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Hi a pre-purchase comment. I want to double check that it will fulfill the requirements first.

I have a trade only site and i am using the basic plugin ‘WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options’ to hide the prices and shopping cart’ until the users are registered. Although the client now wants the new regiserested users to be approved first so you cannot see any prices or being able to access the cart until your account is approved.

Does this WooCoomerce Membership Plugin control visibility and access of Pricing and Shopping Cart, or does it only do pages/posts etc?

Thanks :)


You can restrict any page, “Cart” included. As for products – those can also be restricted, but there’s two options for them – hide completely or make not purchasable (in this case customer can’t purchase the product before getting the allowed membership).


Thanks, but do you know if people can still see the price and add to cart button before approved membership?

If you set product to be not purchasable, then it can’t be even added to cart, but the price will still be shown.


Hello, I have a pre-sales question: I want to use this plugin on a woocommerce site that already has a working 2Checkout payment method extension installed. Will this plugin work with 2Checkout payments?


Sure, it should work with any WooCommerce-supported payment gateways.


Hi there,

I’ve some cool Shortcode ideas, but I don’t want to post them here. Could you provide me an email, so I can send them to you? That would be amazing!

Thanks :D


Sure, feel free to submit a support ticket to us :)


Hi a pre-purchase question. I want to sell products only if someone purchase membership.

1. Is your plugin work in a way that person purchase membership as guest and than have access to other products? 2. Is there a way of generating unique number for each member? 3. Is there a way for members to notify and allow them to renew membership?

Thank you.


1 – Yes, it is possible.

2 – No, there’s no unique code generated – member is just added to a plan.

3 – Yes, you can set reminder emails before the expiration.



Zychoo Purchased

Hi. My purchase code does not work for automatic updates. Is that related to support expiring? Thanks


Do you have your support already expired? If yes, then it is related – automatic updates only works for existing support licenses.


Looks like there is a Javascript conflict between this plugin and the Avada theme… I just tried using the membership plugin with Avada (https://themeforest.net/item/avada-responsive-multipurpose-theme/2833226) and it breaks their “Fusion Builder” system, rendering their theme pretty much useless.

The folks over at ThemeFusion found and fixed the issue

There was a javascript error coming from the plugin which was breaking all other javascript functionality on the site. Specifically, the select2.min.js script returned the following error: No select2/compat/dropdownCss

I did some research and there is a known issue with earlier versions of select2 script that the plugin was using. https://github.com/vedmack/yadcf/issues/304

To resolve this problem I updated WooCommerce Membership’s select2 script to the latest version. File changed: wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-membership/assets/js/select2/select2.min.js

Could you guys please update to the newest select2.min.js file for your next update? Unless you know of an issue that will arise?


Thank you for reporting this! But we were already aware of this issue and recently released new version with updated Select2 version.


Dead developers,

I have a presale question. I am going to build a website/webshop theme that has all is build on Woocommerce system.

The idea of the shop is that boat sellers can buy memberships, and each membership allows them to place a certain amount of advertisements on the shop.

So i need an add-on, on the theme to make this possible. Is this possible with your plugin?

Hope to hear from you..



Hi Karim,

This plugin allows you to restrict access to content based on the specific membership plan, so it could be helpful in your case. But it can’t control any content-posting features and doesn’t have those either.


I noticed that buying WooCommerce Membership from Woocommerce is $150, but here it’s only $39. Is this a different version than the Membership add-on offered by WooCommerce?


Yes, it is different – Membership plugin offered by RightPress :)


Hey there, Does this plugin allow me to do the following:

1. Normal Woocommerce functionality… Visitor can buy: - product 1 - product 2 - product 3

2. Visitor can purchase membership: - membership 1 – access to product 1 – access to product 2 – access to product 3

The important question is does the plugin allow configuration so that the membership 1 member will have access to all 3 products, but other visitors can also purchase all 3 products individually?


Hi Kirill,

I want to grant members access to ALL products.

I want non-members to be able to purchase any product individually.

Is that possible?

Thanks. Leigh.

I think to do what I want to do you would need to revamp your permission settings to allow multiple permissions (checkboxes) rather than a dropdown and include these options:

1. Grant access to: All members 2. Grant access to: All non-members who have purchased

With your current model, if I wanted to be able to sell an individual product say “Album #1” for say $30 AND also include it in my membership, I would need to create the “Album #1” product twice, once for people who want to purchase it individually and once to add it to my membership.

Please correct me if I am wrong?

Hi Leigh,

You don’t need to create product twice – you will just need to mark one as a membership product, and once people purchase it, they will be added to your membership list. In that case you won’t need 2 permissions, as “All members” will be the same as “All non-members who have purchased” – both groups will be members.


Hi there!

I’m getting a very odd error out of the blue with this plugin. We’re completely unable to grant access manually under plans, or even view users. Additionally, the dashboard doesn’t seem to be working in terms of expanding and contracting sections.

I reached out to my hosting team and they supplied this error:

” PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_attributes() on boolean in /nas/content/live/**/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-product-variation.php on line 635, referer: https://www.*****….php?post_type=membership_plan"

Please let me know how I should proceed. Both WooCommerce and this plugin are updated to the latest version.

Thank you,

Skillful Antics