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Hi, it is possible to Award higher commissions for specific membership levels.


Level 1: 20 Level 2: 25 Level 3: 30 Level 4: 15 Level 5: 10

Thanks for answers, i will buy if it is possible.

Hello, Thanks a lot for reaching out to us and coming forth with your comments. The current version of this plugin does not possess any such features but we are in the process of implementing this feature in upcoming versions.

Is this compatible w a vendor plugin? For example, will there be a registration section for both vendors and affiliates?

It is supported with the WooCommerce Vendor Plugin. However, if you are planning to use a different Vendor plugin, then, kindly provide us with the link of that Vendor plugin and we will check for the possibilities.

Does it work with the vendor plugin by Webkul on codecanyon?

We have not tested with that plugin yet. If you have already bought the Webkul plugin, then we request you to provide us with the same and we can test it and make it compatible with it if we find its not yet compatible then.

Hi, is it possible to combine Coupon strategy with this affiliate program. For example: if users register with a referral code, and successfully registered, send them the specified coupon instead of welcome credit??

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Maybe this is just what I have been looking for in a referral program! Question: can the number of point per customer be edited by the administrator? Is it possible to reward points for other actions than referral? I would like to also reward customers with points for their own spend, for reviewing products they have purchased and for commenting on blogs posts etc.

Hello, Thanks a lot for finding our product to suit your prerequisites. We are even thankful for reaching out to us with your queries and here are our relative comments for your questions.

Maybe this is just what I have been looking for in a referral program! Question: can the number of point per customer be edited by the administrator? Is it possible to reward points for other actions than referral? I would like to also reward customers with points for their own spend, for reviewing products they have purchased and for commenting on blogs posts etc.


No, administrator cannot change the number of points because here, the points ares equivalent to currency. For example: if user earns 10 points means user can receive 10$ and his parent too will earn based on his child. This process continues till Nth level. For that matter, we are not allowing to change the referral system.

Yes, we can add other actions than referral.

Do let us know if you have any further queries.


Hi, I have some questions about this plugin before buy it. I’m creating a tour website based on woocommerce products. 1) I have some wordpress users with custom roll (employees) that help the admin of website to plan, create, advertise and sell tours (1-10 employees on each tour product). When a tour was sold on website, I want your plugin will calculate the commission of these employees and they will see their credit on their account. And also admin will be able to see a monthly report of that. Commission of users must be defined per product. 2) For some specific tour packages, when users buy each package, website must add some bonus credit to their account and after for example 8 purchase they will be able to get a free tour from website. Thanks in advance

Hi Thanks for showing interest in our product. Here are our comments on your queries.

1.) In our plugin,  you can set product wise commission not user wise. User gets commission when the end user purchases package under employee referral program. You can see commission of employees from backend and employees see their credits on their account. Monthly report is not presently available, but we can add it.

2) In our plugin, there is no such criteria. Any user can get bonus on his first purchase and use it on the site later. But we can add restriction if you want.

Write back to us with any further queries and we will be glad to help you out.

Hello, please advise me on your products. I need the following functionality for the mlm site: 1) We are going to sell goods to customers registered on the site. So there is needed the opportunity to order goods for users. 2) They buy it and sell them. After selling they note on the website that they have sold the goods. 3) Then we pay everyone who sold a product % of product cost (everyday). Preferably automatically at the same time. 4) In the admin panel can be seen when, who, and how many were granted money and the final balance of the user. Is it possible to do with your product? Thank you for answer, Pavel.

Hello, Thanks a lot for reaching out to us with your queries.

You can test our plugin from here – You can follow documentation from here – Yes we can develop a module within our plugin as per your requirements. We can provide you with the work flow and once, approved that we can move ahead with the development.

Demo don’t work for me. Maybe i do something wrong?

We are changing the designs on the development site and hence the Front-End is not working for now. We can grant you Admin access for checking the plugin. We will need to have your email ID for that. We can provide you Admin details via E- mail. For front end testing, you can check it on

Presale question.

Hi, I just wanted to make sure my scenario can be performed by your plugin.

For clarity let’s call the referer = the parent, the refered = the child.

I want the parents to earn 5% on all purchases made by their children, and then redeem the total amount earned whenever they want.

Children of a parent can also become parents for other clients who become their children.

I just need a 1 level referal system – only Parent + children – parents don’t earn on their grand-children purchases.

