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Hi. Image 6 shows the brand filter on the product page… can this be turned off?

I am wanting to creating a page with the brands on, and also a filter down the left hand side that can be selected, which we do already within WooC?



dear sir sorry for delay reply just create a new custom menu and copy the link from setting and paste it there if you cannot do this i can help you send me email my email address thanks..

this will be handy

good luck with sales

thank you so much

question b4 i buy, how does one add a product to a manufacturer? is it dynamic? meaning, does a check box option show up in the admin product page?

dear sir you will get all manufacturer list when u insert any new product then u will get the manufacturer list then assign any manufacturer for that product but before that u need to insert all manufacturer so knock me if u have any question thanks… my email address

Its really any e-commerce website professional manufacturer system and its easy so i can help you if you need thanks…

thank you, I will run it by the client, ill most likely pick this up :)


This plugins looks very promising. I have a few question tough:

1. I understand that Brand Filter is a widget, yes? 2. Is it possible to display an entire list of brands instead of having the alphabet filter? 3. Can the brand name be repositioned on single product page?

Thank you in advance. Kind regards

already there is list all brand list page with image i think you don’t see that please check our demo there is entire brand list and widget also both is there and i am sorry for late reply thanks..


I installed the plugin but I can’t find the settings or the list of manufacturers, nowhere in the admin panel. Any suggestions where to look?

dear sir i need to check that and i told you please send me ftp and admin details into my email address thanks..

i sent You an email yesterday and one more right now

dear sit i got it but yesterday u don’t send me access and interesting i don’t know your site URL also but right now i got all information and i will check it soon and send u mail thanks..

Hi, If I bulk upload thousands of products, will this set up the manufacturer/brand system on it’s own? So, if there are 5 Sanyo products, Sanyo will be under “S” and there will be 5 products displayed. Cheers, J

yes sir you right thanks… cheers…. oh if you need any other question contact with me my email address

Nice plugin but i need to translate it for my customer. It is breaking my css style…

dear sir you can change all text from plugin settings and i sent u special reply in ur email please check or i will do that for u no problem thanks…

Hi, is it possible to customize the plugin? I would like to add a text field besides the picture and the name. Thanks in advance

no sir u need little customization for that thanks so knock me my email address thanks and sorry for late reply…

Hi, is there a possibility to display all brand logos in a slider ex. on homepage? (I own few popular slider plugins – layer slider, revolution slider, soliloquy slider).

Dear sir no but i can do that for you but you need to give me small customization cost please contact with me my email address thanks…

In the description of the product can display the logo instead of the brand name?

Dear sir know if you want you can contact with me my email address

Hi, I have some problems.

1.) Settings do not work. I have change text but still seeing “Brand:” 2.) How to change display position in product page. because it seems top of product picture. 3.) All brands link do not work :(

send me admin panel access into my email address

Is it possible to add a description to the manufacturer? So you get a full manufacturer page with logo, name ,products, description?

Dear sir no but its great idea i will think to add this in my plugin thanks…

Hi, i got problem with producer list – it’s not using my theme – how i can move it to my theme so it use same styling? Example:

+ url with /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-brand-plugin/include/brand.php?&brand_id=4 looks bad – possible to change it to friendly urls?

send me admin panel access i will take care of it thanks :)


I’m looking for a woocomerce brand plugin. But, I want to list only showing products’ brands when I’m at product category page.

I mean that; I have three categories. Computers, Phones, Tablets.

Brands for Computers: HP, Dell, IBM Brands for Phones: Samsung, iPhone, HTC Brands for Tablets: Asus, iPad

And when I show Computers product category, I want to list only computers’ brands at sidebar.

Is it possible with this plugin.


dear sir no , but if you need small customization then i am ready to do that so please contact with me my email address thanks:)

Please answer me about this plugin. I also purchase by giving money (not for free). and you gave me old code which is not working.

From past 2 days asking you for latest code.

Hi, your demo is not showing! Is there a possiblity to add one manufacturer as bulk to several products or does one need to go through each product one by one?

- Anne

we have import module that price is 10 more USD and demo will be ok tomorrow thanks :)

Your test site shows : Error establishing a database connection Unable to test…...

yes we are shifting website thanks :)