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Tried going through support but haven’t got an answer. Envato recommendaed leaving a comment.

The currency switching widget isn’t working properly. When I’m logged in as an admin everything works fine. Anytime I try it on an incognito tab or on another computer it doesn’t appear to switch the currency. The prices on the main shop page stay the same and it displays the default currency.

When you go to the cart or checkout page however, the currency has been switched and shows the correct new price. How can I get the main shop page to display the correct price as well?


Hi there,

Apologies for the late reply. Leave it with me. I’ll need to test it out further to see if there is a way to either clear the cache when the currency is changed, or to store multiple caches based on the currency. I haven’t dealt with ZenCache before so i’ll need to look into it further.

Okay thanks!


First of all, looks like a great plugin :)

I have couple of questions, before I purchase:

1. Does the plugin geo-locate the users, lets say if they are in UK, it would automatically show prices in pounds?

2. I presume that although prices may display in pounds, if my base currency is euros I will receive money in euros i.e. not pay charges on receiving foreign currency. Does this mean customers would be charged in euros – even if their price displayed in pounds? (As in, if that is the case, that their bank would charge them extra fees and conversion fees because ultimately they were delivering a ‘euros payment’ into my account) ?


Hi there,

Apologies for the late reply. Glad you like it.

1. Yes. If you have the users local currency added to your store (and geo location is enabled) then it’ll automatically show their currency. If not, then the stores default currency will be shown.

2. At the moment, checkout (any payment) will occur in the currency chosen on the site. So, for UK, users will checkout and pay in GBP. How you receive the money will depend on your own account i.e. whether you receive GBP or its converted to your currency first.

We’re working on some options to allow you to choose the currency that all users checkout in.

Hope that makes sense.

Hi, does this support Woocommerce Booking Plugin – I want to do something similar to Airbnb, so need the Rental Cost to be changed to the user desired currency.


Unfortunately i don’t think they will be compatible as we we haven’t added anything to support that plugin, and i doubt they would have either.


swooca Purchased

Hi Code-Ninjas,

I’ve bought your WooCommerce Multi Currency Store plugin ( a while ago and lately I’ve been having issues with the price when I updated to WooCommerce 3.0.5 and Product Bundle to 5.2.4.

After updating WooCommerce 3.0.5, the price of my bundled products were adding the price of the bundled items. So if my bundle product is sold for 119$, composed with 3 bundle items of x amount. It was charging users 119$ + the price of all the sub-items. After updating to Product Bundles 5.2.4, the issue above was fixed, however the currency doesn’t seem to display the right one.

I have a product with a regular price of $99 USD, and a CAD currency for $119. After the update, my bundle is displaying as $99 CAD, instead of $119 CAD. It’s taking the USD price and displaying it as if it was the CAD price. This only happens to bundled products.

Are you guys planning to update the plugin to support the newest version of WooCommerce?

Hi there,

First apologies for the late reply.

The plugin is compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce and we’re not aware of an issues with pricing not displaying correctly. The only issue that we’re working on is to do with prices being cached by caching plugins or external caches.

Could this be an issue with the Bundle plugin and ours not being compatible? We certainly haven’t added anything specific in the plugin for the Bundle plugin and i doubt they would have either.

Its something that i can look into as soon as i get some time. We’re just rewriting the plugin to make it more future proof so as soon as were done with that i can look into compatibility between the 2 plugins.

If you can, can you send me the Bundle plugin ( and we’ll see what we can do.



swooca Purchased

Hi there,

We’ve sent you an email regarding the plugin.


Thanks. I’ll look into it as soon as i get a chance.

Hello, I have a pre sales question you might be able to help me with. I have a network of 2 woo commerce sites and hope to use this plugin to change the prices based on the exchange rate. I will be publishing products to both sites say for example a price costs 15 Euro, I want to be able to publish the product to both sites on site A (Base Price is EUR) the product will be €15 but on site B (the base price is GBP) I want the 15 to be converted from a rate taken from an API (e.g. with a small percentage or offset added to the rate. Is this possible

Hi there,

First, apologies for the late reply.