Can you confirm it works with your plugin ?

I hope I’m clear

Hi, Thanks a lot for writing to us. For your query, ours is a multilevel referral plugin. But if you wish to limit it to a single level, we can surely do that. Once you purchase the plugin, you can let us know and we will build up a patch to limit it to a single level.

Again, we are thankful for the reference link and we will certainly study that plugin for further insights and additions to our plugin.

Hi. Thanks.

Can you just confirm that I can set up a referral programme where each parent earns 5% of all their children’s purchases, not only the first purchase but all purchases in the future ? I need an ongoing referral system that continuously rewards the parents.

I’m asking confirmation on this particular point because most referral / affiliate plugins enable reward only on one purchase. I really need some kind of life-time one-level pyramidal commission system where parents continuously earn commissions on their children’s purchases, and commissions are credited in their customer account, and credits earned can be converted in discounts.


Hi Thanks for getting back. Apologies for the delay. We were closed a few days following some renovation within our premises.

Here is our response to your query.

Actually, our systems works on multilevel referral system. If you want it to work only for first level then we can modify our plugin with the ability to credit commision on every purchase of child users. 

You may note that any changes to the current version of the plugin will be charged extra, payable in advance.

I have questions before I buy the plugin

1. Can you set different point levels? Example If Customer B is referred by Customer A, and Customer X is the Parent of Customer A. When B buys a product, he will automatically have 5% points, A receives 2% points then X receives 1% points. Can it work that way?

2. Does the plugin and points system worked that way that when every purchase there is a reward for the parent until the upper parents?

Hello and thanks for reaching out to us with your queries.

What you are asking for is not currently present in our system. How this works yet is if the percentage set is 5% for the first level, it will be 5% of that very 5% for the second level and will be on a reducing basis accordingly for the rest of the levels.

is there any way that we could do a system like that?a fixed percentage perlevel?and is it possible that it is only limited to 4 levels?

If need be, we can implement this as a special request from your end.

Hi! Thanks for the plugin! Does this credit system work only on the first purchase? Or I can add credits point at every child-purchase.

when you plan to add a different percentage of the award for different levels, I need this function =)

for example: Child lvl1= 5% Child lvl2 = 3% Child lvl3 = 2%

thanks for you answer!

one more questions, this plugin support referral links? for example: user share his link in facebook and who use this link create account with referral.

Hi Alex, Thanks for reaching out to us with your query. Any user gets credit on it’s own with the first purchase. But not after that. Then the user will receive credits on child purchases only. We are already working on percentage of the award for different levels and will be completing it soon.

Our plugin has its own referral links which user can share on social sites. When a user creates an account using this referral link, user joins in the referral program.


We Want to Know Is That Any Way Restrict the No of Affiliates for a Parent

Like A is Parent It Can Have Only 64 Child’s

Reply us…

We can implement that in your special request if you want.


Does this plugin allow the user to get a pop-up or show the referral option after they make a sale that tells them they can get rewarded when they refer a friend?

No, presently the plugin doesn’t have in built option like that but plugin does have referral shortcodes which you can use anywhere. You can use this shortcode in popup model box plugin and achieve result which you want. Let us know if you have any query.

Hi. As business owner, I use this plugin to help my agent generate money.

My question is, can I pay the referral with cash? Is there any plugin that associate with this plugin which can give me permission setting to pay the Store credit by cash?

Sir, I have another question.

For setting Credit validity by period, if I set it to 1 and select Month, is it means the store credit will expired every 30th of every months?

Or the credit will expired according to join date?

credit will be expire in accordance to the joining date.

Hi, your multilevel can go up to how many level ? If A refer B, B refer C, C refer D, D refer E, and E refer F, F purchase something with price $100. If every level entitle 1 percent commissions, A, B, C, D, E will earn $1 each. Your plugin can cover on this ?

1) The flat calculations wont prove to be an ideal way because if the hierarchy of the users gets to higher levels, will possibly push the commission price beyond the actual product price which would prove to be unprofitable.

For instance, a Product price is $10 and the credit percentage too is 10% then:

User F will get 10×10%=$1 User E will get 10×10%=$1 User D will get 10×10%=$1 User C will get 10×10%=$1 User B will get 10×10%=$1 User A will get 10×10%=$1

Here, you can see commission price is $6 and product price $10.

2) We are working on a multilevel credit system, where Admin will be able to assign different credit percentile on different levels. Our next plugin update will include this feature.

