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a few months ago a member had a issue on here with Avada, it doesn’t say if you where able to resolve the issue. Will this plugin work with Avada Theme?

Hi there,

The problem that you mentioned was actually caused by another plugin loading a dated jQuery library which caused JavaScript error and prevented Avada page builder from operating properly.

There are no known issues that would prevent this plugin to be used along with the Avada theme.


Pre Sales Question….

What I am trying to achieve is..

Person A works for Company 1 – they log on and can only see products associated with company 1

Person B works for company 2 – they can only see the products associated with company 2

Person C works for company 1 – they can see the same products as person A as they work for company 1

Person A & C place an order, the invoice is emailed to Company 1 to authorise order and pay.

Person A or C don’t pay they just order what they need, the invoice goes to the associated company in this case Company 1 for them to approve and pay

Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

This plugin can potentially be used to hide products from users without a particular membership plan, however, you would still need to do some customization.

You will need to either manually assign membership plans to those users or write some custom registration script that would automatically assign them. Otherwise, they will need to purchase a membership first before gaining access to their products (this is how this extension is supposed to work – customers purchase membership plans).

Another issue is with emailing invoices to the company – this functionality is out of scope for this plugin, unfortunately.

Paul II

Does this work together with subscriptio or do I have to install one of the other? I just need yearly subscriptions for an app


Yes, it works with Subscriptio and both are fully integrated together,


Hi there! I need enable different payment options for the same membership. For example: Membership one: 1 payment yearly, 2 payments every 6 months, or monthly. So the user can choose how they want to pay the subscription.

Is that possible with this plugin?

Thanks in advance.


No, it is not possible with this plugin, but it can be done in Subscriptio, our other product that offers the subscriptions, and by the way – it is fully integrated with this one (Membership), so you can create membership subscription products.


Hi, I want to sell digital courses… is posible to sell the same woocommerce item with a suscription and with a single sale? (different price). So you sell the item for 150$ but you offer a subscription for 15$ each month that gives you access to the item… so user can bought or simple get the subscription?


This plugin allows you to restrict access, but it won’t charge monthly payments. For that you’ll need our other product – Subscriptio. With both that setup should be possible. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Pre-sales question. I will be creating 3 membership levels and will be setting up annual cost to purchase. Am I able to collect funds using default WooCommerence payment options or am I required to purchase Subscriptio?

In reference to the above question. Will the membership automatically be disabled after the one year runs out?


Yes, membership will be automatically disabled after one year, but if you use Subscriptio, then it will just create renewal order for another year.


No updates? is this plugin abandoned?


Of course it’s not abandoned, next update will be available as soon as there are enough new features and/or fixes.

Is there some particular change that you’d like to see in the update?


since I am selling memberships I was deciding on Subscriptio or Memberships, and I guess this but since the function are similar, I thought you were abandoning this one…

Actually the functionality is not the same – Subscriptio is for recurring subscription payments, while Membership is for restricting access based on membership plans. Plus those two are integrated into each other – to be able to get all features at once.


Hello, I’m very interested in your plugin. My website will have classic woocommerce products, and also member-only content posts. I want to know if user will have all their informations in the same dashboard (products + membership management). Thank you. Caroline

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for reaching out!

There are shortcodes that you can place to display more information about content available for user and information about membership plans (and their expiration – if set).