Discussion on WooCommerce Lottery - WordPress Competitions and Lotteries, Lottery for WooCommerce

Discussion on WooCommerce Lottery - WordPress Competitions and Lotteries, Lottery for WooCommerce

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Hi, can you confirm if the history tab (shown at the bottom here) could include the order ID??

Also is there a shortcode that will display all the entries with date, name & order ID

Thank you

Hi, it can, but that has to be custom coded. There is no such shortcode, that would also have to be custom coded.

So if we buy the plugin, you can help with custom code for both??

Please contact us via

Before purchasing this plugin, I contacted the developer via email and asked a specific pre-sales question, namely (and I quote): “In Admin, is it possible to see a list of ticket numbers which have been sold to each entrant and are these automatically emailed to the entrants when they purchase tickets?”, to which the answer was (and again, I quote): “Hello, yes, that is possible.” – and so I went ahead and bought the plugin, along with 12 months support. However, on installing the plugin and creating a “test lottery”, I could not determine how this could be achieved, so I again contacted the developer (via email) and asked how to do this. The response was a request to submit my query via the online support, which I duly did – only to be told that I would need to pay another $250 to get this functionality (by buying another plugin)! At no time during any of the emails sent back and forwards was this additional expense mentioned, only after I had already paid for the plugin I had been told would achieve this. In my world we call this a “con-job”! Does the plugin work? It seems to. Does it do what I was told it would? Absolutely not!! Will I ever buy from this developer again? Not a hope! Do I feel cheated? Yes. Would I recommend you buy this plugin? If you can find anything else that does what you need it to do – without having to pay another $250 to make it work – buy that instead! ...and yes, I know the plugin was only $20-something but that is not the point!


as explained in feature list and documentation this is additional extension for our plugin and was not marketed falsely but was explained in detail, additional purchase add on is mentioned on plugin profile page, documentation and on demo website. We created that addon in cooperation with 3rd party and that is why it is sold outside of CodeCanyon and has price like you can see our shop page (among other reasons for that pricing is unlimited updates and support).

I don not understand how do you feel cheated since we added explanation in all possible places explaning what does what. In your email you asked:

“In Admin, is it possible to see a list of ticket numbers which have been sold to each entrant and are these automatically emailed to the entrants when they purchase tickets?”

And answer to that question is: “yes, it is possible”.


I’m about to buy this plugin and your add-on extension. i have one doubt. in the admin screenshot

i can see a option ticked “Pick winners manually when lottery has finished”

can you tell me how to choose the winner ?. do i get a search box with searching ticket numers or participant names ?

Hi, please drop us email at

Hello! im interested on this script but i have some presale questions.

1. When a customer chooses and buys a number, can we automatically assign him other numbers as a gift?

2. Currently I use PayPal as a payment method, but I also need to be able to received transfers a the payment when they pay their number, how does the plugin behave when the payment is not immediate? I need the selected numbers with this method to be blocked for a while.

On point #1, or maybe force them to pick 5 numbers before they checkout??


1. no, not possible automatically, only if you provide them coupon code

2. yes, numbers can be blocked / reserved for defined period of time


HI, Is it possible to set up a lottery product so vendors can sell tickets as per the below use case. Discounts based on quantity of tickets i.e.: 1 ticket for $5 2 tickets for $7 3 tickets for $10

Hello, Woo Lottery does not implement discounts, but this can be achieved using our other plugin called Simple bulk discounts.

Thanks – i have installed this however it doesnt appear that these options are showing when using Dokan. Is this possible? Thanks

Hi, you need to purchase plugin and open ticket here

I agree with some of the other customers – You are hiding follow up charges. You state your your plugin works with woocommerce, but the truth is that this is working with Dokan (vendor wise) – and only if you buy integration tool sold other place than here, with ref link to Dokan subscription.

It’s very smart – but is it a fair sale?

You are showing the full version, and not doing any effort in telling about the $200 addon sold other place than here!

I don’t understand – you have a good product and if you feel it’s more worth than what you are charging and you need to make these tricks to get the price you deserve – It’s sad, because it is actually good software – the really bad thing is Dokan which is obligated if you want vendor functionality – an extra bill of $147 per year with hidden author ref link..

Bad Bill Gates style


yes, in order to work with Dokan our plugin needs Dokan integration which works with Dokan Free (but I don’t see why you would not want to purchase Dokan, and yes we do use referal links – is that bad?).

