'woocommerce/checkout/insurance.php' );

Thanks again!

Please PM me your purchase code for this plugin. Thanks

Hello, the plugins is not working well with Avada. Even with the One Page Checkout being activated on Avada, we still have Js issues.

Please look at this screenshot: https://ibb.co/n05pTF The payment form does not show at all.

Can you please help? We cannot use this cool plugin yet! I can give you an access to our WP admin.

URL: www.ridevenice.com Plugin currently deactivated.

Thank you.

PM me your wordpress login information. I will see this. Thanks

Hello, info sent in PM. Thank you for the help.

i see problem exists after the insurance step. There is an extra empty div <div class="row"> </div> You need to remove this.


The payment options are not in a straight line, please see image attachement in the link below


this is your theme styling issue. What is your website URL?


Add following CSS in your theme.

#wizard .payment_methods li input, #wizard .wc-terms-and-conditions{
    margin-top: 4px !important;


For some reason the “terms & conditions” seems a little broken how do i move the text next to the button.



Thanks in advance <3

Add the following CSS into your theme and your issue will be fixed.
#wizard #terms{
margin-top: 8px;

#wizard #terms + span{
 margin-left: 24px;

Hi there,

We are interested in using your plugin, just a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to add an autocomplete function using the Google places API? 2. Is it possible to format the phone number field in a way that a numerical keyboard (usually shown for dialing) when filled out on a smartphone?

Many thanks in advance!


If you can do this with the default woocommerce checkout then you don’t need to worry because this plugin only splits default checkout sections.

Hi, your plugin is very good, before i make a purchase, can i ask you. Does your plugin have a solution of collect the customer email during the checkout process for the abandoned cart email?. It will help recover the sales alot.

This function is like the Shopify checkout process. Thank you.

There are other third party plugins for doing this.

Hi, I installed the multistep checkout plugin. Its active but it dont work. No steps are showing off. Any idea how to slove this problem? Thanks, Daniela

Look if there are any JavaScript error int he console. Also send me URL of your website. Thanks

thanks for quick replay. Sent you email with domain and screenshots.


A question. Is it possible to add the register form to the login form at the beginning (Like the form-login.php from my account section). In the documentation i could only find how to add new steps but I would like to add the register form beneath the login form.


Because customers can only select a payment method if they have an account.

I’ve looked in the documentation but i could only find filters to add new steps but not an example how i could modify an existing step.

Best regards, Het Weemsel.

You can add registration form along with login form in the first step. Please see plugin options. Thanks


streamsim Purchased

Hi, I need your help. After instalation and configuration your plugin on my site, I realised that multistep doesn’t work. I gets an error in checkout . I tried to invistigate the problem but other JS scripts work fine. Could you help me? Link to screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxeadxz9r6djcnw/error.jpg?dl=0

2.6 is the latest version.


streamsim Purchased

How to update it. On themeforest downoload website is a codecanyon-8125187-woocommerce-multistep-checkout-wizard.zip


streamsim Purchased

Kole_Roy..ok I downloaded only wordpress plugin and updated. It seems to be working. Thx for your help :D

Hi, i add the new step and a review step but no tab would be displayed. It only shows above the other content. :(

PM me your purchase code for this plugin. Thanks

Hi Kole Roy, We need to change the form label’s as well as placeholder values for all of our form fields. We ran into trouble filtering these based on WooCommerce standards. Does your plugin prevent this customization?



this plugin does not prevent any customization of checkout fields. You need to deactivate this plugin and see if your customization are working with the default. Thanks

Gotcha. Thank you!

I am curious, we combined the Billing & Shipping. Which is a great feature, thank you :)

Are we still able to add steps after?

Thanks again for your feedback, Luke

Ah ha! I found it! I used the “woocommerce_multistep_checkout_before_order_info” hook.

Thanks again, Luke

Hello, I just installed and getting the following error: jquery.steps.min.js:6 Uncaught Error: One or more corresponding step titles are missing. at R (jquery.steps.min.js:6) at d (jquery.steps.min.js:6) at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery.steps.min.js:6) at Function.each (jquery.js:1) at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js:1) at a.fn.init.w (jquery.steps.min.js:6) at a.fn.init.a.fn.steps (jquery.steps.min.js:6) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (wizard.min.js:1) at i (jquery.js:1)

my site is www.resperate.com

the theme is pivot

PM me your wordpress login info. Thanks

Hello I have trouble with activating the plugin after installation My wordpress site runs in multisite mode I tried activation for the whole network – no effect And for your chosen site on the network – no effect When trying to activate, the page refreshes. No errors show However, the plugin remains inactive Please support me