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Great Code , and Awesome Idea . You are always the best .

Thanks Gema , its always a pleasure to make clients happy. Regards

Hi albdesign,

Yes, very good idea. #Bookmarked.

Hi BrandDedication

thanks for the good words. Looking forward to have you as a client :)


hi can this show the users town also

just the town and what they bought

Hi Will

i think you`re talking about the “Woocommerce sales map”

Anyway , we thought to be more specific with the addresses , before we released the plugin, but after discussion we reached in conclusion that its too much privacy issues.

Long story , “city” level of detail is the maximum info that the current version provides .

Should we received more request to be more specific we will add that too


so this one will output the city, i think i will be buying both but i wanted to see if this one would output the town or city

Hi Will

the “Woocommerce live sales notification” will only show the sales as they come in ( as items are being sold)

the “Woocommerce sales map” is the one with Google map that shows where the sales are made . With this one you can specify the city or the states .

Have a look at respective documentation for more info and let me know if you have any other question

Also don’t forget to rate both plugins



This live sales notification works with Ajax or need to reload to see the latest sales. if not Ajax how live sales notification possible?

and one more question if two customers buy the same product it will be listed two times, i think i am clear?


Hi Its ajax based so no need to refresh the page. Look at the demo url and you will see the sales with no need to refresh the page

The updates arr based on the order id so even if two customers buys the same product , the order id will be different and it will show on the listing

Let me know if you have more questions


Thanks ThemeRox :)

Good job! Best of luck :)

Thanks Diank :)

I’M sorry, I bought your other plugin ;-)

Great plugin. Just bought it, what is the short code for this plugin.”Woocommerce live sales notification”

Hi, I purchased this plugin and installed it as written in the documentation. It does not work. Am I missing something. Please have a look at the top left corner of the website.


Is there new update for this one?


Hello Kmtagt . Sorry for late response . Can you clarify your question ? Thanks


I am interested in buying this plugin but just to clarify – does it only show a notification if someone is on the website at the same time as someone else who has just made a purchase?

Or will the notifications of purchases made in the past come up?


it will show the latest orders received be it live or past orders. Let us know if you still have questions


Hi I have just installed it, and it’s not showing any of the past orders. Is there something I have to do?

Contat us via email at and send WP infos so we can check

Hello, just bought and installed this plugin but it seems it’s not displaying any order details. Infact, I just bought a product from the website but it’s not been shown on the widget. Can you please help?

Hi Louise Send me an email at with your WP user/pass so i can check Regards

Thinking of buying this plugin, but want one that will say “user in “x town” purchased y product.” From the comments it seems that your other plugin shows the town but this one does not output the town? Is that something you would consider adding in?

Hi Arianafalerni

Technically is doable but its a custom coding so i would suggest asking for orionk at this link since he has done many customizations.


Albdesign, quick question will this/can this show the customer’s first name, similar to the Shopify app: Thanks in advance.

Hello It doesnt shows the name . Its possible to show the name but it needs custom coding/programming.

If you cant do that yourself maybe ask for Orionk at since he has done many customizations to my plugin and he might be able to customize this plugin as you as requesting


does this only works with woocommerce? I am using a plugin by alidropship. its not as yet compatible with woocommerce. can i not show how long ago person bought the product and just have that person just bough xxx product? can it also rotate old orders when i dont have any new orders?


This only works for woocommerce


I would like to know if there is an admin side of this where you can see what links were clicked the most and whether they resulted in a sale?

Hello , no there isnt . Regards