Definitely, no 10% will be assigned. maximum percentage will be 1-3% per levels (it only have upto max 5 level) 1st level – 3% 2nd level – 2% 3rd level – 1% 4th level – 1% 5th level – 1%

So, how your commission actually work?

As we stated earlier we are planning to implement a level wise credit system where the Admin will be able to assign different credit percentage for different levels as well as they can limit the levels for credit.

The existing credit system working can be found on the following link: Please have a look and let us know if you have any queries.

hey we and many want to buy this plugin, But it havn’t updated from Long Time. Please update this awesome plugin.

Hello, Thanks for the interest shown in buying our plugin. The plugin has been updated to work with all latest WooCommerce and Wordpress standards and you will have no issues with using it. For the next update we have a huge list of new features which is being worked upon. You guys can go ahead with the purchase and once the new release is in place, you will be entitled for an update free of cost.

Can i Only add one option of “I have the referral code and want to join referral program.” and remove this two “I don’t have referral code or I lost it. But I wish to join referral program.” and “No, I don’t want to be a part of referral program at this time.” Options ?

Within the admin panel, we have provided an option, where you can force users to join referral program. You can find this option on the following page

When you set “Auto Join” option to “Yes” then users will automatically join the referral program. 

Presale question: I want to add the user manually and I want the 1st level to get commissioned on all level but the commission varies bases on level, e.g. if second level sold product, 1st level get 100% commission, if third level sold a product, second level get 75% and 1st level get 25% commission. Do you have a demo account or a video explaining this? Thanks

thanks already sent my email address

Oh yes. There was a mistake there. Can you mail us at

I bought this plugin and it did not work, until I changed hosting and still giving error.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our product. We are sorry to hear that it did not work in your website environment. To look into the same, we request you to mail us the site admin and your corresponding FTP details at We will then have it checked for the issue as may be this is a scenario for certain settings. The reasons here may vary. Once you provide us with those details, we will look into the same.

I would like to buy the plugin WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin

I have a question, is it possible if

“C” purchase 1000 “B” earns 20% of C purchases “A” win nothing.

Can B win a different percentage of A, and config A to win 0% or a different value?

Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product. Though the Plugin has quite a few features, what you have been looking for is yet not available.

It is possible to know the sum of the total purchases of all my referrals regardless of the depth?

Is it possible to set a minimum purchase value per user to earn commissions?

Presently, we only track commision on orders user-wise. But we can even enable tracking of all purchaes of all referrals. At present there is no restriction to earn commisions. We can add it though if you want it, but that would be termed as an additional feature and attract extra cost as well.


We are interested in your product “WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin” and want to implement it on one of our customers shopping website.

Before making the purchase we wanted to make sure that your product supports what our customer needs.

Here goes the scenario :

We want to build a Multi level referral system consisting of only 4 levels.

A – B – C – D

When members of D buy a product 10% of the price will go to members of C and 3% of the price will go to members of B and 1% goes to members of A

Which means that on every products sale members of each group relieve different percentage the sales.

In the same time: if members of the B buy any product 10% goes to A if members of the C buy any product 10% goes to B and 3% goes to A

I hope that i explained the scenario well enough. As we have pretty good market for such system we can implement your solution in many of our works which would really benefit both parties. Let us know if our case can be implemented by your product or not.

Hello, Thanks a lot for writing to us. We understand your requirement very well and thanks for letting us know about them in an elaborated manner.

Unfortunately, the current version of plugin does not possess the requested functionality, but, we are planning to implement it within the next update which is due next month.

So what does your product exactly do? if you have a link that explains the scenarios we can build with your plugin would be a lot helpful. We can change our customers need a little and want to see if we can still use your plugin or not.

Hi, Sorry for the late response. You can check the working of the plugins here on the below given link:

You will find all related information on the above link and if you yet have questions then, you may not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to guide you.

Does this plugin allow you to receive monthly subscription? That is, a person indicating another can receive a monthly amount for the signature of the nominee? What multilevel network formats are allowed?

Can you please explain your monthly subscription terms? If you are talking about the newsletters, the plugin does not provide such functional availability.

Using this plugin, users can earn credit points and these credit points can be used for purchasing products (something like a credit note or a royalty point program ). There is no system in place to withdraw points in any amount ro currency.

If you want to learn more about the working of the plugin, then, please visit …