Discussion on WooCommerce Lottery - WordPress Competitions and Lotteries, Lottery for WooCommerce

Discussion on WooCommerce Lottery - WordPress Competitions and Lotteries, Lottery for WooCommerce

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Hi, i have a client who has a site built and they have used your woocommerce lottery plugin,

They have soem concerns – People seem to be able to see there tickets numbers after clicking place order and keep refreshing, as client said they can see from the WP Aiudit Log what they are doing.

So i would like to know do you know or has any1 else reported this and if not, how are the Ticket numbers stored? browser cookies, storage engine, as i no the ticket numbers are reserverd for like 5 minutes.

And if you need the client to contact you who has a license thats okay i will do that i was just giving you a heads up because we need to find out how they are doing it because people are losing money :(



you will have to open ticket here for support.

Bit annoyed at the moment. I bought your plugin and it clearly states it has entry lists.

It turns out that I needed to also buy a £200+ add-on to get that feature. I bought that too.

I still don’t have entry lists…

How do I add entry lists?

All I want is a page that shows a list of the entries to a competition.

I’ve checked your docs, but they refer to woocommerce settings that are not there

Hi, entry lists are supported for WooCommerce Lottery. We provide support via our ticket system which is located at

Your own docs admit that you need to buy the £200+ add-on to get that feature to work – this is a scam

That is just not true.

Entry Lists are feature included in WooCommerce Lottery plugin.

Here are screenshots – single lottery entry list page

Entry List loop page –

As I said in email in case you don’t know how to setup Entry List you should open ticket and we would have to do it for you.


Hi. Pre-sales question, how is the winner chosen? Is it randomly?

One question, how do you change the BUTTON TEXT, I want to alter the wording which says “Participate now for” etc..

Please open ticket here

Hi. I have sent you a bug on the support ticket, please can you take a look ASAP, the buy it now button has disappeared on all live lotteries.

Hi, WooCommerce Lottery Pick Number is included? and customers who bought ticket, they have a ticket in their account after that?

Hello, please drop us email at

why, you cannot answer here?

[pre-sale question] Can I set the script to auto re-start a new lottery, when one is completed?

Hello, please drop us email at

Hello, I use FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce (former name is WOOCS) a WooCommerce multi currency switcher plugin. Does your plugin compatible please? Many Thanks //

Hello, yes it should work without problems but we have not tested it.


On the changelog it says “Add – tickets sold label above progress bar (or tickets available)”. Where is this option available?! Mine now just says Tickets available?

Also is there a way to change “weeks, days” etc to W, D, H etc


Thanks for the really quick reply. I think I know what you mean.



Sorry just looking again, unless I am missing where to change it, I didn’t mean the numbers themselves, I meant the labels?


Hi, please open ticket here

In looking at your Demo site products, how are users supposed to purchase a chance to win? I’m not seeing anything that will allow you to add to cart or purchase. Please explain how this works.


you went to entry list page where participants are listed. This is lottery page

Hi, I really like the concept of this plugin and am considering using it for various contest. Can we set it up to allow users to register for the contest and NOT charge them for participating and still have your plugin automatically choose a winner for the prizes we give away?

Hello, yes, it works with products priced $0

Great! Also, if we want to ask the users’ a set of questions as part of their participation process, where/how do we do that? And where does their information get stored?

Hi, please drop us email at


I would like to ask if your plugin would support the upcoming woocommerce High-Performance order storage (COT) feature.

see more at



“If plugins are interacting with order data via the WooCommerce-provided WC_Order class, then the transition should be seamless, and the data source in use should be transparent.”

Since we are interacting with orders via Woo classes and functions (WC_Order class) it should be transparent and working without issues as stated on their page.

Hello, does the plugin also support instant draw? i have seen many websites that have this instant draw feature – for example the system chooses 5 tickets to win instantly before the draw happens

Hello, please drop us email at

Does it work in a multisite environment?

Hello, no.

you can do it as custom work for me

Hi, plugin is not meant to be used like that.

Is it possible for the lottery to start again automatically after picking a winner?

Hello, yes, please open ticket for more details.

Hello, Greetings of the Day !!

We are working on a project to development a wordpress website related to ‘Car Service Booking’. For that we have already purchased and installed – WCFM( and WCFM Ultimate ( plugin.

Now we would like to know that this ‘RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin’ plugin will be compatible with our other plugins or not?

And also does this plugin will provide these features or not: 1. Adding bookable products from Admin and Vendor side both? 2. Calendar and Timepicker to select the time for appointment by frontend customer ? 3. And will this plugin effect the other products type we have in WCFM plugin ? If yes, then what are the effects ?

Hi, seems that you posted comment to wrong plugin comment’s section.

can we generate tickets for users? i would like to provide a “coupon” which they can exchange for tickets in a rafle

Hi, please drop us email at


allows to choose a winner manually or is it always automatic?

Hi, automatic.

hey just bought it and am having issues logging in to get support on the ticketing site. It says my account is not registered on this site. If you are unsure of your username, try your email address instead neither work.

Hi, please drop us email at and we will check this issue.

Take a look at this use case.

A user purchae a ticket and we ask them a question. Their answer to that question is their entry into the lottery.

We select 3 random answers to win 3 random prizes.

Do we need the $250 addon to achieve this goal?

Hello, please drop us email at

Hi. in our use case, we want everybody to pick their raffle number.. like 7 random numbers, then they pay for the ticket, then their numbers will go into the monthly prize draw. One or couple of the ticket numbers will be selected at random in a specify day. Their will be 3 prizes or more to be won and each of the winning tickets will be randomly associated with a prize.

Also, we want to offer some people promo code to enter the raffle, in which case they wont have to pay any fees.

I have confused with your setup. Please explain if that is possible.

Hello, can you please drop us email at


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