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Hi guys,

Loving the plugin, great work!

Couple of question regarding some customization, hope you can help.

1) Is there a way to set min and max tickets to be the same value?

2) I’m looking to create a frontend lottery adding form, so that the users could add their own. Is it possible with the current plugin, if not, do you have any tutorial available how to make it possible?

3) Is there a way to get the timer etc. data to shop and other views under the product thumbnail?

Thanks, Birk


1. you can set that now but it doesn’t make a lot of sense

2. you will need 3rd party plugin for marketplace like product vendors, there is no tutorial you will have to do it yourself or find someone to do it for you

3. check FAQ item no 12 https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-lottery/documentation/#faq


1. I would like to set up lotteries where the lottery value ticket sale value is the same as the products. So there won’t be a min and max tickets but just required amount of tickets. Thanks for that, I was expecting that the validation will stop me from doing so.

2. I managed to create it myself, but thanks for the suggestions.

3. Thank you very much for this one :)

Hi! There is a widget for featured lotteries but … How do I specify that a product lottery is featured ? I don’t see this options … Tks

Hello, just like with other products, you click on star in product list.

Ok … I did it but I don’t see product in the featured lotteries widget :( Please check your mail ;) Tks

Hi, looks like a bug in lottery plugin (and in group buy). We will sort this soon and issue update.

Hi! Is it possible to use shortcode with php ? <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[my_lotteries]’); ?> doesn’t work :(

Hello, just tested this and it works fine. Just make sure you use single apostrophe U+0027 ' instead of ‘ and ’ so it should be <?php echo do_shortcode( '[my_lotteries]' ); ?>

Ok thank you work fine, Check your mail please, Waiting for your answers ;)


kulaaa Purchased

Hey, If the timer is not being shown on product page but only on the product itself, it means that the plugin is not really good compatible with the theme right?


kulaaa Purchased

hey, ok thank you. What is the modification I put to my functions.php?

Please check FAQ in documentation, code is there.


kulaaa Purchased

ok perfect. Thank you very much.

Hi, I’m interested in the plugin.

Is it possible for me to define ticket numbers? Example: 00 to 100 – 000 to 999 – 0000 to 9999 - This way I can use an external lottery result and become more transparent. That way I type the winning ticket based on the external lottery and not be automatic. If you have this function or want to deploy it I want to know.

Thank you!

Hi, no that is not possible.

Hi, will this plugin let me do this, set the number of tickets to a set value, say 59, then if someone wants to purchase a ticket, they can choose the number they want (between 1 and 59) unless it has already been taken, then i can use the lucky or bonus ball number from the main lottery on tv to pick the winner, totally transparent (not sure if this was the last question)? Thanks… :-)

Hello, no, plugin does not get any number, but you can use user ID for that. Anyway you would have to do some custom coding to implement feature like that.

thanks for the reply… :-)

Since updating woocommerce, shortcode for lotteries ending soonest not displaying anything

I’ve sent an email with login details, thanks

Thanks for the help

I’ve checked your site, replied to email. Nothing problematic there, just added couple of lotteries and everything worked just fine.

Hello, may I view the front-end and admin demo account please?

Hi, we do not give admin access. Frontend demo is here https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-lottery/


kjcheon Purchased

Hello, anyway for me to define the winner number for the product not with system random?

Hi, no

Hi there,

I just bought the plugin and it is really good.

What i have not yet understood if this plugin gives a ticket number, a downloadable ticket or anything that the person who pays can have as a reference?

Or is it just for adding the number of tickets, dates of the raffle etc.

If this is just what the plugin offers it would be really good to also give a type of receipt with the number of the ticket #1 or #2-4 tickets etc.

Thanks in advance!

I have translated all the words from Lottery to Event in the file but still those particular strings are not translated. Are they maybe in another location?

Thank you in advance!


Np ;)


I have some issues:

1. I created a page with the shortcode [my-lotteries] but altough i am participating on a lottery and also won one on the account it only displays:

Active Lottery

You are not participating in lottery.

Won lotteries

You did not win any lotteries yet.

2. Question: what exactly should Loterry history display? only when it starts and who won or it can display something else?



we found bug in lottery that might cause this. We will soon submit update. You can contact us via Envato contact form to get latest ver asap.


btipper Purchased

If a person buys multiple tickets, how do I prevent multiple emails “Better luck next time”? I just did a test, and the same person received 100 emails because they bought 100 tickets.

Can you please mail us your wp-admin url, administrator login and FTP login so we can check this?

Was a bug, you can contact us via email to get latest version until it’s approved on Envato.

Hello, questions: 1) it’s possible buy ticket with paypal, example 10 ticket for 10€, and then use these ticket for lottery prize? so in case people don’t need to pay for every single prize 2) it’s possible buy a ticket number instead of a random ticket? example 100 ticket avalaible and people can buy number 23.


1. yes 2. no

How to earn a percentage of the ticket amount?

Can I manually set the winner?

I want to sell an ebook and who can buy the number, possible?

No, you can’t manually set winner.

I want to see how the plugin works after participating, but ask LOGIN .. could you pass me?

You need to sign up and register as user.

Hi, can this plugin generate a lucky number for each ticket, and send to customer in email?

Hello, no that is not possible. Only if you send order ID however winner will be picked by username.

Can you help to customize?

No, sorry.

Hi, I’m interesseted in your plugin. Is it possible, that only winners have to pay? I want to setup an event-ticket lottery because the demand for our events is much higher than our offer we can provide. Therefore I want to raffle the available tickets.

Cheers, Mario


no, that’s not possible, because you need to complete order to participate in lottery. Maybe you need group buy plugin?

I wrote a plugin by myself and do the raffle in a separate way.

Can the price be zero? If I just want to attract audience and the payment could force the user to enjoy and share.


I want to install in wordpress but did not see anywhere in the files that I download the zip file that I should upload in worprees can help me

Hi, just read installation instructions here https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-lottery/documentation/