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piconda Purchased

Hi Guys we found another Bug after updating your Plugin.

If you order a variation Product (without License Code) the stock level of variations will not updated. Please can you fix that also.

How to reproduce? Create a Variation Product (eg. T-Shirt) with color blue & red (just for example) – Give each variation a Stock amount eg. 1 – go to frontend and make a testorder – after the frontend order go into admin area and ceck the stock of the variation (same as before) – go to Backend orders and open the order – chek the order notice in my case (Item 10012133_18859 variation #249462 stock reduced from 1 to .)


We have replied you on your ticket same day

Hi, I’d like to encourage customers who bought products in real shops to go back on the brand website to register the license key(which are already print on products) so I need to validate those license on my website. Do you think it’s possible to do with your plugin?

Hi There

Thank you for showing your interest in our plugin, kindly share more details like screenshots or with any example at info@highthemes.com in order to give you best answer

Regards, Highthemes Support Team

Does this work with Envato’s licensing system?

Hi there!

This plugin have its own licencing system. By the way great share. Its some thing we can think about.

Regards, Highthemes Support Team

Hello! Is this plugin compatible with woocommerce 3.3.4?

Hi HighThemes!

Your words just confirm that there was no 100% compatibility with Woocommerce and you have put a false and misleading statement in your plugin description.

Hi Zemoro

It is mentioned clearly on our plugin description and we do recommend users to ask presale question before purchasing plugin.

Thank you


Hi HighThemes! You have added this information to product description just recently, after I bought the plugin. Before that, this info was present in the bottom of the page after Changelog, where you did not expect to find it.

the plugin is not working its not delivering the codes and the order will remain on processing help

We are working on your ticket please follow us on our support system


PRE-SALE QUESTION: I need a licensing system for my VB.NET software product. I am selling via WordPress 1 user, 2 user, 3 user and 4 user product licences. If a person buys a 1 user license then they get 1 license via email and through their account automatically. If a person buys a 2 user licenses then they get 2 licenses via email and their account automatically. This same automatic system applies to the 3 user and 4 user licenses or more. Can your software do this? Finally, can your software help with with trials.

My solution above is my idea of how to handle more than I installation as I open your solution as I do not know how to solve this problem. What I really want is something that controls the the number of times a license key can be used. and an API to control the usage of the license keys.

Hi There Thank you for showing interest in our plugin, please share more details of your requirements at info@highthemes.com


High Theme Support Team

Hello, I try to translate your plugin, but the file format woocommerce-license-delivery-fr_FR.po and woocommerce-license-delivery-fr_FR.mo don’t works.

Hi LaurentDroid please create a ticket to click here Thanks

Hi there in order to translate our plugin you need to use this link to translate properly https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/

if you have any question please contact us info@highthemes.com Thanks

Works with the latest versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce?

Hi there yes its working with latest version of WooCommerce and wordpress