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Hello there , Can i know how can we show count down timer on shop page / category page ???

Hi, you need to open ticket https://support.wpgenie.org/ or alternatively check documentation.

Does the refund button work with any account funds plugin? I would like to refund they money they spent with account balance.

If that possible, with which plugin does it work?

Thank you.

If that plugin supports refund action then yes. We have not test plugins for that, so I can’t recommend any.

Hello There,

When set up on my website this plugin does not pick more than one winner even when number of winners is set to 2?

Seems like we have a bug. We’ll issue update asap.

Do you have a rough ETA for this, I need it up and running by the weekend?

I’m just submitting update. If you need it urgently open ticket here https://support.wpgenie.org/

Hi, on your demo there is the option to select the number of tickets to purchase (quantity selector), however I cannot see that on my page…

Also is there an option to extend a lottery if the minimum number of tickets is not sold.

Hi, please open support ticket here https://support.wpgenie.org/

Is it possible to change the “sorry you just be logged in to participate in lottery” lottery work to ‘this competition” ?

Yes, please read documentation part abou translating plugin. It can be done via translation file.

Sorry, you must be logged in to participate in lottery. im getting this error and i have already enable guest checkout


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What is “cron job” exactly and what is it related to WP lottery? My hosting is godaddy, is it O.K?


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Thanks for your reply. “You can’t have consistent end times” means that I can’t extend the end times for a lottery after first-setting of end times?


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Thanks for your reply. “You can’t have consistent end times” means that I can’t extend the end times for a lottery after first-setting of end times?

No, sometimes lottery will not end on defined timestamp and some users will not get email notifications.


I bought the plugin.

I can not translate in any way, I already did everything.

Help please.

Thank you!

Hello, thanks for the support, the translation worked.

Now I have another problem.

When the wc-lottery plugin is enabled, I click on finalize purchase on woocommerce and this error appears: Internal Server Error.

I disable wc-lottery and error disappears.

What can it be?


Hi, please open ticket here https://support.wpgenie.org/



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Dear every one gives the discount on their product why you don’t give us a discount in these days??? Black Friday??? some buddies give till 28 Nov


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Also, tell me did your plugin work with electro theme in WordPress??? https://demo2.chethemes.com/electro/

We do not comment our pricing, sorry.


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do you have a login to demo version ???

Just register and login, we do not provide admin login for demo. You can see backend by clicking on Item details-> Screenshots button.

The lottery after the finish, It displays “Winner will be declared shortly” but doesn’t show the winners. also, a warning appears:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() : plugins\woocommerce-lottery\includes\class-wc-product-lottery.php on line 277

Hi, in order to get support purchase licence and open ticket here https://support.wpgenie.org

Please can ethereum be integrated to this?

If there is payment gateway for it in WooCommerce then yes.