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roesen Purchased

Hi, will this work with newest WordPress (4.6.1) and WooCommerce (2.6.4)?


Yes It’s compatible

Hello. I just bought your plugin, and although everything seens to work fine, i have quite a basic question. First of all, i set the option to have the code delivered when the order is “Completed” in woocommerce. I though that automatically i didn´t needed to have gift card codes in all my products yet, but right after i activate “license code” option in any product, it´s now showing out of stock. And i don´t want it to be. I intend to never stop selling codes, having or not registered codes in my database, because all orders in my shop are manually reviewed, so when i sell, i have the time to confirm the payment, insert the code(s) in the database and finally choose the status “completed” to have the code sent to my customer email. So, what i have to do to make my stock independent of the license codes database?

Hi there, it’s not possible to have an independent database with this plugin. It keeps managing the stocks itself.

You may need to modify the plugin.

Hi there Could you contact me through our profile page and explain your requested feature more. I want to check whether we can implement it in our next update or not.

Hi I am looking for such a plugin and I have a couple of questions.

One is looks similar like above buyer “amazon101”.. I want to add licences AFTER i made a sell and don’t wanna show a “Out of stock” while there is no unsold licences. (I need to buy licences from third party.) I think I can manage this by adding one dummy licence and keep all orders “processing” with WC Status manager plugin. While delivering, Remove the dummy key and deliver legit licences (IF there is no other better choice.)

2nd:- Is there any way if I wanna change licence after a month or two and I already charged for a year? If not, please consider adding something like that.

I will buy it tomorrow in any case. Great plugin. Thanks

Hi there,

1) The current version works as you may need. If you choose the “assignment on order complete” option, your products can be sold without any restriction in any number. Your user can pay his order and the order status will be “processing”. After you checked the payment details and decided to assign the codes to the order, the plugin will assign the codes either reduce stocks. So you should be aware of available codes before marking an order as completed; otherwise, the order will be completed without assigning codes to the order.

2) What we mean license here in this plugin, doesn’t have an expiry date or anything else. Here we only deliver the code with some predefined fields to the end user after clearing the payment. Like selling iTunes gift code or google play codes. You can edit license codes at any time as you have them stored in your database, but after selling them, it doesn’t make sense.


Is that support Product Variation.. Different licences key data for diff variations?


@chimanlal, unfortunately no

Chimanlal, i actually find a really simple way to add licences after you sell: first, you need to set “delivery on completed status” in plugin options. Then you just need to go to product inventary, and set “allow” in the option below the stock quantities (since mine is in brazilian portuguese, i forgot this option name in english, but it´s something like allow pre order). Also, you need to set “In Stock” manually. I think that High Themes should add this info in the product description, because this plugin is the best one i found for this kind of thing. But my contact if for another thing: how do i set an po (translation) file to work with this plugin?

Thanks for your tips. I will consider it. For translation, we have included pot file in languages directory


semden Purchased


We need plugin to sell gift certificate for escape quest with unique numbers. So: 1) We need 2 variants of delivery: - delivery on physical address (plastic card with unique numbers) - delivery on email (automaticall after payments) 2) We need options to upload predefined certificate numbers 3) We need possibility to choose manually what certificate numbers we just sell in case on delivery on physical address.

Does your plugin support this options?

Hello there,

1) You have the option to upload predefined codes, and deliver them by email. 2) When a code is assigned to an order, it will register on code details, so by browsing code repository, you can find the order that a code is assigned to. Also on each order you can see the assigned codes.


Hi.. I have a pre-sale question I need the Gift card option, But the client needs to be able to send it to a different person and email. (as a gift) Also, your videos don’t show how you use the gift card.. I assume it is the same as entering in a coupon.

Does the backend keep track of the balance of the gift card?

Hello there, I’m not sure I got your question or not. But it doesn’t offer sending a gift card to another person. The user will receive the code details after completing the order. At the backend admin can check which code has been sold and how many are still remaining. Hope it helps


Cynric Purchased

Hi Author,

Pre-purchase questions. Is this plugin will generate its own code? (for example Activation Code). Or me my myself will provide for the code? Please reply.

Thank you


Cynric Purchased

Hi Author,

Thanks for replying.

Another question. How to configure your plugin for batch or bulk buying for the Activation Code? Example, the client will buy 10 activation codes in 1 order.


Cynric Purchased

I’ll explain a little bit. Every activation code is used once. So it will be sold once. If a client will buy more activation codes in a single purchase, the codes will be delivered in 1 email. Do I want to know how to set it with your plugin?

