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I’ve got a further issue, the ‘Limit amount product can order’ doesn’t work, when i set it to 10 then add more items it still lets the order go through.

I’m finding this plugin far to buggy for use in a live envirnmonent, please can you issue a refund as soon as possible.


Hi Mate,

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Can I set the limit for an individual user.



Thanks for interesting the plugin. Relate to your question, Yes, you can set limit order rule for individual user.

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Hi. Need to limit, per registered users, max buying of 2 units of same product per 3 month period. Is it possible with your plugin?


The plugin only limit by quantity of product on per order. It does not support limit by unit. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for this awesome plugin.

I’d like to limit each members (my customers are only members, no visitor) to be able to order a specific product 3 times per year or 3 of this specific product in a single order per year. I haven’t success to set this. Is it possible ?

Thanks for the time you will take to answer me.


We’re very happy when hear that. Thanks a lot. Relate to your question you can use setting ‘Limit Total Amount Product Can Purchase Across all Orders’ in limit order product to specific the products what will be applied limit rules then you can specific the date range will apply the limit rule in advance settings. Please let me know if you meet any problem.

Hope that helps Best Regards.

It’s pretty closed to what i would but it’s limit total amount for all customers (across all orders) and not per customers. I’d like to sell 3 products of a category per customer per year. Customer can by it in 1, 2 or 3 orders if he wants. I have tried a lot of settings but none answers exactly. Is it possible to be refunded ? It looks your plugin, as good as he is, doesn’t meet my expectations.

Thanks a lot for all your work.


I’m sorry about that. Please send the refund request.

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Is there a way to limit the total purchased items for a product from all orders in a way that is based on the membership level? I’m using the membership plugin, and would like to sell premium memberships that increase your purchase limit.


To apply limit product rules for membership you can use ‘Limit Product Category’, we described the settings for this feature in plugin’s documentation: Please take a look.

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bkheld Purchased

Need to get the “Limit total quantity product can purchase” to work for product variations, but it is triggering this error on the parent product. How to modify this to track against variations (note each variation has an individual SKU).

I want to give away free stickers but only 100 stickers per day. Can I use this to limit 1 “purchase” per customer and also limit total purchases to 100 per day?


I have a client who owns a radio station. They sell their listeners discount coupons that are provided by local businesses. These businesses are provided advertising spots on my client’s radio station in exchange for the discount coupons. My client then sells the coupons to get their money for the advertising.

They need to restrict the purchase of a discount coupon for each buyer to once every so many days; such as 30, 45, 60, 90 etc, depending on the discount coupon being offered. (They don’t want too frequent use of the coupons.)

Will this plugin be able to apply such a restriction or can it be modified to do so?

Thanks, Mike


The plugin does not have full features to match with your requires at the moment. But we can make a custom version to add more features that can generate limit rules match your requires. Please contact us via email: to discuss more detail.

Thanks and Best Regards.


1. does your plugin works with the newest wp version? Is there an update upcoming?

2. I need a plugin that does the following:

• Limit the number of orders per user, time-based.
A student (customer) can only buy 1 workshop (product) in 3 or 6 months. For instance: after student A bought workshop X. The next time he can purchase a workshop again is in 6 months.

Would that be possible with your plugin?

Hi, we want to purchase your plugin “Woocommerce Order Limit” but would like to know if we are allowed to change the background color of the message. We feel red is a little too aggressive.

Thank you,


Thanks for interesting the plugin. Unfortunately, it does not have option to change background color of the message now. But you can custom CSS feature from theme to change it.

Hope that helps. Best Regards.

Hi, i’ve install the plugin correctly and made my configuration in the backend. Still, it doesn’t work has set. I’m having trouble with the quantity per product. Thank you


Can you send me the screenshot images about the setting page on your site?

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Hello, thank you for the reply.

After doing further tests the plugin does work but not how we initially thought it did. We’d like to be able to limit the amont of products that can be added to the cart on the product page itself, for example if the limit is set to 4 and someone tries to add 6 products on the product page, the request would be denied and the flash message would appear on the product page.

This behaviour should also be the same on the cart page. If a user tries to modify their cart quantity over the limit we set, it should be denied and the error message should appear.

Is this possible?

Thank you.


The plugin apply the limit rules on checkout page and when customer execute checkout their order. It is not triggered when customer add product to cart.

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Hi, I red a comment here from Matteo182 11 months ago, that if you limit the order for example to 1 each month, and Customer A orders 1 product. Although the order is cancelled, the counter still stays to 1. So he can’t order again and he has to wait a whole month.

Is that correct? Is it possible to set the counter of your plugin to 0 if the order is cancelled? This is quite important for me…

Yes, the counter does not reset after the order cancelled because our plugin has feature limit order apply for guest who not registered so the plugin save limit information into individual table and it does not reset belong order’s status. If you want to this feature so we can make a custom version. Please email us if you want to make it.

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Thanks for your fast reply!

Well, I think it’s absolutely a great feature, many users want to have too. ;-)

It’s important that the shop manager/admin can reset ‘the number of times a customer can order’ – for each individual customer, in case an order is canceled or has failed.

What would this feature cost me?

It would be a great update for Woocommerce Limit Order. :-)

Nice to hear from you,



I just purchased this but I want to limit category with just 1 order per month. how do i automate this so that every month it will reset autimatically and allow 1 order.


At the current version you can use the setting ‘Apply in date range’ and input per month here. We are add more feature allow recurring limit instead to using date range, we will release this feature ASAP.

Best Regards.

I’ve added a limit per product limit of 2 items across all orders and applied it to several products. I just went live with sales yesterday. Already I have a user who ordered the limit in two different orders about 30 minutes apart—thus circumventing the limit.

Do I need to apply a date range to get the limits to work? I didn’t check the box for a date range, but I definitely checked “Enable limit total quantity product”. What am I doing wrong?


lolofora Purchased

Hello there, i bought that module for a unique reason, i just want my customers to be able to do one unique purchase, and this is it. I Can’t figure what settings i need to put. It just restricts it to 1 order per 24h. These are my settings: On that last screenshot if i untick the “Apply limit rules in date ranges” box it is restricted to 1 order per 24h And if i tick it no accounts can make other order, weird ?