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hi. I have now updated to version1.08 and having some issues. My wp version 4.8.1. 1) I cant pick specific products. 2) The urls to the proucts is like Something I am doing wrong?

make sure view the video tutorials here: if you’re still having issues, contact me directly through my profile and provide your email address so we can provide support. Thanks.

Please provide your email in the message so that I can respond.


Hi there, Can you please respond to my message I sent via the Support contact form. trying to sort out a major issue which is preventing plugin from working. Otherwise, I will need to request refund. Thanks


I apologize but there seems to be an issue with the support messages in codecanyon, when I try to reply, it replies to envato instead of your email. Could you please re-send the message and provide your email within the message? I will have our developers look into your issues. Thanks.

Can you tell me how to scan with the mobile app , because when I install the IOS app nothing append , just a google error after scan qr code on my woocommerce qr code generate by scanventory, how to link the mobile app and the QR STORE woocommerce ????

Hi, try using a different app. The plugin works with any QR code reading app.


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Hi There, My default currency is £ but its showing $ on labels, Please tell me how can i fix it? also, i am not able to log in your support panel due to an error so please reply here for qucik fix.

Hi, what is the exact error you get when you try to create a support ticket? Please contact me directly through my profile and provide your email so we can contact you directly. Thanks.


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Hi, If doesnt show any error just redirecting me to the same page again and again, however i can see in the address bar something in valid login. However i am in a hurry thats why i requested to reply here. Anyway my email is

I tried to make a ticket but the ticketing system seems to malfunction so i’ll try to ask about it here.

So we went live from the development url to our current one.

All products created prior to the live update are working fine, after changing the url to the current one when i scan the qrcode and i visit the products page there is the image instead of the thumbnail, but that issue appears only in the english product titles or greek&english product mixed titles in all the other cases it works just fine (the img name doesnt matter i have checked it in both ways). Just to make it clear, all products created prior to the live update in any language (greek – english – greek&english mix) are still working but if i try to recreate the exact same product now i get the ‘NO IMAGE’ img in the english or in the greek&english mixed product titles

Thanks, S.

Hi, i want show the price of product after scanned the qrcode with stock management, only show the product’s price

Ps.: I tried on your support channel but i can’t login.


Hi, i can’t disable the option to restore in cancelled order and when im editing the order and click on product and click to “Reduce Stock” the plugin show “The Stocker is reduced 127 to 127” or else the plugin its blocking the manual reduce inside order.

Ps.: I tried on your support channel but i can’t login.


Hi Two presale questions: 1. Can I add new products through QR code reader? 2. Is it possible to sent email for low stock alert? Thanks

Hi, here are the answers to your questions:

1. Products can only be added through the normal admin backend. 2. This can be handled through woocommerce options

Hi i sended via support asking how show the price in Page Scanned to show Inventory and Price together.

Hi, It´s a pre sale question. it ´s not clear to me, about the local storage manager, after the labels. For example, my customer needs to put multiple products in boxes. Example, boxes 1, 2, 3, 4. Each bin box is a product address, right? So, after the printing label, I understand that check, it will know where each product is, right. These storage locations (cash box) are displayed in register of products of the woocommerce, too? For management, change bin, etc?

Can I use any QRCode Reader to show me which products is on bin?


The QR code generated is a direct link to your specific product. When you scan the code with your device, you will be taken directly to that product so you can modify stock quantity.

My apologize because i didn´t understand you completely.

Where is on my doubt is when I see woocommerce on each product will have QR code on screen to scanner or numeric code to put on scanner for to know what I ´m looking for on the bins?

Example: I know that my client wants product x. It sku is 545 and has a qr code too. But only with a qr code i will don´t know where bins it´s. So, I imagine that I to find It, Do I need to scanner several bins until to find it?

Do you have access demo panel to show me?

Hi, that is a matter of how you organize your warehouse an product bins. The best way to do it is to use one bin for each product instead of having different products in one single bin. You can download the free version from the repository to test but it only allows you to create one label.

I cannot find the zip file. Also, I am unable to log in to create a ticket. The login page is not working.

How can i display more than 20 chars for the product title?

Warm regards, May

labels are printing too big

please contact me through my profile so I can provide assistance. Thanks.

Hello, I just purchased your scanventory app and where are the direction for this app? I scan the product and it goes to google error. I don’t see all of the other featured on your demo.

Hi, you don’t have to use that app, you can use any QR code scanning app, it will work just fine.


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I tired to open a ticket but the ticket system would not do anything when I clicked the button.

Anyways here is my issue. It should be simple.

When I scan a QR code it does not include https:// or http:// into the URL link. So when you click it the link takes you to a google search page and not our website.

Any suggestions on how to fix that?


Hi, try using a different QR code reading app, it will work with any QR code scanning app.


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Hello. After accepting the bar code, it goes to the web link and that it can not connect. An address is entered in the Google search box and an error message appears. How can I solve this? The setting part was followed exactly.


huhstudio Purchased

and another issue – only label print appear $ (dollor)?

Hi, try using a different QR code scanning app. It will work with any app.