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We are very interested in buying the plugin for a certain piece of functionality.

As we will be selling free items, we want to be able to limit our customers to ordering no more than 50, 25, 10 etc of a particular product each month. With this resetting at the start/end of each month, so that they can order 50, 25, 10 etc again.

9 Months ago you mentioned that your going to introduce this piece of functionality in your next update. According to the site, your last update was in December.

So I wanted to check that this functionality has now been added?

Kind Regards

Sorry, We are added some other function on our last update ,Thanks for your suggestion, we will definitely add this function in our upcoming version .

Hi, I just purchase this plugin. How can I set limit for several items not only one?

Thank for replying. This is for all. For example, I want to set limitation for 2 of my products. In this page, I choose 2 product with shift button. After save and refresh, only one shows selected.

Can you please give me your mail id , I will send you the updated version .

Hi, Please update your plugin to our new version. We have fixed the multiple select bug.

Hello, do you accept feature suggestions? The plugin comes with an option to disable the “Proceed to Checkout” button if a limit of price or quantity is crossed. It would be extremely helpful if there was also an option for hiding the checkout button if a minimum hasn’t been met – pretty standard feature of wholesale carts.

Hi, Thanks a lot for your query . Actually if user will not fulfill the minimum requirement , the checkout will not work . If you click on checkout it will show you information that he/she need to met the minimum price limit. Please check the screenshot http://prnt.sc/dwba75 . If you disable or hide the checkout button, your user may got confused , because they dont know this plugin functionality.

We will put disable or hide checkout button option in our next update .


Hey there we just bought your plugin for a client site and we are having issues setting up limit with categories .. Can you give us your email so that we can explain you in detail .. Regards

contact at iitechnology dot in

I have just purchased this plugin and I cant figure out how to add minimum qty for a particular category. Can you please help?

Hi, This plug in is causing problems with my woo commerce product prices. When the plug in is activated the prices of the my products change to a different price. When I deactivate the plug in everything goes back to normal.

Can you please help!

Also, please advise why I have been changed TWICE for this plug in??

Hi, Please send me your website access through support .

I get a fatal error when trying to activate the plugin. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare save_taxonomy_custom_meta() (previously declared in … /wp-content/themes/... /woocommerce/structure-wc-category-page.php:114) in /.../wp-content/plugins/WooMaxMin2.1.2/settings/category.php on line 140

Hi, Can you please send me your WP admin details through email at mrinalbhuyan7 at the rate gamil com

Hi, unfortunately I cannot give out our admin information to our ecommerce store. Would it be ok to get a refund? Thanks, T

Hi, which php version running on your server ?

Having the same issue as another person mentioned above—when I add something to the cart, all the other products on the website will then mimic its price and SKU and it is wreaking havoc on my site. Is there a fix or am I able to get a full refund? Thanks.

It’s www.hamiltonhobbyspecialties.com – I currently have the plugin installed and activated. Thank you for your assistance.

It has now been a week and still no support. I would like a refund as this plugin has only been causing issues for my website. Thank you.

Hi, Please send me your website admin access through support. This problem is happen due to some custom code in your website .

Hello Can i create a rule that you have to spend a minimum of 10,000 for the first time buy and later that the customer doesn’t need to buy a minimum?

Hi, Right now we dont have that functionality on our plugin. We will try to add that in our next update. Thanks

Yo do have that functionality but it has to go along with other plugin named “Automatic Role Changer” and when you change customer from one role to the other. The first rule for minimum no longer apply.

Hi, I am sorry we cant say anything about other plugins.

I’m in same situation with “Bedgebury” did you added that function?

who wrote a comment 3months ago

Hi, Sorry . That functionality is not available.

Feature request

Disable add to cart button for product A, when product B or C not yet added to cart, or when a minimum of 50$ value not yet added to cart

Hi, Disable add to cart is already there

Hello guys

Is it possible to set purchase limit per weight while purchasing on custom currency ?

Regards Kamil

Hi, Limit per weight is not possible. You can set limit to number of product or total Cart price.

I can set the limit of how many products equal to the maximum allowed to send to the cart for a particular country

I can set the maximum limit for products of the same category that can be sent to the cart for a particular country

The alerts where they will be displayed?

