Discussion on Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce

Discussion on Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce

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What is the difference between regular license and extended license? Kindly mention differences clearly between both licenses.

Hello there,

Greetings for the day !!!

Thanks for showing interest in our plugin -

As per your query please refer to the below link –

If you have any module related queries please reach out to us at



Does your woocommerce plugin provide – super admin, seller and buyer dashboards? In case it does, will each seller be able to login into their separate dashboard, upload their product details and sell these products on a separate sub domain/URL? Can these sellers also track their customers?

In case we purchase an extended license – can it be used on different URLs/domains? Will you provide installation support?

Look forward to your response.

Hello there,

Greetings for the day !!!

It is currently not possible with the use of this plugin you may kindly check the below-mentioned plugin -

If you have any other requirements or queries kindly please reach out to us at

So that your queries can be answered quickly.


Pre-Sale question, we use Listeo Theme as restaurant reservations, some restaurants need pre payment or deposit, we don’t split, but each restaurant would like to use their own Stripe account, will it allow us to add each restaurant Stripe, listeo using WooCommerce as well to manage the orders

Hi There,

Multivendor Stripe Plugin is an add-on to WooCommerce Marketplace Plugin. You have to install WooCommerce Marketplace for using this plugin.

This add-on splits the payment between seller and admin. Your requirement is a part of customization. You can share the flow of your requirement by creating a ticket from the link below:

You can also reach us at


hi! Does the plugin allow to dynamically switch Stripe accounts during checkout based on shipping address country? For example, for Germany and EU countries payment should go to one Stripe account and for non EU countries, it should be 2nd Stripe account. Thanks!

Hello there!

As per your requirements this can be implemented however, we request you to simply reach out to us at with your requirements.

We will check the feasibility of this also you may ask other queries to us as well.

We will be waiting for your response over our support.


does this plug in allows the admin to charge both the seller and buyer?

is the charge you’re using here separate charge and transfer?

Dear Customer

does this plug in allows the admin to charge both the seller and buyer? -> Using our plugin, the admin can only charge a commission on the purchase of a seller’s product.

is the charge you’re using here separate charge and transfer?

-> With the use of Stripe Separate Charge and Transfer API for Stripe Payment Gateway’ if this field is checked the amount will initially be added to the admin account.

Further, you can email us at with your complete requirements and we will get back to you accordingly.


Hi. Does this support Direct Charge, or Destination Charge, or both?

Hello There,

This plugin supports the Direct Charge APIs. You can also refer to the complete user guide as well.

Thank You

Hello… I need to divide the payment between (3 people) the seller (80% for person 1), me (10% for person 2) and my partner (10% for person 3). It’s possible?

Hi there,

Currently our plugin supports the split payment method between seller and admin. Other than this payment is not shared with any other user. Kindly elaborate further what role is your partner having in process.

You can directly email us at, with all details regarding your requirements so we can assist you faster and better.


Hi guys, congrats to the plugin. My questions upfront: 1) Does it work in combination with your other plugin for paypal marketplaces? 2) In your Demo, and your documentation I only see credit card payments. Is SEPA Payment possible as well, like in the normal stripe integration? Because we need it for our project.

Thanks in advance, Gerald

Hi there,

Can you please further elaborate on PayPal marketplace query. We can integrate the SEPA Payment in our multi vendor plugin but by the help of customization only.

For further detailed information and about customization, kindly email us at so we can assist you better and faster.


Okay, that is great. I mean, if it works in combination with the following plugin of yours:

We want to install both plugins and give the customer the option to choose between, paypal + credit card + sepa. We know, that the seller then have to connect with both services, but my question is, is it possible to install both of your plugins. Thanks

Hi there,

We are sorry but for some indefinite time we are keeping the WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Commerce on hold. But you can take a look at Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment Woocommerce solution of us.


Hello do you have another plugin that works with your Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin which allows the seller to enter only his bank details (iban or rib) without going through stripe?

Hi there,

Kindly further elaborate reagrding the payment method you want to associate with your multi vendor plugin.

Or ; you can email us at for faster and better responses.


Hi – I’m using the WCFM Marketplace to allow multiple vendors to sell their products via my website with me (admin) taking a % commission. Can I confirm that this plugin facilitates the payment so that it is split automatically straight into the separate accounts ie not all funds into the admin’s account for distribution/withdrawal later. Also does the vendor need to have a Stripe account or can they just have Direct Debit (ie BSB / Account)? TIA

Hi there,

In respect of the details you have provided to us, we would like to confirm that our Multi-Vendor Stripe Plugin works only with our multi-vendor marketplace plugin as because of compatibility.

Also regarding our plugin for multi-vendor stripe, we will like to tell you that the payment made by the customer will get split among the sellers and the admin.

The vendor needs to authorize their Payment Description Or Payment Id through the vendor panel& the funds will be transferred directly to their stripe account only.

In case you have any query or need to know further about the plugin, kindly email us at, So we can help you faster & better.


this plugin , it’s not ready for (SCA, Strong Customer Authentication) this is a serious problem for future payments for europe, I sent you an assistance ticket to resolve as soon as possible, I noticed that in your other plugins stripe for other platforms (eg magento prestashop …) you have already solved the problem!