Currently, the plugin allows you to manipulate the prices after converting by setting how the converted price is rounded (up or down). We are adding the feature to add (or subtract) an amount/percentage after the price converted and it will be added in the next release.

Hope that helps

Presale Question. in your plugin is there a way to disable some payment methods on currency change ?

Hi there,

Not currently. That is something we will be looking to add.

I really like your plugin thats why want to use it.Thanks for your help. Last question is there a why to add class on html tag or on body tag on currency switch if so i can use that to display none the other payment methods. If you help i really will purchase your plugin after this answer


Theres no class add to the body tag, but its a good suggestion and i’ll make a note to add it in the future.

However, it you have a little PHP knowledge, its not difficult to either add the class yourself, or to hide the payment methods in the theme based on the currency. The plugin has a function that will return the current currency selected so you could use this to show/hide the payment methods.

Hi, I sent you a support comment the other day with regards to an issue I have with pdf invoices but Envato contacted me to say that the message bounced so you may not have received it. Can you confirm whether you received my support.



That functions looks very out of date and for an older version of Woocommerce. I think your right, it might be best to raise it with Woocommerce to update the code for the latest version of Woocommerce.

Let me know if i can help in any way.

Hi, Woocommerce have updated the code and the issue is resolved. Thanks.

Glad you got it sorted. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


I also tried to contact you through the support tab, but received an email from Envato saying that the request i had sent had bounced.

My issue is that i have recently had a UK customer purchase a product in USD and not GBP. My client is concerned as to how this might have happened and is worries it may happen again…

Also i use WP Fastest cache (or like to) but haven’t managed to have this switched on whilst using the plugin – is it compatible do you know?


Hi there,

It seems we have an issue with our email server that we’re currently investigating.

Is there any way for the customer to change the currency (i.e. the widget) and is GeoIP enabled?

The cache might cause an issue in that, if it is enabled and USD is cached, other may see USD also. We haven’t added any compatibility for Fastest Cache. Its something we’ll need to look into.


The exchange rate doesn’t appear to be working on my website. When a customer makes a purchase in USD they are charged the same amount in CAD. For instance if it says that they need to pay $100 USD they are charged $100 CAD instead of the approx $135CAD that they should have to pay.

No caching plugins are active since that seemed to cause an issue with the plugin working. What could be going on here?

So, if you set a price of $13.50 CAD, a USD user should see $10 USD (after conversion) and checkout should happen in USD.

So, if your being paid $10 CAD, the issue is in one of two places.

1. The plugin is not sending the correct Currency and is just sending the base currency.

2. The plugin is sending the correct currency, but your payment gateway cannot process the payment in that currency and is defaulting to its own base currency, which may be CAD.

Please can you email me admin access to your store, and please confirm (2) and i’ll look into (1) as soon as possible.

It’s almost certainly 2. We use Moneris as our payment gateway. I just looked into it and they only support one currency, in our case CAD. We do have a USD Moneris account as well. Do you have a plugin that would allow us to connect two Moneris accounts to our store?

Glad we found the cause. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plugins that can connect two Moneris accounts. Maybe speak to the developers of the plugin that you do have? They may be able to help.

Or we could look into creating the plugin, but that will obviously be classed as custom work and will be chargeable.

Let me know how you get on.

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Hello I have this 3 error on my woocommerce control panel using your plugin

Replied to your email.


udaysy Purchased

I bought this product recently. I wanted to be able use two payment gateways on my website which require different ‘store currency’. For example, Paypal requires store currency to be set as Euros and my local payment gateway requires store currency to be set as Indian Rupee. I thought that with Multi currency store (as the name implies) I would be able to set multiple store currency which serves both gateways.

Can you help me with this? I want to be able to assign Euro to one payment gateway and Indian Rupee to another.

