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VlSh Purchased

Hello, tell me how to translate the plugin? I put the files he_IL.po and in the folder “languages” but it’s not working. What name should be in these files? Thank you

An error when I am in Track delivered license, try to go to the second page Hello, jump occurs and the following error (You Have not sufficient permissions to access this page), I await your response. Thank you

You can submit this issue to

Our developers will help you to fix it. Thank you

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Hi, Does your plugin support product variations? e.g.
  • Personal use – 1 domain
  • Business – 3 domains
  • Developer/Agency – 20 domains

Hi, Can we edit the licence field? My licence have an email and a password.

Hi we can customize it, please send the request to

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the plugin does not work well and need another developer to work properly.

not recommended.

I can’t even create a ticket on your website. You plugin will not show me the second page of license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, did you customize the module if we pay for that?

Just bought the plugin and there’s like a ton of errors:

1. I cannot see page 2,3,4,etc. of my keys (You Have not sufficient permissions to access this page).

2. The plugin does not export the keys into the generated .csv file, there’s the name of the product, saying “available” with a date next to it, but no key in the csv file.

3. I cannot add a style CSS to the mail layout I want to post, only simple NOT DYNAMIC HTML. Furthermore the plugin is not compatible with regular WooCommerce Variables such as {order_number} {order_datetime} {customer_first_name} {customer_last_name} {customer_email} etc, only with {{code}}

After testing the plugin and coming back to CodeCanyon I see the developers are not really posting a solution to the problem but insist of using their terrible ticket thing I came to the conclusion that this plugin is not really what I want and I’m just going to ask for a refund.

It does work, but it’s not really good, cannot recommend it.

Best regards

Pre order question- Does this plugin able to send out Unique Qr codes/Image + number of codes ( Provided by me, import through excel file)

I have Question

I ordered already,, isn’t there any way to upload licence coder at once by using Exl or TEXT file and so on?

Hi there, I’m running a business selling theme park tickets for tourist.

I generated unique PDF tickets from theme park agent portal and email it to customer when customer purchased ticket from marketplace website.

It is so frustrating because I need to attach the PDF ticket into email and send out one by one customer.

The PDF only allowed to use once because in the PDF ticket has barcode and validity date for one-time-use.

Will this plugin able to solve my problem stated above?

Manual scenario:
01. Customer purchased 2 Adults and 1 Child for Disneyland from marketplace website.
02. I received new order by email.
03. Attach 3 PDF files and email to customer.

Automated solution:
01. Customer purchased 2 Adults and 1 Child for Disneyland from marketplace website.
02. Woocommerce will pickup in total 3 PDF files and email to customer automatically.
03. Upload more PDF files when the inventory is running low.

Please advise.

Does this plugin support WooCommerce Subscriptions for annual renewals of license codes?


Not active when Variable Product. You can Fix it? License Manage setting is simple not good.

Does this Plugin able to let audience to check their license status/validity? eg. IMEI checker.

Hi there, is your plugin compatible with Sourceguardian php encoder ? I know that sourceguardian has some API to work with 3d party plugins, and as well a command line license code generator. Is that possibile to integrate it with your plugin ? Please let me know, thanks !


We need plugin to sell gift certificate for escape quest with unique numbers. So: 1) We need 2 variants of delivery: - delivery on physical address (plastic card with unique numbers) - delivery on email (automaticall after payments) 2) We need options to upload predefined certificate numbers 3) We need possibility to choose manually what certificate numbers we just sell in case on delivery on physical address.

Does your plugin support this options?

I purchased the plugin. The link to the “online documentation” returns a 404. Please let me know where i can find the documentation on usage. Thank you

hello, how can i sell license like this website please add a product and click on review license to see functionality . I am looking for a plugin which does this . thank you

Hi Mistha.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Our license manager does not support this function that you desire. Hopefully you can sympathy with us. Thank you so much.

Best regards, _Magenest Support.

Hello, the plugin is not working, the purchase does not arrive the mail with the license. I will be careful.

ok, thanks

I already solved the problem I had, thank you very much. But I have a query, is there any way to upload an excel like the one that is downloaded when exporting, but so that they upload several at a time but for different products?

Hi Ricardotco,

In license manager, you only upload one file for one type of product at a time. Thank you for your question.

Best regards, _Magenest Support.