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Hi, I need a cart for products shipped immediately and a cart for delayed product shipping. So in my single product page i need to add the product in one of this cart. After, it would we 2 different orders. In back office, i need to track my delayed shipping. Please could your plug help me to do that ? thanks

Thanks, do yo mean i can’t track in back office with wich cart name order has been done ? Do you know jupiter Theme https://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/5177775?s_rank=1 ? I don’t understand where the second cart will be ?

Thanks, do yo mean i can’t track in back office with wich cart name order has been done ? Do you know jupiter Theme https://themeforest.net/item/jupiter-multipurpose-responsive-theme/5177775?s_rank=1 ? I don’t understand where the second cart will be ?

That’s correct. There’s no indication in the order record which cart a user happened to use to checkout with. The plugin provides a widget which you can put anywhere your theme allows. If you haven’t already, check out the demo: http://demo.burningmoth.com/wordpress/woocommerce-multiple-carts/ Short of showing configuration options, that demonstrates most of the functionality.

Pre Purchase questions

This plugin is exactly what i was looking for.. But have couple of questions.

1. Its says the no of carts per user is 10. Can we make it unlimited carts per user?

2. Can we categorize carts into groups or folders? eg: Folder A will have carts A1, A2 Folder B will have carts B! , B2 ,B3 Use case : each folder will represent an interior design project, and each cart will be for different rooms like Living Room , Dining Room etc

Let me know if this is possible. If not, how can we customize it?

Hi Shreyabi. Thanks for asking. Answers:

1. There cannot currently be unlimited carts per user because the plugin uses a cookie to store information about the carts (not what’s in them) and cookies have an upper byte limit.

2. The carts cannot be categorized beyond custom labeling, no. And only one cart (the current cart) can check out at a time so a large number of carts, even grouped, may become difficult to manage. I think what might work better in your use case would be the ability to group items in one cart so that they can all be checked out at once. This plugin doesn’t do that but it’s an interesting idea.

The plugin doesn’t currently include hooks (they they are being considered); however, it does integrate with other WooCommerce and WordPress hooks that can be intercepted and functions in the plugin include inline documentation. If any functionality is phased out in the future, standard depreciation warnings will be issued in versions prior to their eventual removal.

Hope I could help. Let me know if any other questions or suggestions come up. Thanks again.

Hi BurningMoth

I want to buy your plugin, however please tell me is it possible to realise following scenario: 1. Products from Category A will always go to Cart A 2. Products from Category B will always go to Cart B

Thanks in advance Mike

Hi Mike.

There’s currently no logic in place for the sort of functionality you describe, no.

However, I’m getting a lot of inquiries about this level of customization and am considering including hooks that would allow other plugins the necessary access to perform such operations.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

Hi i like your plugin idea and i like to ask if it is possible to put different products in different carts by default? The idea is that we like to conect that with wcvendors and each vendor has a seperate cart & checkoutprozess. Please let me know.

Hi piconda.

There’s currently no logic in place for administrators to program carts with specific parameters or conditions. It is entirely up to the customer how many carts they have and what gets put in them.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

hello, some questions please. I want to use your plugin but in other way : the same one user get différents carts, not to buy products, just to stock them.

Maybe like a wishlist but just with possibility to modify quantities in cart.

I want to delete checkout, product price, cart totals, coupons, etc…

In fact I would like to keep only Shop and the 10 Carts.

Do you think is easily possible ?


When current cart (storage bin) is displayed on screen and user log out only. It seems when cart is not displayed on screen at the time of logout, he don’t disappear. Thanks.

Yes. I was able to replicate the issue and update 1.11.2 that was just uploaded should fix.

Thank you for update. All seems ok now.

Hi. I need to develop a site in which the registered customer should be able to save multiple “draft orders”. The user would add products to the cart, and then could finish or not finish the checkout. This “draft order” would remain stored in DB, and the user could see a list of orders that he hasn’t checkout yet.

I wonder if this can be achieved with your plugin, as a “draft order” is actually a shopping cart.


Hi Mario.

The scenario you describe can be achieved with this plugin, yes. The registered user could see a list of carts depending on the options the admin chooses.

If you haven’t already, check out the online demo. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, just another question: can the site administrator see that list of carts of each customer?

No. Only the registered user can see their own carts.

Hi BurningMoth,

I have purchased the plugin for the purposes having the user to be able to have multiple carts. The business has multiple offices, and we want to be able to have multiple staff access the one user for there location.

It seems to work until we add a product to the cart, and the cart put other items in, that are from a completely different session. I’ve tested this on multiple browsers and mobile, some users have restrictions on what products they can add. When the issue happened, they had a cart with items they should have been able too, so it was almost, cross user interference. Is this to do with session handling and cookies?

How can it be set, so when a new session with a fresh cookie is logged into the account, that person has then a unique cart? and doesn’t get someone elses cart when they attempt to add products.

This doesn’t happen every time – but it’s often enough to break the entire concept and go back to the drawing board.

Ok thank you for the clarity.

I will give this another test, testing ie, chrome and iphone safari with all the cookies cleared. One thing that could be interfering, is the auto login link plugin, a generated link acts as the authentication.

Perhaps its enforcing the single account user id – which can you go into a bit more detail on what that means?

Thanks WeedMachine

What I don’t understand is, the user they used had products in their cart that we’re setup to be restricted. which could mean the order was done on the same computer but even then, that would be cross-account interference. if that makes sense

The plugin works by providing a bogus user id through WordPress to WooCommerce for certain functions. If, for some reason, that feature isn’t working then the single cart for the user account would be used and multiple carts wouldn’t work.

If that bogus user id is being passed at the time the restriction functionality is testing whether or not the current user can purchase a product then that might explain how restricted items are showing up in a cart. But someone would still have to add them normally like any other item. Nothing should just be appearing on it’s own.

Hi, is it possible to have multiple carts for a scenario where you have multiple vendors on one site? So for example my website has several different vendors offering products and there is a separate cart for every vendor?

A shopper on your site can choose to arrange their carts the way you describe but there’s no means available through the plugin to enforce that preference for anyone else.

I have a client who is looking to create a WooCommerce store. However, he needs his payments to be split or diverted into different bank accounts based on what is being purchased. Authorize.net informed us we’d need multiple carts to handle this so that the carts can have different Merchant IDs associated with each cart. Would this plugin be a good solution for this scenario? At time, a single buyer might want to purchase items that would belong id the different carts…and we’d like them to checkout just once….is that possible?

Hi Ski Girl.

What it sounds like you’re looking for is a plugin that indicates some sort scheme on a per product basis that calculates and charges various percentages of the total to separate merchant accounts during checkout. This plugin does not do that. It’s an organizational tool for customers to be able group items in different shopping carts.

I would recommend charging to a single merchant account and then transferring from that account to others on a regular basis based on some statistical analysis of what’s been ordered within a certain time frame. That could be done manually or automated, keep the checkout simple and quick for the customer, be far easier than programming this behavior into WooCommerce and could better account for canceled orders and other potential failures.