Discussion on WooCommerce Manufacturer Price

Discussion on WooCommerce Manufacturer Price

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Hi. Is it possible to display an icon with tooltip with some info before or after the msrp price? Thanks

It is not possible. Thanks.

Hello, is this module compatible with wpml?

Can you use shortcode to display the price on product page?, because its built with elementor.

@webstock Please respond, can you add the rrp price as short code on product page? because i use Elementor to build the product page.

It is not possible. Thanks.

Hi! In regard to quick editing products. After MSRP is added to a product, will the MSRP option be available in the “quick edit” menu? Can it display in the “products” admin table’s “price” column for cross reference, along side the “price” and “sale price” options. Thank you in advance! Scott

Please contact our support through the support tab if you need any help. Thanks.

The MSRP price is not displaying properly on my site and I was hoping you could help me. The color I have selected for the MSRP price is the same as what I selected for the MSRP label – but it is displaying as black. Also, the size should be the same for both. And the %Save is not displaying at all. The theme I am using is Shop Isle version 2.2.46 I would greatly appreciate it if you could offer some suggestions or anything!!

Please contact our support through the support tab so that our support can help you.



Can I Bulk import the MSRP prices into the products from a csv file and across Variable products ?


This kind of option isn’t available. Thanks.

Hi, my store has thousands of products. How do I update the MRSP price based off what the regular price is? Example a % markup global setting or even per category? Because It will take about 20 years to edit each product manually and enter a MsRP price for them. How can I achieve it?

Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

No problem, the instructions on how to add the php price multiplier in WP Import All is in their documentation with an example. I don’t know how to code but it works like a charm.

Thanks. Cheers.

Is your plugin compatible with Woocommerce 3.5?

We are yet to test it. But if you need the Plugin files for testing then you can contact our support using the support tab.


Hi I would like to know if it’s possible to get the MSRP price to show UNDER the normal price ?


Please contact us using the contact us section in the description page so that we can check it out.


I know you’ve answered that question before but do you intend on adding MSRP for certain user role. I have the same issue as the person who asked. I need to show MSRP only to registered wholesale customer not to general public

Please contact us using the contact us section in the description page with more details so that we can check it out.


Hi, I would like to know how to display pricing for variable products. I understand that pricing is only available at product level, but how do i get the plugin to show 2 prices ?

For Example:

Pricing Of Variable Product “X” Ranges From $2.25 – $5.00

MSRP Pricing is $3.00 – $6.00

I Have Tried To Input: $3.00 – $6.00 / 3.00 – 6.00 / & 3-6 & I’m still not seeing what should be displayed!

When I input the MSRP price, the plugin is only displaying $3.00.

How do i get the plugin to display the $3.00 – $6.00 MSRP price for product “X” ?

Also, how do i get a product to display a percentage saved ?

Thank You.

Please contact us using the link given in the contact us section so that we can check and let you know.


Hello, i want to know that is your plugin supported manufacturer price filter in widget? If not then can we able to do it? if yes then show me the demo.

This is not available. Thanks.

Is your live demo working? I can see only 1 price there…

Sorry, the Plugin was deactivated by mistake. Now we have activated it. You can check the live preview now.


Hi, I would like to know if MRSP prices are visible to users who are not registered because in my shop only registered users see the prices. And I would like MRSP prices to be visible to everyone.Thanks.

It is difficult to say without checking as we need to see how in your site the regular price is hidden. Please feel free to contact us using the contact us section in the description page if you need help.


hi, is it posible toshow only member see msrp price, i dont want to show all customers thnax

There is no such option. We will look into it in future if feasible.


Hi! Used a couple of free plugins that do the above but don’t look as good as yours. One thing though, does your plugin round off save percentage?

For example instead of saying ‘you save 20.03%’ would like it to round it off and say ‘you save 20%’ which is better.


Yes, there is round off settings with which you can do it. Thanks.

Hello, I have 2 pre-sales questions:

1. is this plugin compatible with upcoming WooCommerce 2.7/3.0?

2. can I choose to show the price including or excluding VAT?

3. can I set the MSRP price visible to certain user roles only? I’m building a closed B2B store and all pricing, ordering, ... is disabled. Only registered professionals can login and place orders. But we need to show them the MSRP/Suggested selling price INCLUDING VAT while they purchase the regular price EXCLUDING VAT and show them how much margin they can make if they sell at the MSRP price.

Thanks for your soonest reply.


1. Yes 2, 3 – Not possible


Is it possible to regular or MRSP once sale price has been entered?

Yes, it is possible to set MSRP when sale price is set.


Sorry, what I meant to ask, is it possible to hide MSRP or REGULAR price once sale price is set? As it looks too messy otherwise, and we want to have SALE badge once it’s released on sale but still show full % saving?

We just submitted the new version v2.0 where we added the option to hide MSRP when sale price is enabled. Hope it helps.


Does this plugin support variable ptofucts? Can I set manufacturer price gor each variation?

It works only at Product level for Variable products and not at variant level. Thanks.

Can i allso use this for calculate sale price like – 15% of manufacture price

No. It is for displaying the manufacturer price. Thanks.

I need to show price incl vat, but want to input excl how do i do that

Please contact us using the contact us section in the description page so that we can check it out.


Can the text be changed to: RRP Please advise?

We guess you are asking whether “MSRP” can be changed to anything else like “RRP”. Yes, the text is customizable. Please check the screenshots -> settings page.



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