Hello There, thanks for the contact. We have gone through the shared details over the ticket #139293 and will notify you accordingly over the ticket itself. If you are having any query, please get back to us over the ticket. Thanks

Hi, I want to whether it is possible to send payments to different Stripe accounts based on the order’s currency [assigned by GeoIP]. The USD funds should go to our Stripe USD account, and CAD should go to our Stripe CAD. The plugin should have ability to define separate API keys for each respective currency. Thanks, Amir

Hi Amir, right now the feature is not available in our Stripe plugin but we can check Stripe API for the required feature to customize the plugin as per your requirement. Please contact us at with your requirements so that our team can assist you accordingly. Thanks!

Hello, pre sale question. Does this plugin give me the possibility that vendors receive direclty the money from customers to their conto without passing first on my conto? I’m the shop Admin and i will be paid from vendors outside the shop. Thanks.

Hi There, you can check our Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin – Using the plugin the payment for an order directly split between admin and the seller on the basis of the commission set by the admin and the seller will get his payment directly to his account and the admin will get the commission directly to his account accordingly. If you have further queries or requirements then you can contact us at Thanks!

Hi, but I’m asking if it is possible to avoid direct payment for Admin from customers. I dont’ want that stripe payments splits between Admin and Vendor. I want that vendor receives directly all thier money on his conto from customers. I, as Admin, don’t want to receive money from customer. I will be paid from Vendors, outside the shop, using Bank transfer. I’m going to buy also “Marketplace Split Cart” plugin .Is it possible to use in this way Multivendor stripe plugin?

Hi There, so you can set the commission for the sellers as 0% so all the payment for the order will directly go to the seller account. If you have further queries or requirements then you can contact us at Thanks!

Hi, can my vendors offer recurring / subscriptions via the platform that would link to the stripe connect system?

Hi There, you can use our Multi Vendor Marketplace Membership Plugin – for your requirements and we can offer the recurring payment feature using our stripe plugin for your requirements. Please contact us at with your requirements so that the team can assist you accordingly. Thanks!

Hi, great looking plugin! would like to know if it can do the following: I want to accept a payment from customer on our website but transfer the payment to a third party so the charge comes from the third party. I know it’s possible with stripe just don’t know if this plugin can execute that. Thank you!

Hi There, this plugin is an add-on of WooCommerce Marketplace ( can be used with Marketplace only. Further, please share your requirements at so that we can assist you better on this. Thanks

Does this works with woo commerce and donations as well? also where can I send you pre sale question ?

Hi, the stripe connect plugin is an add-on to our marketplace plugin and will only work with our marketplace plugin only. As you have some pre-sale query then you can send us your queries at and our team will assist you accordingly. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for sending us the mail. Our team will now assist you over the mail accordingly. Thanks!

Unable to check back end of plugin how it works actually ?

Hi, currently we haven’t provided the access to the users to the admin end but we will update the demo to provide the user the access to the back-end so that you can check it accordingly. Thanks!

Hey will i work with multisite as we have multistore on multisite as in our agents are selling through our sub domain can we use this plugin to split money between him and us ?

Hi, This Item only works with Webkul’s WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace ( Hence the Marketplace Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin. And as now, it will not work for multisite. Further, please share your complete requirements at so that we can assist you better. Thanks

HI, do you know if you plugin can work in that case : I use a donate/crowdfunding plugin base on woocomerce but i need to use “managed/customs” stripe account, will it work with your plugin ? if yes, did i need to install aswell : WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin or it can work without only for the paiement gateway ?

Hi, I would like to inform you that this plugin is an add-on of WooCommerce Marketplace ( ) so Marketplace required to make use of this plugin. And it is used to split payment between admin and the seller. It will not work with a third-party module for split payment. Thanks.

Thanks for the fast reply, so the split payment won’t work (it’s fine i don’t need it), but will the gateway work with managed stripe wich use “Acct_number” to define account or we always have to use regular “connect” stripe button with standalone account. To explaine simple my only need is to use “custom” account with woocomerce for the payment (my 3rd plugin do not manage payment ), i don’t need to split or use different wordpress side vendor account.

Hi, please share your complete requirements at so that we can assist you accordingly. Because as of now, this plugin does not with third-party plugin. Thanks

Hi, I wanted to know if after the purchase, the payment is transferred directly to the stripe account of the seller or first to the stripe account of the admin and then the seller.

Is it also possible to transfer the entire sum to the seller, without any commission, for his products?

Can the admin account also be a seller of some products?

Thanks so much.

Hi, the payment directly gets split between the admin and the seller and both will get their payments transferred directly to their accounts. If you want to transfer the entire sum to the seller then you have to make the admin commission as 0% for the seller. Yes, the admin account can also be a seller of some products. For more information please contact us at Thanks

Hi, I just bought your 2 plugins on the Envato platform: • WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace • WooCommerce Marketplace Stripe Connect I was able to configure the plugins, but I’m stuck at the stage where the reseller needs to connect his Stripe account: What should we do when the following message appears ?

“To finish the process of getting an access_token for your user’s account, you’ll need to make one extra API request with the authorization code we passed back. In this case, the code is ac_XXXXXXX, taken directly from the GET parameters on the redirect.”

The version of Wordpress is 4.9.1 I also send you an email at Can you answser me? Thanks in advance.

Hi, we have reverted back to the email. Please let us know that you are receiving our messages now? Thanks

Yes I just received your email. I’m waiting for your return. Thank you

Hi, as there is no issue in the communication over the ticket system so please communicate over there if you have any query. We will reply over there. Thanks.


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