Woocommerce License Manager

Woocommerce License Manager

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Woocommerce License Manager

An effective solution of sale for your typical products


The Woocommerce license manager plugin is a alternative sale model, it is suitable if your online store sell game license, itunes card, phone card, serial codes, keys, PIN. This plugin is really good for stores that sell products requiring license codes that you might want to assign a license to after purchase

Key features

  • Admin can add unlimited licenses for a product

woocommerce license manager

  • There are many options in license manager setting , so admin can configure module with ease and flexibility

license manager

  • Advanced grid view to manage license

woocommerce license manager plugin

  • Customer can export licenses (text license) to csv file

wlicense manager for woocommerce

  • Customer can export sold out licenses to csv file

license manager plugin

  • Grid view to manage delivered licenses. (Admin can easily track sold out license)

woocommerce license manager plugin of magenest

  • Module send email to customer with license information and attached license

woocommerce license

  • Customer can view the purchased license in my account page

woocommerce license manager module

New Features

  • License keys encryption
  • Display out of stock status


All notable changes to this extension will be documented in this file.
This extension adheres to [Magenest](

### Version 2.0 - Aug 2 2017
* License keys encryption
* Display out of stock status
### Version 1.1 - May 18 2017
* Improve email function
* Initial release
* Fix bug that make extension not compatible with woocommerce 3.0 and wordpress 4.7.x
### Version 1.0 - March 18 2015
* Initial release

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