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Sparql Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to add multiple new steps and additional fields to these steps?


Sparql Purchased

Do I need to use hooks and filters or can it be done using: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-checkout-field-editor/


Sparql Purchased

Hi, Do I need to use hooks and filters or can it be done using: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-checkout-field-editor/

you can add new fields in the new step through any third party plugins.


gala1929 Purchased

Hi, I am using some remarketing plugin so I need to put some scrip when customer fullfield Billing&shipping and clicked “next” to go on payment info. I hope you understand my question, I need to add this script on “next” button in this step, how can I do it?


eredmond Purchased


We’ve created a new step at the beginning of the checkout process.

We have a lot of custom fields to go in this new step and we were thinking of using the Checkout Field Editor extension to do this.

The only thing we’re not sure about is how to insert these custom fields into the new step?

Can you advise?



You can move new fields through jQuery. Just add unique css ID or class with each field, then move each field to your newly created step. See the example below.
<h1>New step title</h1>
<div id="new-step-unique-id">

jQuery("#field_1, #field_2, #field_3").appendTo("#new-step-unique-id")


mmklai Purchased

I installed the plugin, but the multistep check out is not visible in checkout page.


I don’t see any of the plugin file in the source HTML of http://www.salusfoods.com/us/checkout/. Have you installed the plugin correctly?

Hello and thank you for this great plugin.

I have a problem though, if I add login form to the multistep checkout form and I try to login, the ajax call fires but doesnt move to next step having me logged in or refreshes the page. If I manually refresh the page it works fine. My site is https://www.flobali.gr

Thank you very much in advance

PM me details of your website. Thanks

Found the solution myself, It was an option on “Social Login” that was preventing this from working fine.

Only problem left I can live with is that pressing “enter” once filling the login details doesnt work, you have to click “Login” button

Submission of login form through pressing of “Enter” button is intentionally disabled and this is not a bug because if allowed the whole checkout form will get messed up.


r_koga Purchased

Hi, it is a really nice plugin. But I’m having two issues that are not critical, bur I would like to solve them before my site go live. 1- When the plugin is set as “Add Login to Wizard=YES”, and I try to login with an invalid email/password. I get messages of required field for all the required fields from all steps. This is very confusing to the user and not an expected behavior. 2 – When the plugin is set as “Add Login to Wizard=YES”, and i click on “I dont have an account button”, and click back on “Previous”, I got the original login area, but I also got another area below with the login and registration sections. Thanks in advance.

PM me your wordpress login information. Thanks


r_koga Purchased

I have sent the info. Thx.

i have replied back. Please checkout your email inbox.


Where is the $message defined on


<?php if ($message) echo wpautop(wptexturize($message)); ?>

As a temp solution I defined it myself in form-login.php

I need to translate it. it is not included in the .po file

If you are talking about “If you have shopped with us before….” then this message is generated by WooComemrce and is already translated by the default plugin. You can find this text under woocommerce plugin /woocommerce/templates/checkout/form-login.php

Hello, I have a question about the sync between cart and checkout.

If I am partway through the checkout and have chosen a shipping option (say USPS), and then go to the cart and change the shipping option to something else (say Fedex)... and then go to the checkout again… will the checkout update with Fedex?

This happens in native WooCommerce checkout, but does not work in other multi-step checkout plugins I have seen.

If yours works like that, let me know and I will buy!

Shipping options also displayed in the checkout so if user need to change shipping option then he can do it from the checkout page and there is no need to go to back to cart page. Thanks


I’ve created a custom step, in which the first field is type=”tel”. When this step is loaded, the focus passes by this field, and goes directly to the next one, which is type=”text”.

For testing, I changed the field type from “tel” to “text”, and then the focus started “seeing” this field.

Thing is, I really need this field to remain “tel” and also get focus, as it is the first field on the screen. How can I proceed to make it work?

