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Would it be possible to adapt this so one user in the same session can have multiple carts open at the same time in the same browser?

I want to use it in a vendor type situation where I can keep orders separate based on the vendor so the user could have say 2-5 carts going and then use each one to checkout separately.

Yes. I just submitted an update for this plugin that supports up to 10 carts. To be clear, only one cart is currently active at a time but the user can easily switch between them.

Wanted to know if this plugin can allow a user to name a cart, checkout and then in the future be able to go back to a named cart and copy its contents. We need this as we sell to builders who need to put a project name against each purchase and be able to copy the content of past projects and just change quantities.

Currently, a cart can be named, WooCommerce will empty the cart as normal upon checkout, the named cart will still exist but no longer have items.

I’m making a note to research development a clone cart feature and/or means to preserve the cart items post-checkout. That’s a good idea I hadn’t before considered.

As of this latest update (v1.4), the contents of one cart can be copied to the current cart with a click.

So let’s say one of your builders creates three carts with items for three different projects for which they are named and are using a fourth cart that they intend to checkout with. They can click an icon to copy the contents from one of those carts, checkout, copy the contents from another cart, checkout again, etc.

Thanks. It sound perfect. I’m downloading it now and will try it out.

Hi there,

I’m not sure if this plugin fits our need.

We’re making a website for a wedding photography company, the purpose is to have one account per wedding, so every guest can log in after the wedding, with the same username/password, to buy the wedding photos.

Currently, if two guests log in at the same time, the cart is the same, and when providing the billing information, it gets stored, so when I log as another guest, I see the billing information of the previous guest

All we need is the possibility to have the same user account to be used simultaneous by multiple guest, with no shared session.

Does the plugin support this? Not sure if I made my point :)

Thanks in advance

I think I understand what you’re asking.

Currently, this plugin supports separate carts but the shipping/billing information still comes from the single user account.

Another customer asked after a multiple shipping/billing address feature along the the carts today. It will be made available in the next update, v1.5.

hi! i’m interested in this plusin but, is there any demo site for this plugin?

A demo site is being developed and should be online within a month or so.

A demo site for WooCommerce Multiple Carts plugin has now been created. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


tcheno Purchased

Hello! This plugin does EXACTLY what we need! Good job :) Except for one thing:

We would require the carts to be saved in DB instead of the browser cache. Because they use a cart to save customized products to order later, they have to be sure to have them saved. Today, everything is deleted when the browser cache is cleared, or they don’t have the carts anymore if they switch device or browser.

Is this something that you’re planning to do, or would be complicated to add?

Thanks a lot!


tcheno Purchased

Hello again. Sorry to bother, but do you have a schedule about this update bringing the “database” feature? My client is pushing and I need to be able to give an approximate date. Thanks :)

No problem. It’s been a busy month here. Working on getting the next update out before the end of April. There are a lot of changes going into 1.6.

Version 1.6 was approved and should be ready for you to download. It includes an option to synchronize the carts at the user account level. I posted some upgrade instructions on the page here recommending that, if you can, overwrite the files directly to prevent older versions of the plugin from cleaning out existing carts data on deactivation or uninstallation. From this version onward, there’s a setting to scrub data or not when uninstalled.


tcheno Purchased


Yeah, I’m just trying it now :) It looks really good! Well done!

I would just have one feedback: it would be awesome, when people have an account and are logged in, to automatically save the cart in the db, without having to « synchronize » and chose a pass phrase. This can be complicated for some « dumb » users :D

Again, good job!

Under settings in 1.6, there’s now an option to synchronize the carts with the user account exactly as you describe. When that’s checked, the Synchronize carts option disappears for the users.


tcheno Purchased

Yes :) It’s awesome! Exactly what I need.

I just have the same problem as described by illartcom, I guess: when I create new users, they can see other user’s cart. So it’s like the carts are shared by different users.

Even if I created the user after having several carts with others users. But, if I delete a cart with one user, the other one will still see it. Like it’s somehow duplicated, but then is a different iteration.

For information, I checked the following:

– Account Features per User – Customer Account Access – Sync Carts per Account – Customer Toolbar – Carts Menu

I am using the “Groups” extension, so I can create groups and give access only to some page, posts, products to a group or user.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ve submitted an update 1.6.1 with fixes and instructions in the docs to hopefully help correct the wayward carts caused by the delete cart bug. You should receive a notification as soon as it’s approved and install it ASAP.

Thanks for the update at the account level! One thing I noticed as I helped set up carts for a customer is that order history for ALL customers are displaying in their order history under “My Acccount.”. If they click “view” for an order for a different customer, it won’t display and says “invalid order,” but the customer obviously shouldn’t be seeing other customers’ orders.

Other changes seem great so far, but I do have feedback on how the Active Cart displays. It used to be highlighted in blue and displayed at the top of the cart list. Now, the indicator is a slightly offset cart and it displays in the order the carts were made.

The offset/moving cart may be a bit too subtle among a list of various carts and leaves customers unsure of which cart they’re using.Would it be possible for the active cart to return to being highlighted and displayed at the top of the list? Even if it can’t be at the top, I think the highlight would help.

Thanks for making all of our requests and feedback happen so quickly!!!

Right now the site is using Woocommerce 2.5.5. I’m going to email you so we don’t fill up the comments section! :)

I think I’ve found the problem. The delete command is reassigning all orders to the current cart of the user issuing the command. Working on getting a fix in.

I’ve submitted 1.6.1 containing fixes for the issue and instructions on how to restore orders to their rightful carts / users. As soon you receive message that it’s been approved, install it ASAP.

