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ddr6022 Purchased

Hi every time I try to purchase the last ticket I get an error message

Sorry, we do not have enough “item name” in stock to fulfill your order right now. Please try again in 60 minutes or edit your cart and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Could you help me fix it?

Hi, you need to set min and max lottery tickets, check this https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-lottery/documentation/#setup

Hi the plugin has been working great! I just realized that from the display winners code, the date and time displayed will be incorrect for lotteries that reached max. tickets and finished early.

Hi, we’re not sure what exactly is the problem

Привет еще раз, тот же вопрос что и в предыдущем плагине, совместим ли с WC Vendors?

It should work, yes. But we would recommend Product Vendors.

I want to purchase this plugin but i have few questions. 1) Can i manually choose the winner? and if yes how? 2) Which themes are compatible with this plugin?

Our plugin works with all payment gateways compatible with WooCommerce.

1) Can we change the currency of product from $ (Dollar) to Rs (Indian Rupees) ? 2) Is this plugin compatible with SUMO Affiliates – WooCommerce Affiliate System https://codecanyon.net/item/sumo-affiliates-woocommerce-affiliate-system/18273930

1. yes

2. we never tested it with SUMO but I think it should work, yes

We have new ticketing support system https://support.wpgenie.org/ hopefully will enable us to provide better and faster support for all our clients. System is SSL enabled and you can send us safely sensitive info.

This is now default way to get support for all our items. You will need to have valid item purchase and “supported” badge to access it.


Is there any option to show that “This game is provably fair.”


Hello, no, there is no such option.

Ok. Anything we can do to proof that we are not influencing with the lottery result?

Not really. You can get someone to audit your website code independently.

We have introduced ticket system https://support.wpgenie.org/ which requires valid support for item (you need to have green SUPPORTED badge). We just can’t support indefinitely users with one time purchase.

Note that users without support can download all new updates.

We want to buy your plugin.
Can we develop a website like below using your plugin -
* Please login above website and test the system. Then give answer.

Hello, yes you can create site like that.

The ’ My Accounts’ Page is clashing with my theme, however all other pages appear to work, it removes the page footer and just shows a blank page.

Please open ticket on https://support.wpgenie.org/ and send us your website info and logins.

Hi. I love your plugin, but I have a question to ask you about it.

In Spain we have draws of national lottery at different times of the year and it is usual to award the ticket that matches the numbers of the highest prize of these drawings.

With your plugin can I generate a raffle and manually define the winning ticket number? So I would buy your plugin and could do a typical Christmas draw on my web.

Hello, ticket number is order number and you can’t manually define winning number.

Oh. And you could not incorporate this functionality to your plugin?

No, sorry.

Hi, Ajax product adding is not working. Why ?

Hm, everything works fine for me. Try refreshing CTRL+F5

it is wrong .Use another pc. And solve ASAP.

I have just logged in and it works fine. Don’t know how can we solve something we can’t reproduce.

hi team, im very interested with your plugin but with question below.

1. my lucky draw concept is to upload the current list i have to the particular give away product and i dont need any payment or login required, as im using my own imported list to participate. Once the time ended, it will random pick from the list imported, is this doable?

the entire process would be: counting down > time end > visitor to refresh the browser or auto refresh > result out

2. If the site is with bi-lingual, English and Chinese, is the plugin ok with it that?

Thank you for your support.


1. no, you need some custom solution for that, our plugin is not suitable

2. plugin supports translations, so that’s not a problem


Assuming the lottery has failed due to never meet minimum tickets:

1) can the lottery relisted with the previous players 2) how the tickets refunded, as credit in store or PayPal refund in case we use PayPal as our payment gateway.



1. no, you can only relist it to start from scratch, without any players

2. via order management in WooCommerce, payment gateway has to support refunds, PayPal GW supports that

Do you have this script in other open source ecommerce platform such as PrestaShop? Doesn’t familiar with wordpress woocommerce DB structure and framework for customization.

No, only for WordPress + WooCommerce.

This plugin is not working with accesspress free ecommerce themes so let me know the themes on which this plugin works (free themes)

Storefront theme is great.

We have replied to ticket. No need to contact us via comment section if you have opened ticket.

Hello, I really like the plugin but due to my region it is very difficult to buy in the future. I have a prepaid card that has USD 22.83 your plugin costs $ 21 the paypal fee $ 2 = $ 23

Can not you just leave it for $ 20 so I can buy it? Sorry about my English.

Sorry, but that’s not possible.

Hello, I like your plugin and it has all the needed features, But I need something like this, when a user need to enter the lottery they need to answer the question as well. then only they can enter to the lottery, how can I do this

Hi, this is something you would have to code yourself as a modification.