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I would like to buy your plugins and I would like to know …

If we can display the prices and also change the price directly?

If we can print a single reference, I selected a reference and I only printed the reference select

For the paper you have specific references, you said avery paper but can you provide us the references? We print directly on a4 paper or there is a specific machine?

Thank you


sobeweb Purchased

I’m getting Invalid license, I assume that is causing the QR image not showing. Please Help!!!!

Hi, make sure you download the update from codecanyon and replace with your current plugin manually via wp admin section.

major issues with updating etc – had to disable

hi, Can you include an option for the product image to also print please?

mi tienda tiene 22.00 productos, es viable?

Si, es posible, asegurate de usar la ultima version del plugin.

I need a mobile inventory manager for my recently added products. I don’t want to use qr codes though. I just want to count the quantities in my warehouse and be able to easily update the current stock. Is this possible?

The QR codes are used to encode the actual URL of your product so I’m afraid you cannot use our plugin without using QR codes.

Hey! Following my review and your answer, could you please just answer to my support question and give a hand in decent time? I don’t want refund, your plugin looks great! But a support in less then 8 days would be a good thing… Thx!

>Komuso Lab >Where is da support? haven’t seen it so far…

>>estudios_designs >>Author response

>>sorry it didn’t work out for you. Please request a refund here: >> and I will gladly approve it from >>my end. Thanks.

We were having some email issues which is why our response time was slow. Please resend your request and include screenshots of the issues you are facing. Thanks.

Hi, Yesterday we buy this plugin. When we install ver 1.0.6 we click to update. Updating 1.0.12 ver, then ask license key from envato doc, we add this key in spec. row, but after refresh we got information label that this envato license key “impossible” are bad.

How activate this product? Maybe reinstall to 1.0.6 ver. and dont use license key?

Yes, re-install version 1.0.6 as it seems to be a mix up between the free and paid plugin which is why it prompts you to update. Just ignore the propmt until we release a new version with a fix.

Hi there.

Just purchased the plugin and it is not working for me.

I have installed it and created the labels. I have downloaded your app for the iphone. When i scan, it shows me ” Your search – www.xxxxxxxxxxxx – did not match any documents.”

Hi, try using a different QR code scanning app and let me know if it worked for you.

hi Team, Can you please let us know what is included after purchasing ? along with plugin , does it have android /iOS code base setup ?

Yes, you can download the QR code scanning apps for both Android and iOS but you can use any QR code scanning app, it will work with any app out there. Cheers.

Before purchasing I would like to confirm, is there any other label types to select? (I see 12 to a page is the most on the demo). I want to print much more and have very small QR codes which goes on each product. (for example: Avery 16460, 30x to a page, 1” x 2-5/8”). If not at the moment, how would you add it or could this be implemented please? Thank you.

Hi, at the moment the most you can use is 12 per page, if you want to add more labels into a new layout would need to be coded into the plugin. We can do this for a fee if you’re interested or you can hire a developer to do it for you.

Is there somewhere to be able to add “Supplier/Vendor, Actual Cost” and any other fields to do with purchasing the item? From what I’ve seen I am assuming you scan the item, it tells you how many there are of the item and you just have a + and – button.

At the moment only the inventory amount can be changed, you cannot add more info directly into the product through the plugin.

I already have the barcodes on my products. I just want a plugin which can add inventory to my woocommerce store by scanning. Does this plugin do that trick.

So I will just scan the EAN Code which is the sku code on my woocomemrce store. It should ask me the quantity – I input 10. My previous was 2. Making total of 12

The plugin works only with QR codes which are generated by the plugin itself, you cannot use the plugin with third party generated barcodes.

Nice idea, but is it used my form add-new product or use your plugin? I had each form for each parent catalog . It is listed of form for difference owner store requires such as A, B, C TYPE of product .

Hi, the plugin allows you to edit the product after you have created it through woocommerce. All forms and everything has to be done in woocommerce first, not through the plugin.


chq1029 Purchased

hi! i’m really interested in your plugin. but i have a question about security.

is there possible that any person can download your app and change the stock number? any authorization for the plugin?


chq1029 Purchased

you mean the app still need to login wordpress to change the stock?

when you scan your product with your phone, you will be taken to the login page within the phone, than you can change the stock quantity.


chq1029 Purchased

that’s better. nice work i’ll buy soon


chq1029 Purchased

hi! i’ve install this plugin. but it doesn’t work

first there are 3 404 error in backend. second i try to generate the QR code and use your app to scan. but i’m get google search with no found.

can you help me please?

Hi, try using a different QR code scanning app, the plugin will work with any QR code scanning app. As for the 404 errors, you will not contact me through my portfolio and provide some screenshots so we can assist you. Thanks.