Hi, so if a customer goes to our site, and orders as a reseller, will they be able to attribute “carts” or orders as another customer? So can they order on the behalf of others under their master account?

The orders are organized the way WooCommerce currently does. This plugin does not affect any changes on the admin side. A plugin that adds a sortable column for the name shipped to is theoretically possible (if not already realized) but is currently beyond the scope of this project.

This plugin hasn’t been tested with WooCommerce Shop as Customer so I’m not able to answer how well it may or may not work with it.

Might this be something that you can develop in a future version?

There are no plans to expand this project to include workflow features; however, if enough interest is shown in such a feature, I may reconsider it.

Could this plugin Have 1-Customer ID with multiple logins example one company needs maybe up to 15 logins for their employees to order individually and for us to be able to create one statement from all those logins?

No, but what this plugin can do is let 15 employees log in to the same company user account and have 15 (or more) separate carts (each with different billing, shipping info) from each other. Nothing changes on the admin side. All the orders would still show under the one company user account.

I have a customer with a pizza business. He wants customers from 3 different locations to be able to order from the website and the orders to come through to each store independently. Can this plugin achieve this? Can the carts be tied to locations? The stores will be processing orders rather than a centralised location.

This plugin provides multiple carts per user account, the admin side remains unchanged so it won’t accomplish what you describe. It sounds like a way to route the orders to the different locations would need to be developed.

Hello, can each of the carts be tied to a separate payment system? For example, one cart might be linked to paypal checkout, and another to authorize.net? We are trying to create a site that allows people to choose from several lunch programs – which would only appear in shopping cart A – and also to choose from several academic programs – which would only appear in shopping cart B.

No. Any payment systems are associated with the current user and made available to any cart they’re using on checkout.

Hi, this looks perfect for my needs, but is there a way to checkout all the carts at once? Client wants to have seperate ‘backpacks’ you add items into for seperate people in a group, but they would want it to be one single checkout of all items in all carts. Any chance this is possible within the plugin?

Hi Bendakk. The carts checkout one at a time. And on the admin side the orders will be from the single user account the carts are linked to though they may have different shipping addresses per cart which this this plugin makes more convenient to do.

Working with your plugin I came and found out that all the carts are kept browser cookies (or cache). Is there a way to make the plugin keep the carts on the session, so the admin can continue using the cart in other computer?


Hi Daniel.

Under the plugin settings (linked from the plugin page to WooCommerce general settings), check the box linking the carts to the user account.

Or, if you have multiple users logging into one account and don’t want them all to share the same carts, individual users can save their carts with a simple pass phrase from either the admin toolbar or widget interfaces (if these are enabled) and load them again on another computer/browser. Changes to the carts on either computer/browser will then reflect in the other.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with. =)

Thank you so much! This is what I needed.


in demo, when i add to Cart, is does not ask me which cart i would like store to??? so how can i use differece cart?

Great. I don’t use Twitter, i use facebook. Sorry don’t mind about wishlist, was my bad english for explain.

I wish you can ungrade like this:

Product in cart will have box, so people can choose which one to check OUT, which one still stay in cart.

I mean like this, this one they support as wishlist (it hard job for people buy product), BUT no Cart. So i WISH you can upgrade your product available, look like this, i hope you understand my mean. Thanks


I think I understand your meaning and will consider the feature. Odds are, however, that whether or not items remain in a cart will be set per cart rather than per item when this functionality is finally included. It makes good sense for routinely ordered items – which a wishlist may not necessarily be.

yes i agree, direct cart better, but dirrect muiti cart have function like link i give you will be better, then people can check out what they want by stick to check box, and leave in cart what they don’t ready to pay yet. If you can make it work, please contact me, i will buy.

Hi, this plugin looks so close to what we need. Is there a way to force products to a particular cart? So we need product A to only be added to Cart A, Product B to Cart B etc?

Is this possible?

No, this plugin does not make restricting products to certain carts possible. In the future, hooks may be added for other developers to make the kind of functionality you describe possible.

Pre sale question: I want to use this plugin for a bookings website for use in combination with woocommerce bookings. Is it possible to make this plugin a part of the check-out proces? The bookie needs to be abble to add his fellow travelers. They all need to be a user. There needs to be a option for the bookie (booker) to pay for all the attendant travelers or separate the costs per traveler. Is this possible?

Hi Swop. No, the functionality you describe is not facilitated by this particular plugin. It does not create new users and does not modify the checkout process except to provide for cart-level (rather than user level) billing and shipping contact information.

Is there a way to make it work like that. Or do you know a plugin who can do just that? Or let me put it differently.. could you manage to develop a plugin like that? And if so, can you?

The functionality you’re looking looking the achieve is beyond the scope of this particular project, I don’t know of a plugin that addresses what you’re asking w/o having searched for one (look for group bookings maybe) and, if one does not exist, one could probably be developed were there adequate incentive. However, I would guess that such a project would require a significant investment not only to establish but to maintain.

Hello, Great Plugin!

A pre purchase question. If I use this system with names, example Juan wants to make an order for Pedro his son and Sara his daughter, one of the shopping cart will be called Pedro and the other Sara. When I process the order, there is some way to know and save the information for the Shopping Cart Pedro and the Shopping Cart Sandra in order to process the orders. And for the customer to have documented the previous orders that have made for each Shopping Cart.

Thank you, Neo. The cart labels are for organizational purposes only on the user side. This plugin does not affect the admin side in any way where orders are received and processed. A feature could be implemented in the future for an option to pass the cart name in the note field with the order. Currently, this sort of information would still need to be manually entered.