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hi there

I just bought the plugin and installed it in my client site, everything fine but I unable to set widget in main menu as dropdown menu to change currency as per visitor choosing,

would you please assist on above. thanks

Hi there,

Widgets (all widgets, not just ours) can only be used in a widgetized area like the sidebar. If you want to have the currency dropdown and an item in your main menu then you will need to add them into the main menu manually.

If you add them as links and set the link URL to be ?wmcs_currency=USD (or any other currency code instead of USD) then that would work. Simply create one item for each currency.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your reply,

yes, I already did this and its working fine, thanks

How if i set in woocommerce default currency in USD but in front off i want show in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) and someone can’t change the currency type. Your plugin support this case?

Hi there,

Yes. You would need to add IDR as an additional currency in our plugin then in your functions.php you would filter the currency to always return IDR. Your store will always be IDR then.

As long as you don’t add the currency switcher widget, there will be no way to change the currency.

Hi, does this plugin support flatsome theme ?

Hi there,

Although we haven’t tested the theme ourselves, there no reason (provided the theme has be coded properly) for the plugin to not work.

Hi, is this compatable with “Paid Member Subscriptions” plugin, ie when members are shown a reduced price will it still convert correctly?

Also, is this plugin current and working bug free with WooCommerce 3.1.x?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

We haven’t tested the plugin with the Subscription plugin so i can’t comment on whether it is compatible.

The plugin is fully compatible with Woocommerce 3.1 though.

Does it provide GeoIP detection?

Hi there,

Yes it does. The currency will be automatically selected based on the users country, assuming you’ve added that currency to your store.


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How can I define that one product only shows a specific currency, and not other currencies?

My Store is in Euros, but I want to drive traffic to a specific page, where the product shows up in a different currency. How can I do that?

Maybe place something in the functions.php?

Hi there,

Just sent you an email.

Good Morning,

I already have the plugin installed, and active, but I can not find a way to show up in my store.

Anyone know how to make it appear in the store?

thank you.

Hi there,

Under Woocommerce Settings, there is a currency tab, add your currencies there. Then you can either enable GeoIP, so that users from other currencies will see prices in there currency, or add the currency switcher widget to give the users the option to change the currency.

Documentation is available here:

Hope that helps

Hi. I purchased this plugin. I need publish products with USD currency prices, but my payment gateway only support CLP (Chilean Peso) currency. Where, the convert price is perfect (we publish the product in USD price and the plugin convert the price to CLP, very good). Now, the widget of this plugin allows you to select both currencies. We need to force the selection to the CLP currency (showing the values of the products in that currency) but maintaining the management of the values in the USD currency (USD is the default currency in my woocommerce). How can I add this functionality in the functions.php file of my theme? Obviously it would hide the currency selection widget and only allow trading in CLP. Thanks.

Hi there,

Yes it is possible but will require coding a function. Simply hook into a filter called ‘wmcs_filter_customers_currency’ and simply return CLP as the currency. That will be the currency for all users but your management will remain in USD.

Hope that helps

hi, may I know why the geoip is not working on my site?

Hi there.

Apologies for the late reply. There should be no reason for GeoIP to not work. If you have added GBP as a currency, email me your site address and i’ll take a look to see if GBP is selected by default for me.

Is this plugin still alive and supported? I think I made a mistake buying it as it is not working with the latest Wordpress version.

Anyone alive?

Hi there,

First apologies for the late reply. Yes the plugin is still alive and being supported. We tested the plugin with the late Woocommerce and didn’t come accross any issues. What problems are you having? Email them to us and we’ll resolve them for you ASAP.

Let me know


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Hi, I already mailed you the issues. Please check your mails.


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Hello, after the update WordPress 4.8.3 on the site does not work the currency converter. The price for each currency does not change.

Hi there,

Yes we are aware of the issue. The exchange rate api that the plugin uses has been discontinued. We are looking into alternatives and will have an update out to rectify the issue soon.

In the meantime you can set a manual exchange rate while we work in the update.

Hello! Dear authors of the plugin, please note, after recent updates the currency does not change (live rates, manual rates still work)

Hi there ,

Yes we are aware of the issue. The exchange rate api that the plugin uses has been discontinued. We are looking into alternatives and will have an update out to rectify the issue soon

Hey! I am very interested in this plugin but for now our payment provider only supports EUR as payment option. Although we’d love to show our customers their native currencies. Is there an option to show them their currency but then when they switch to the actual payment they will pay in EUR?


Hi there,

At the moment there isn’t an option in the plugin. However, it is possible with a little custom coding from your side, if you are able to do it.

The option to set the checkout currency is something we’re adding to a future release.

Good evening, I thought WPML Woocommerce was providing this problem. My site will be in French and English with prices in Euros, and in Russian with prices in Ruble. For each currency, it will be a fixed price. By cons, I work with a Russian payment platform (Yandex Money). I have to send to the payment platform only amounts in ruble. As a result, when a French customer chooses a service at € 150.00, I have to send to the payment platform the amount in Ruble. My question is simple: It’s possibile? thank you, Daniel


Is this plugin still supported/updated to be compatible with the latest wordpress and woocommerce versions ?

Best regards, Adrian