Product page Cart Checkout Shop Page

Thank you!

Hi, particular country functionality is not there . You can put custom alerts message on product page , cart and checkout pages .

Hi, i have tried to contact you but no answer. I have issue with plugin. If i activate the plugin my button add to cart disappears from product listing page. Even if I have not set any rules yet. I need help to solve this.

Best regards

Hi, Can you please send me the website url and login access through support email.

Hi How are you? I’ve just purchase you great plugin , I have two languages on my website ,English language and Hebrew language, I would like to translate the notification message to appear in the Hebrew cart page in Hebrew language, It seems that I can’t translate it using WPML plugin, Can you please tell me how I can translate this message? Thank you very much Waiting for your soon reply

Hi, Thanks a lot .

You can change the notification message from “WooMaxMin Setting ” Change “Notification Message 1” and “Notification Message 2” text. Here is the screenshot http://goo.gl/ugJguq


Hi Thank you very much for your fast reply I’m so sorry I didn’t explain my issue very well, I did change the notification message from this boxes ,this message appear in the English cart page ,thats ok, but when I switch to the Hebrew cart page ,the message need to appear in the Hebrew language, I’m using WPML plugin to translate the notification message and I can’t find this message to translate it Do you know if this message can be translate to different language ? thank you very much for your service


Ok I understand . Right now the plugin does not support multilingual . But provide me your website access through support mail. I will make it work. Thanks

Pre sales question: can I set up multiple free shipping notifications based on shipping zones? For example: Zone 1 gets free shipping at $1500, Zone 2 gets free shipping at $2000, etc. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi, This plugin is not for shipping. Its for set limit on cart .

Will I be able to do this:

Minimum 3 dozens of any item.

Minimum of total order $500. Must equal


Yes you can implement any of those condition . Like either Minimum 3 dozens of any item or Minimum of total order $500


Can i limit a variant in a product?

Hi, No, thats not possible in this plugin. You can set limit to every products , every category, Every user, user roles and set date and time range . But not for every variant. Because variant are part of one product. Thanks

Do not purchase this plug in! It does not work and there is NO support from he author dispite neumorous attempts have been made to contact them! VERY dissapointing!

Hi, First of all if you paid TWICE you need to contact codecanyon support, because its not my website and payments are coming through codecanyon. So I cant take any money from you directly , I got payment from codecanyon.

The problem is.. you need to give me the website access through support and I am 100% sure that its a problem in your setting or in your theme. There is no issue on the plugin .

Remember all plugins available on codecanyon must approve by codecanyon team . The approval process take few days , that means the codecanyon team test the plugin properly and than approve for sell . If there was any issue in plugin side , they never approve it.

Please send me your website details through support and we will see whats the issue on your website . Thanks

Hi, how do I contact you via support? Can I email you?

Hi, You have not contact support yet and you comment “Do not purchase this plug in! It does not work ” !!!!!

If its not working, its a problem in your website , because we have tested the plugin in many websites . So if you face any issue , you must contact us 1st . Thats the way we provide support if any customer face any issue .

Click here https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-minimum-maximum-purchase-limit/15023238/support

Than click on “Contact Author” button .


Hello, admin page doesn’t work with any browser. Clicking on the three tabs on top (GENERAL PURCHASE PRICE LIMIT PURCHASE QUANTITY LIMIT) doesn’t do anything because of a CSS Problem with the class “Tab-content”. Are you aware of that?

Hi, The access you sent me does not have Administrator privilege. I can’t see our plugin . Please send me admin privilege access. Thanks

Done, it’s admin now. Thanks

Thanks , I am working on it .

Hi, Presale question:Is it possible to set a maximum number per user and not per order? Best Regards Alessandro


You can set maximum number per user group, not for individual per users. How you will know who will be your future user , so you can make a group of user and you can set a maximum number for that user group. Thanks

Thanks for Answer. Another clarification because, for my english not perfect, maybe I have not explained well. I would like that when the user buys a product he can never buy that product again. Not even in another order. Best Regards Alessandro

Hi, For that you need to define maximum or total purchase limit. If the user cross that limit , he will not able to buy . Thanks