Ssince all of mentioned plugins are used in commercial projects which should earn money to their owners I guess you can pay for allready developed plugins which help faster delivery and development or you can alternatively invest some time or / and money into developing your own solution. There are choices.


HI, I have integrated this plugin with wcfm as it is a compatible plugin as per are some gaps whereby the report function and the WooCommerce Lottery Pick Number functionality is not appearing on the vendor dashboard.

Can you please assist?

Thanks Andrew

Hi, you will need to open support ticket.

Dear Support Before I buy this Plugin

Can I create a lottery that includes a group of products? When buying a product, the user enters the lottery



you can define lottery which when purchased user get product and automatically is in draw. There is no option to define group of products.

Can I select a category, when buying any product from it, the user enters the draw?

Hi, no

dbrad Purchased

There is no doubt… This cheap plugin is a hook to get you to purchase the extension at €250… It has difficulty with woocommerce …

After paying the extra €250 it had to be abandoned after they said my woocommerce had not the correct hooks due to my having a “Custom Built Site” For the record, my site is a 100% fully functioning WordPress site built with one of the best themes sold here on CodeCanyon (The7 Theme) And they call themselves developers?... Of course this has to be put down to an excuse otherwise am I to believe they did not check the theme?... I’m not a developer but I can tell a custom theme from a wordpress theme!! Obviously this is an excuse to an underdeveloped plugin or these guys are chancers in using people as guinnea pigs for further development… “Custom Site????

They could not distuingish between a wordpress site and a custom built site! When I stated this as an argument, instead of offering support they offered a refund!...

So for me this was a big waste of time and despite being good enough in paying the extra €250 so as to give them the benefit of the doubt to come across with with the basics in setting this up… I met with zero support… Yes! They were quick in response but no backup other than to say “Yes that’s possible” Yes, This can be achieved” But they did not offer assistance! this is after paying €250 on the above plugin!!!

It is laughable to say the least, how these guys offer a plugin for a little more than €20 which is of no use unless you purchase the extension! In the above plugin we read through the specifications and options which is attached to this €20 plugin!... This should not be the case as this is extremely misleading!! A complaint ought to be filed to Envato regarding this!!

They should advertise this plugin as a complete sale!... However, if they had the decency to back up their product id say fair enough as I had given them that option, whereas instead they make poor excuses…


2. The biggest joke I came across was their excuse on my site being “Custom Built” therefore their plugin would not work… As stated above, my site is Wordpress built with “The7 Theme”

My advice is not to fall for this trap, however I will give the genie in the bottle this… Their plugin has good potential should they make the effort in sharing and offering essential assistance … After paying the overall €270 Its quite obvious they want more for development but they are reluctant in offering this much needed assistance…

In regards to this €20 plugin being of little or no use without the other part, as it does not even offer a basic TICKET feature… So how are we to use it unless we have both parts?...

dbrad Purchased

I take back what I said… After reading your documentation it is fair… I guess I was annoyed because you said my site had been custom built… To conclude… This plugin has excellent potential… I would have liken it to work on my site..

Hi, you can open ticket and we will check if we can do something.

dbrad Purchased

Really?... I’d feel so bad after being so unkind…

If a site offers a free entry via post or website, is there a way I can ‘manually allocate’ a ticket number to those users by creating an order and adding the number. I ask as I have the pick a number plugin and lottery plugin already. At the moment when I manually create an order it does not allocate a ticket number. I would be happy with an automatically generated ticket number

Hi, please open ticket here

I just bought the main plugin with Pick numbers, so hopefully get great support and the gamble will pay off.

Can i just ask where this go please, I would love to be able to show finishing time ect on the products on other pages as opposed to just the main product page.

Like the big auctions sites do

What file do this go in please…....

How can I add countdown timer / counter on all pages not only on single product page? – You can use code here or the code below: add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title’, ‘wpgenie_show_counter_in_loop’, 50 );

function wpgenie_show_counter_in_loop(){ }

global $product;
$time = '';
if(!isset ($product))
if('lottery' != $product->get_type())
$timetext = __('Time left', 'wc_lottery');
    $timetext = __('Starting in', 'wc_lottery');
    $counter_time = $product->get_seconds_to_lottery();
} else{
    $counter_time = $product->get_seconds_remaining();
$time = ''.$timetext.'
    $time = ''.__('Lottery finished','wc_lottery').'';
echo $time;

As I mentioned above, I bought the extension, I think it’s very very good, but 100% need to be able to show how many tickets bought, when ending ect on main home pages for products, it’s so important.