Thanks in Advance.

Replied to your email.

Hi. If I configure the base of the store in American dollars (because Paypal does not support Dominican peso) there is possibility to choose another currency as a base via this plugin? For example when entering the prices creating a product instead of being American dolar and then convert it to the other currencies that is Dominican Peso as a base and then convert to American dollar.

Hi there,

Currently, no that is not possible. Its something that we’re planning on adding in a future update.


techsnake Purchased


For some reason when I use your plugin, your plugin calculate the price porcentages wrong

By example I put a Shipping rate with a handling fee of 10% of price

Everything is ok when the money is USD, the if the price is 100$, your plugin calculate 10$ for shipping because it is the 10% of 100

the problem is when I use a multi currency plugin that convert the price to another currency

the plugin calculate the percentage in wrong way, and the problem is in the formula that your plugin uses

Ex in USD

Item Price 100 handling fee 10%

Formula Used (100*10%) Handling of 100$ = 10$

Example in foreign currency

Exchange rate example 6.97

Item Price 100$ *6.97 = 697 handling fee 10% <<<- here is the problem because your plugin is multiplying 10% x 6.97 (the exchange rate) also treating the percentage as money not as percentage 10 * 6.97 = 69.7 and this is converted as bad percentage, and the calculation results wrong

at this point the 10% now because was multiplied by the exchange rate now is 69.7%

697 * 69.7% = 485.81 <<- wrong

the correct percentage must be

697 *10% = 69.70

Please letme know where I can control to avoid a multiplication of percentages with the exchange rate

Hi there,

Replied to your email.


techsnake Purchased

Please letme know if the issue will be fixed by you, thank you

Hey, tried emailing through Envato but didn’t hear back – we’re looking for a plugin like what you offer but we need to combine multi-currency with role-based pricing. If you are open to custom programming work for this please let me know so I can let you know more and you can give me a quote and timeline for the development.

HI there,

Apolgies, just replied to your email.

Hi There,


Assuming: 1) Base WC currency was ZAR (unsupported Paypal currency), AND, 2) We’re using Currency Converter Widget to show prices in USD, AND, 3) We’re also using the Paypal AND Payfast Payment Gateway plugin by WC

The following questions: 1) Would Payfast redirected page (to process order), show prices in USD or ZAR? 2) Would order history (my-account/orders) show all totals in ZAR or USD? 3) Whom gets charged for WC order refunds? and in which currency? And is the refunds function fully supported? 4) Does your plugin support WC Subscriptions? 5) Does your plugin support WC Memberships?

Thank you, Whoweez

Hi there,

1. The currency is sent to the payment gateway (by Woocommerce, not the plugin) so you will see whatever currency the user has selected.

2. The prices on the order will the in the currency that the order was made it (i.e. the plugin will save the prices)

3. I’m not sure what you mean by this. The plugin does not handle any of the refunds (or payments). Its all part of Woocommerce. The plugin simply changes the currency and hands control back to Woocommerce. So refunds would function as they do in Woocommerce.

4 + 5. I don’t think so. Although we haven’t tested it ourselves, a few users have notified us that they are not comptible becuase neither plugin has knowledge of the other.

Hope that helps

The plugin is not working anymore. Is the product now dead? Or will you release a new update?

I meant to add you can see the problem at basically when you click the change region links at the top the currency no longer changes on the page. BUT if you go into the product the correct currency is set. It was working fine before, so i assume a recent woocommerce update must be affecting your plugin.

Hi there,

Looks like the page is cached so even after chaging the currency, the page is being pulled from the cache. Are you using any caching plugin? or is there caching from your host?

OK cool. I turned off the cache and it works now. Might be an item to put up support information on how to deal with cache? I know you can add exceptions to cache systems.

Also do try and put out new versions even if the changes are minor. Plugins look dead if they have not been updated in 6 months. I left you a 5-star review.