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I would like to know if there is a way to verify emails entered to avoid all the fake email address. Some simple domain name verification to not allow non existant domains.


Plugin only validate email format.


Haynzee Purchased

Hello, This seems like something ideal for what I am looking for. Can I ask you, would I be able to add an extra “page/step” with custom fields on? So Step 1 billing, 2 coupon etc 3.. custom field questions 4.. payment etc?

yes you can add extra steps through plugin hooks. Thanks


revenflo Purchased

Presales question: can this plugin be used alongside WooCommerce One Page Checkout to have a one page experience with Tabs?

Also, is it compatible with Checkout Field Editor?


It did not test it with WooCommerce One Page Checkout but it works with checkout field editor.

Hi so upon installing your plugin I noticed that payment using the Stripe gateway stopped working. After some investigation I noticed that the class `woocommerce-checkout` was removed from the WooCommerce checkout form in your woocommerce/checkout/form-coupon.php. I added that class back by changing line 29 to `<form name=”checkout” method=”post” class=”checkout woocommerce-checkout” action=”<?php echo esc_url($get_checkout_url); ?>”>`. That seems to fix my checkout problems.

Am I breaking anything by adding that class? I guess I’m just curious why the class was removed in the first place.

This account isn’t linked to my email, but my boss’s. Could you ping me at justin@joinlunar.com when you answer?

Thank you, Justin

Please use this plugin for stripe. https://wordpress.org/plugins/stripe-woocommerce-addon/ Thanks

I really like the plugin but have two issues: 1. when billing and shipping tabs are merged, how do we get the tab to leave the “Ship to a different address” unchecked when user lands on the page so that the entire different shipping address fields are hidden by default ? 2. Why do I get the returning customer login request on mobile view despite having set “Add login to wizard” to no in the plugin settings (it’s not showing in desktop view)

My website is https://staging1.oree.co/checkout


For your question regarding shipping fields, Go to woocommerce => settings => shipping => Shipping Options and click on “Default to customer billing address” and i found no issue with login form on the mobile view. Thanks


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Hello Kole_Roy, please It is possible to use your checkout also in joomla and if it is, how can I do it? Thanks a lot for your reply

This plugin is only for woocommerce checkout page.


Is it possible to add Basket on first step of the Wizard and see the template of cart in woocommerce ?

If not, is it possible to make a link to the basket page by using a hook ? And consequently make the wizard start at step 2 when we are on checkout page ?

Thanks !

you can add new step by using plugin hooks. See the documentation http://woocommerce-multistep-checkout.com/documentation

Dear, how are you?

i want to change in yti woocommerce multi step. i add the local city in their website checkout options and want to remove the company name textarea

Hello I can’t get the theme to work as I wish, please email me so I can send you pictures of the problem.

Best regards Tobias Sørensen

Hello, it doesn’t remove the buttons from woocommerce. So i get a contiue buttton (woocomerce deafult) and below the Next button (Wizard default). How do i delete the woocommerce default buttuon? I also still have the categories menu from default woo on the right side, and then i also have the wizard deafult menu. Ex. i have woo right menu: Billing adress, review payment. and then in the middel the Wizard menu with: Billing, Payment info?

How do i get rid of the Woo default? :-)

Send me URL of your website. Thanks

I see you are using Avada theme. Go to your checkout page and turn on “WooCommerce One Page Checkout”. Thanks


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Hello, For my purposes, the customer can only buy a product and the cart is unnecessary. So I made these settings, so that when buying, the customer is sent directly to the billing page. However, if one client tries to buy more than once, this warning appears (http://prnt.sc/dvjj3f). How could I remove it? Kind Regards

I don’t think warning is showing due to this plugin. Deactivate this plugin and see if the same warning is appearing in the default. Thanks


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Hello! I have the plugin active to ask people to log in or checkout as guest as the first step but I only see the option to checkout as a guest and not the one to login. This is the website www.instylefashiongirl.com


prc93ltda Purchased

please let me know if you received the information since I haven’t heard from you. Thank you

yes, i have received your email.


prc93ltda Purchased

I deactivated Amazon Payments and I still have the same issue can you please help me?


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Hello, i changed the colour of completed step to green, but when i point the cursor into it, it is purple again. Can you help me with that please?

please send me URL of your site. Thanks

hey will this work with subscription products as well?


I like that you can combine some of the steps, some other multi-step plugins don’t offer this option, but I’m looking for an additional feature. I read that you can add additional steps, but can you add additional fields to the ‘new’ step instead of just moving a field?

Yes you can add new fields insead of just moving a field.

Hello, this looks fantastic. One quick question before purchasing: For digital products, is there a way to disable the “shipping” tab?

Shipping tab will be shown only if a product requires shipping otherwise not.

I bought the plugin for our site https://bumpboxes.com. It has been implemented and it is working fine. We are trying to google trusted store certification done for the site. We are not getting the final popup survey after the order confirmation. The answer from google is they wanted me to verify whether we are using AJAX or single page application for the order confirmation page. I wanted to make sure whether this plugin fits that category. Thanks

Obviously this is a single page checkout just like the default woocommerce checkout but splitted into different sections. Thanks

Thanks. is woocommerce default checkout is it a single page application.


Hi there! Can i use your plugin to add new steps to buying progress? Or maybe you know any plugin to do that? Thanks

You can add new steps into wizard. Thanks


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RTL support ?

I’m having a problem with compatibility with your plugin. We force every buyer to select a time to pickup or get their order delivered in the checkout, and if the customer has an account everything works fine, when they reach the checkout every field shows up, but if the customer needs to create an account the time selector doesn’t show up on the checkout.

Go to the settings of this plugin and see the very last option “Code location” try chaining ist from “header” to “footer” or from “footer” to “header”. Hope it will fix your issue. Thanks