I saw that on lines 36 and 85 of wizard.js you have this instruction: $(”#wizard .content .current input[type=text]”).first().focus();

Is this where the problem is being generated? If so, how can I change it to make it work for “tel” type as well?



Please use latest version of this plugin. Thanks

Hi. I just did that. Now I have no focus on any steps (login/billing/custom). Is that the expected behaviour? https://www.cursos.pet/finalizar-compra/?add-to-cart=8476

Yes focus has been removed.

Hi, I get the same user data for billing and shipping step. When I start a purchase in the data fields for Shipping, i get displayed the same data as for Billing. In spite of entering new data in the Shipping form, at the end of the purchase the data data of Shipping are the same as Billing. I have checked the Shipping parameters and in Shipping Options for Shipping Destination I have selected by default the shipping address of the customer. Any idea where the problem might be? Thank you very much!

This is not related to this plugin. You need to deactivate this plugin and see how things are working in the default woocomemrce checkout. Thanks

using 2.6 of plugin I am possibly seeing a bug with the shipping address. In the customer account they have a different shipping and billing address already. I have the shipping and billing steps separate. the billing address is correct but when I go to the shipping step it shows the billing address. in woocommerce I have SHIPPING destination set to Default to customer shipping address. we would like the shipping address to always be used in the shipping step if already save in customer profile and blank if not entered. how can we accomplish this?

Please disable this plugin and see how it is behaving in the default. Thanks

I think that there was a conflict with another plugin called Checkout Manager where I can add additional fields and make them required or not. I disabled that and I can see the shipping address not but it is still confusing to customers and it would be helpful to have a two checkboxs one that says SHIP TO BILLING and another that says SHIP TO DIFFERENT ADDRESS

hello, I’ve recently bought your plugin but it’s not currently working on my page. I’m trying to solve the issue but not able to find out the root cause. Please advise me how we can resolve this. My site is: www.customdispensaryproducts.com. Thanks!

PM me your wordpress login info. Thanks

Hello, I have installed your plugin, but In the login/register wizard section, I can’t see the login with social login.

I can include there myself if you tell me the proper hook to catch.

Waiting for your support, thank you .

Plugin works well with social login plugin. Let me now which plugin you are using. Also send me URL of your website. Thanks

Great addition to my WooCommerce website, thanks!!

One question though: Is it possible to add a final step with an overview of the order, so that the customer can check his order before he continues to the payment? You see this at most of the modern webshops nowadays.

Hope you can provide me some info on this!



lytosss Purchased

Hi i have a question. Is it possible to apply some conditions when someone chooses e.x cod as payment method to see the shipping options i want and not all of them?

This is related to default woocommerce functionality.

I found a login bug and I recorded the issue show below. when checking out I am not logged in so the first step I chose to login but the login will not complete and I do not move to the next step. see video – https://cl.ly/3X3Q0q163G07

This could be due to conflict with your theme or with any other plugin on your site. Try to switch your theme and if the problems still exists then try to deactivate your site plugins one by one and see which plugin is having a conflict. Thanks


we purchased the multistep checkout but it doesn’t work with the plugin “woocommerce custom fields”. When custom fields is activated the multipage design is not showing. We tried to add a new tab and insert the plugin over there but don’t know where to put the jquery code. Is there a solution to run the plugin inside the multi page layout?

PM me your message along with site URL and also explain what do you mean by multi page layout. Thanks


arkimera Purchased

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Login into wordpress admin then go go “Woocommerce => settings => checkout” and uncheck “Enable guest checkout”. That way only logged in/registered users will be able to checkout.


Please note that I have mistakenly added 3 items of the same item, i only need one. please process refund for 2 items and i want to keep one.

Please revert asap on the same.

Appreciate the help

Thanks Suhail

You need to contact Envato support team. Hopefully they will help you on this…Thanks

Kole_Roy, thank you so much for approving so instantly, super customer service, I recommend you anyone I know. Keep up the good work Mr.Roy Respect to you

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