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Hi, I was just notified that there is a new version available for upgrade. There is no upgrade option on the plugin page. Do i have to uninstall the current plugin and then reinstall the new one and, if so, will my settings be saved? thanks

Yes. You need to remove old version and then install the new version. Old setting will keep intact.


Can show three steps? Only edit the step name, keep original woocommerce steps without making any page changes?

Ex: https://the7.io/shop/checkout/

Thank you.

update successful! however, now when i get to the confirmation screen which shows the order after checkout, all my $ signs are removed and the amounts are preceeded with wmc_currency followed by the amount (see blow

NJ Sales Tax: wmc_currency3.31 Payment method: Credit Card Total: wmc_currency53.31

Is there anything i have to do now or is there aglitch

PM me your website URL.

thanks, done


Can you direct me to exactly where in the code the Safari fix as been implemented? I have a customized version of your plugin and would need to manually transfer over the fix.

Thank You.

PM me with this message and i will reply you. Thank you.


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Hi, i need some clarification regarding the update process. Specifically: i deactivate previous version-->delete it completely—->and then upload new version? Wont my settings be deleted?

yes you need to use the new version after deleting the old one. You old settings will keep intact.


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thnx for your reply, everything went smoothly (i think…), but please consider adding an auto-update feature, as it would be a much more hassle-free procedure not only if you are a noobie (like me), but also due to the large number of plugins bought and installed from envato. Also, just a heads up, not all settings were saved, specifically: Add Registration to Wizard, Add Coupon to Wizard, Combine Billing & shipping, Combine order Infomation and Payment Steps, Product Thumbnail were not saved Thnx again

Thanks for your feedback. I will consider these changes for future version.

I am sorry, but it seems that the Safari issue has still not been solved. I had to deactivate the plugin a few weeks ago and am waiting for a working solution since then. Even version 2.7.9 still has the weird $ x%x % issue showing on the checkout page and no form field are appearing. After clicking on proceed to checkout you get to a step where you get stuck in the process and can only abandon the checkout process. Not the way it is intended. After deactivating this plugin the checkout process is working normally again. This is being tested on an iphone X version 11.3, just to let you know.

I checked it again. And still shows $<$< and then the price of the product – payment option and some weird buttons that should not be there and are not there if I check this on google chrome. It´s definitely not working, at least on the iphone x…

Checked it on my mac and it is not working there either…

Please see the plugin demo, if it works on your device then it means there is issue at your end. Also make sure you are using the latest version of this plugin. Thank you.

Hi, after updating WooCommerce to 3.3 I noticed that the plugin’s version of review-order.php uses a deprecated function:

The WC_Cart::get_item_data function is deprecated since version 3.3. Replace with wc_get_formatted_cart_item_data.

Could you maybe update this?

BTW I saw some people having trouble with manually updating the plugin. I’ve been using the Envato Market plugin (https://envato.com/market-plugin/) to update the plugin automatically.

Maybe you can recommend this in the FAQ.

Thank you. I will consider these changes for future update.


I will be customising the product and checkout pages with plugins that allow collecting information from customers through custom fields. Please let me know if your plugin is compatible with the other woocommerce plugins that add custom fields to the product and checkout pages. And will the custom fields added on the product page, come in a as a separate review tab in this multi step checkout?

This is a chekout plugin so any fields added on the default checkout page will be available in the multistep checkout.

Hi! Great Job! I’m trying to use “Point of Service” delivery from Sendcloud. The problem is that the shipping method appears, but the button “Select Service Point” (see tutorial https://support.sendcloud.com/english/integrations/service-points-add-on-for-woocommerce) does not appear when service point is selected. It that a compatibility problem or do you have a trick to enable this feature on our website? My version is of your plugin is 2.7.3 right now. Thank you and best regards, Kevin

Hi Kole, this is our website: www.dreaminzzz.com. The problem is, that if I activate the plugin (that is not working), I’m going to have problem with the customer that are ordering today. Do you want to plan a quick 30mn test together? Like that, I will be able to activate the plugin during this time for you check? Regards, and thank you for your quick reply and great work

You can create admin account and PM me the details. I will look into this. Thank you.

Hi, sorry but for security reason and for my customer I cannot proceed like this. Can we plan a date for checking that point? Regards.


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This plugin completely breaks sites using ‘Amazon pay’. Do you have plans to add support for that? If not do you offer money back since this doesn’t work for us?

Please PM me with this message. Thanks

Hello! for some reason when I add the plugin all the wcm_currency shows the code just like that rather than the dollar sign – I tried reinstalling andI can see its the plug in thats doing it – what should I do?

I saw you helped someone else with same issue for wmc_currency. Can you please do so again with mine it is oddpurchase.com

Please use latest version of this plugin 2.9


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Chceckout page is not working on iOS devices. The steps are not working on iPhone (both chrome and safari), mac (safari). The login forms is displayed along with payment step and “I don’t have an account” click doesn’t work as it works on PC desktop or mobile view on browser.


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Do I need to renew the support for this kind of support? To report bug?

Please use latest version of this plugin 2.9.1. Thank You.


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Perfect, it works now, Thanks Kole!!