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I’m having other problems, the image gallery of the source site loads the images in cdn and generate external link, so the products compiled for site 2 do not load the images of the gallery of the products

Which third party plugin you are using for CDN?

Hey guys, i bought your plugin and installed to both of my websites.

But now i only see this thing into my single products:

It’s an empty field.

Hello, We regret the inconvenience caused. Is you sites in WordPress Multisite Network? Thanks

Nope, i dont. I am afraid i didn’t read this before purchase. I thought it works without any third party things. Am i still able to set this up or not?

Hello, Apologies, As we mention in the product description this plugin for WordPess Miltisite Network so you can not setup this plugin in the individual WordPress site. Let us know if any concerns! Thanks.

Hi, is this plugin compatible with multilingualpress? thanks

No, It’s not compatible with Multilingualpress.

Does this plugin support WooCommerce Subscription product and product bundles?

Hello Openmybiz,

Thank you for contacting us.

No, it’s support simple, grouped, virtual, downloadable, external/affiliate and variable products.

Let us know if you need more details.



I want to ask about your plugin.

when the content already copied to another subdoman/subdir site on multisite wp. is it possible when someone buy product from subdomain/subdir redirect it to main woocommerce website?

Hello hilfans, Thank you for contacting us. Our plugin keep current site product link. For your requirement, we can customise this plugin as per your requirement. Let us know about your thoughts and contact us: Thanks!

Hi how are you? I want to clone a site (with woocommerce) in a wordpress multisite network. In other words, I would like to copy:

- Products (variables) with all the information, photos and prices. - Categories - Menus - Pages - And very important: All SEO settings of the Yoast pugin for each product, page and category.

Then, I would like to search and replace certain keywords in all this data to adjust the cloned site to the new domains.

What plugins should I acquire from what you developed to carry it out? Thank you.

No. There is no search or replace functionality. You can read plugin features in details and also checked documentation for how it works. Thanks!

Hi thanks for your reply. Wich is the difference between this plugin and WooCommerce Multisite Product Sync? Thanks

The copier plugin is manually copy/update products. The sync plugin auto sync products. Thanks!

Hi, may I know this plugin can import products from to WooCommerce products ? and at the same time translate to other languages ? thanks

Hello Glomartmy, Thank you for contacting us. No, This plugin is for WordPress Multisite Network sites. Thanks!

Hi, when I duplicate a page with ACF, the images do not copy them, having to upload them again.

Hello eudebusiness,

We regret the inconvenience caused.

Would you please submit a support ticket:

Let us know if any concerns!


Hi, the plugin does not update the values of the variable products, such as price or availability, etc.

Hello arkimede360,

We regret the inconvenience caused.

Would you please submit a support ticket:

Let us know if any concerns!


Hello once the product il dubplicated, there will be a reference / link to the source product (the product from which the others where created from) ?Tnx

Would you please share your Multisite Network sites with us so that we will explain with your sites. Thanks!

How do I do that ?

Hello! Is it possible to check on your server before buying? Or tell me what requirements are needed? I have: FastCGI (Apache) 7.2.23 (native) .... fastcgi_send_timeout 600; fastcgi_read_timeout 600; other timeouts and file upload sizes are raised very high.

I really need this functionality, but there is no time to pull. Check somehow quickly and clearly.

Hello polarone,

Thank you for contacting us.

No, we have not any trial or demo version.

Let us know if any concerns!


Good afternoon!

Before buying, I want to clarify.

I have a multisite on different domains. Will the plugin fit in this case?

Do I understand correctly that only this plugin is suitable for partial unloading of goods (not all), the rest of your plugins are not suitable?

What server specifications are needed?

I have: FastCGI (Apache) php 7.2.23 (native)

RAM and processor power in abundance.

Hello PolarOne, Thank you for contacting us. No, our plugin is not suitable with your requirements. Thanks!