I attached a couple of images, surely something like this can be done? It would make the plugin awesome. I seen lots showing similar stuff on YouTube and other companies, can it be done?

Please see screenshots.

Please open ticket here

Pre sale questions, how does manually picking a winner work? I want to do the draw live on facebook so do I then just select the winner in the cms once i’ve picked a winner? Also can I set competitions to run until all tickets are sold or are they timeline based?


1. lottery ends and you have a list of numbers, say you sold tickets from 1 to 1000

2. you generate random number from 1 to 1000 on 3rd party service like

3. after lottery ends users will see “we are picking winners text” and then you enter winning number in input field in backend and then winner info is displayed in frontend

4. yes, you can set to finish lottery once all tickets are sold, however end time must be set


dbrad Purchased


I have just purchased this plugin. How is the lottery winner announced? How to select a winner randomly?

Hi, please open ticket here

I am a little bummed because my first lottery just finished and it took so long that my support has ended. The problem is that i am using the winner short codes (show lottery winners – [lotteries_winners], [lotteries_winners per_page=”12” order=”desc”]), and I can see the short codes work on the edit page. But on the website page that everyone else see it only says “There are no lottery winners right now.” And i have hooked off the choice woocommerce<settings<lottery<Show finished lotteries. And yet it wont show the winner list. Yes my support time has ended but I never needed support until now as the lottery took so long to finish and as I paid for the premium version, I feel I do deserve some support.

Please mail us at


verq1 Purchased


Is there a way to translate the plugin? I mean what is shown on the lottery page for the customers


Hi, yes, check FAQ item no 17

For support please open ticket here

Hello wpgenie,

I found your Plugin on CodeCayon and got to realize that there’s another Main plugin to this one sold here. Thus, for the project I want to work on; here are my presale question before taking any step going forward:

1. My client wants to run a Lottery platform where entrants will pick a number(s) on the platform to play by paying for in order enter competition to win a house. Is this possible with your plugin?

2. When an entrant picks a number on the platform, pay for it. We want to have the ticket printed out and sent to the entrant’s email. Is this also possible and achievable?

3. Also, when an entrant picks a number(s), pay for it(them); that number(s) automatically should go off the Lottery competition board, because there’s gong to be one winner. Is this achievable with your plugin?

4. In a Lottery Competition, can there be more than one winner with same method of applying in number 3 above be implemented also. Is this possible with your plugin?

5. My client wants to, if it turns out to be; run and sell an offline tickets too. And have it incorporated with the online tickets. In other words, they would want to pull every sold ticket online, print them and do an offline draw to get the winner(s). Is it possible have all the tickets printed out?

6. Is a single user platform and we do not need Dokan Multivendor. Hope we are not enforce to use Dokan in order to have your plugin working after installing WooCommerce?

7. Trust any Theme with Elementor page builder will work for us. Or is there any specific theme for your plugin to work?

8. Lastly, with all the listed questions above, do I just need to purchase this plugin sold here on CodeCayon or I also need the other $250 plugin you’re selling on your platform to achieve all of what I have asked above?

I await your response soonest.

Kind regards

Hi, please mail us to


alig_c Purchased

Hi, may I request a feature to your plugin?

A page or section under your account that shows a user which active lotteries/competitions they have entered and their ticket numbers? Instead of going into the recent orders?


that can be accomplished by creating page with shortcode [my_lotteries] and link it to My Account WooCommerce menu.



alig_c Purchased

It is close but it doesn’t show your ticket numbers… It only shows a view as if they were viewing a product page but filtered by one’s they have tickets for…

Is there no way to list active ticket numbers?

Hi, please contact us via

Hi there… great plugin – the “Please answer the question” panel pops up and is too large for mobile screens – is there a way of reducing it?

Hi, replied to your ticket. Comments are not meant to be used for support requests.

Hi There, pre sales question. Are there any wordpress themes available with this plugin already installed?

Hi, I have no idea, we do not have such theme. But any Woo compatible there is fine, you just need to upload and activate plugin and everything should just work.