It’s possible. You assign more codes to a product and user will purchase multiple copies of the product and will get the codes in his/her email. Please see this video https://vimeo.com/165257940

Hello, how can show licence number/key , into my account -> view order . because we have a modified theme and need the code to show it

It should be shown by default as it is hooked to woocommerce_order_item_meta_start action in order-details-item.php. If your theme doesn’t have this acction in that file, you should add it

Thank you! it is working now. We can see license on My Account Orders, and View Order. But cannot see license details on thankyou.php page. is there any other hook on that file?

It currently only shows on my accounts page. There is a workaround for it which you can use. You should update class-wc-ld-code-assignment.php line 333-337 and replace it with

    public function display_license_codes_in_user_account( $item_id, $item, $order ) {

        if ( ! is_account_page() && !is_wc_endpoint_url( 'order-received' ) ) {
            return false;

Hi. How can I edit this message “Not enough license code available for product XXX”

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay.

Open class-wc-ld-code-assingnment.php line #303

$order->add_order_note( sprintf( __( 'Not enough license code available for product <strong>%s</strong>.',
                'highthemes' ),
                $item['name'] ), 1, false );


We use your plugin on our site to sell plastic gift certificate with code. But we have one problem.

We have two different stock with plastic certificate. Each certificate has unique number.

And some times we need option to change assigned to the order certificate number, because we need to deliver certificate from different stock.

How we do this now. We create to product, one for each stock. We add certificate number for both stock. And if we need to change certificate number assigned to order from one number to anoth – we just change order status to “on hold”, then remove current product from order, then add another product from different stock to order and then change order status to “completed” to assign certificate number.

But now we have another problem in license code manage. We have two different codes assigned to the same order and both in status “used”. So the problem is that license code was not disconected from order, when we remove product from order.

How can we fix that? And maybe you have another solutions to our situations?

Hi there, You case is a special one. I probably cannot provide a good solution for you. But my suggestion is to edit the license code directly from “License Codes” section. Don’t remove the product from an order or change it in any way. Instead replace those certificate details in license code section.

I edited the po file like other plugins but it is not working.

the textdomain is highthemes so please save your mo/po files like highthemes-fr_FR.po

Hello, I have a question,

would you please mention that what security measurments have you considered for the stored serial codes ? Like hashing, encryption and so on ?

Because this wiuld be so important for our business.

Thank you

Thank you for your reply, but wouldn’t it interfere with future updates ? I mean will I have to contact you every time I want to update this plugin ?

Yes, it would have. I meant this feature should be implemented by a customization request. So it will be different from the public version.

But this does not seem a reliable solution for us. I will definitely get this plugin when it has encryption by default. Thank you

I purchased your add-on and am using it to sell license keys. I noticed that the only way to remove a license is to delete the order it is tied to. That is not ideal as some orders are cancelled or refunded – we need to keep those orders, but re-issue the same license # (we un-register it). Will it be possible in an upcoming version to un-assign or delete a license that is tied to a cancelled or refunded order?

Hello, thanks for your suggestion and help. I’ve just wrote this to our features list for consideration. I will check it asap. Regards

Sent an email to support please check.

Which email address did you send your question to? Please ask here your questions, and if you need to remain anonymous, please use our profile page form.


I would like to know if your module manages the vaiables?

Hi there

Thnks for interesting. Unfortunately, doesn’t support variables.


kopnix Purchased

I did everything you did and it doesn’t assign the codes to the orders. Also it leaves them as processing and not completed. Can you help?

Hello there, Please make sure you’ve selected Delivery Order Status in /WooCommerce Setting -> License Code Delivery tab.

And after payment processed, it should match with that option.


kopnix Purchased

It was already selected, so i didn’t change it. I had to install another plugin to make it “auto complete” orders! But with your plugin it wasn’t doing it. I’ll try again and update you.

marking an order as complete is beyond of the plugin functions. It is usually done with payment plugins or other third-party ones


SYZCoder Purchased

Hi, I just bought this plugin,it’s pretty good. just wondering will you add a function in the future to let similar products have a shared inventory that send different quantity to buyer. for example, I am selling codes that have face value of 10, 50, 100, and I also want to add a similar product that combine those value together at 160, when buyer purchase it they will get 3 codes at once or in situation like when 100 codes is out of stock and the buyer will get two 50 codes. sorry for my grammar