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Hi, I have just renewed the support for “WooCommerce License Delivery & Managment” because since the update to WooCommerce 3.0.0 I get errors (https://[...]/wp-content/plugins /woocommerce-license-delivery/assets/js/select2.min.js?ver=4.7.3) which has the direct effect of preventing the use of the Product Pages editor. (See video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ntju5j1e9435crg/ASP-WC3.mp4?dl=0)

Best regards, DCompute.

Hello there, There is an issue with woo 3.0 which is fixed in version 1.0.5. I’ve submitted the fix to the codecanyon for review. You will get an email once it got approved.

Thank you HighThemes I wait quite well then;)

Hello… i have been using this plugin with sucess for almost 6 months for now, and yesterday i updated woocommerce to 3.0.0, and something became crazy. For example: i always were able to see the delivered license to a client straight in the Completed Order section of my woocommerce site. But now, when i open the option to show the client code, it´s all blank. Is there someway to fix that?

I have submitted the fix to envato. It will take a review time and you will get notification once get online.

I’ve upgraded to Woo 3.0 and your plugin version 1.0.5 and there is still an issue on the edit order page in the WP Admin. I can no longer change or see Order Statuses.

Hello there, It should be a browser cache issue. Please use a private/incognito tab and try again.


is there any way I can add more than 5 license, for example per product 100 of them?


There’s no limitation for adding licenses. You can add unlimited licenses to each product.

The 5 number we’ve shown is the number you can add each time you submit the form meaning that you can add 5 licenses on each form submission. Or you can use bulk import from CSV.

sounds good! Thank you! I will purchase right now!

Does it supported for WooCommerce Version 2.6.14. I need quick answers for purchase

Yes, it also supports woocommerce 3.0

Hi, I cant seem to get my head round the CSV file, what do I need to put in and where? I have watched the video

Hello, purchases are not showing on admin panel (Woocommerce > orders)?

Hi, yes correct

It should be a WooCommerce issue, not from the plugin. By the way, Please send your wp credentials using our profile page form. I will check.


rtwite Purchased

Just ordered the License Delivery Management plugin and so far I really like it. Have a question though, we include a pdf invoice attached to the email using WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Professional. The course key and everything shows up on the email but the pdf invoice doesn’t include any of the license plugin information. Is there a way to get this to be included on the invoice?

Hello there, it’s not possible by default. It may be possible by customization or creating a new plugin for that. You can use our profile page for customization request.


rtwite Purchased

Thanks, where is your profile page?

Hello, Show me this message in error_logs

The The “add_to_cart_fragments” hook uses out of date data structures and function is deprecated since version 3.0.1. Replace with woocommerce_add_to_cart_fragments.

How can it be solved?

Hi there, are you using the latest version as we don’t have it as I see.

Hello, I’m running Version 1.0.5

And WooCommerce Version 3.0.1

In your error_logs, is it addressed in the plugin’s files?

Hey, i would like to sell license codes trough my website with your plugin, is this possible with the regular license. Because iv read that its just for free users. Why don’t you have an extended license?

You can sell using regular license. There’s no issue.

Pre-sale question. Is it possible to display the license key on the order received page. In the video I saw you go to Account>Orders page but guest’s that didn’t create an account wont have that. Can the keys be displayed on the order received/thank you page?

Hi there, currently it can be emailed to the user after purchase & shown in order details page.

Is there a workaround to have it displayed on the thank you page, or will it be added in a future update?

Not right now. Sorry

Hi, I’ve also been using your plugin since the beginning i need assistannce asap. I did some updates to wordpress and woocommerce and cannot get license keys to be sent out anymore at all.

can you login and take a peak at what’s causing it?

I have 4 months support left but i am willing to pay you. Please reply back with a way to send a private message and I’ll shoot you over the login details. Thanks

Hello there, Sorry for the delay.

Please email us your website credentials using our profile page. Also include the issue. We will get back to you asap.


Hello there!, i need help!, plugin was working nice but with the update of woocommerce i can’t update products when plugin is active, what can i do? woocommerce version 3.0.5, theme flatsome, plugin version 1.0.5

Hi there, I have both enabled in my local server and it seems there is no issue. Please email us your wp credentials using our profile page. I will check it.

Please remove this comment…


Today I purchased this plugin for my Antivirus Shop.

Regarding the nature of antiviruses which have many options like number of devices and license duration I have to use the Variations in Woocommerce.

Would you please tell me if your plugin supports Variations or not ?

IF NOT, are you going to add this feature soon ?

If you are not going to add I would need a refund.

Thank you

Hello, Unfortunately, it doesn’t support it. We haven’t advertised or stated supporting variation in the product details. It only works on simple products as shown in the video introduction.

Thank you for your reply.

But please double check the descriptions, you have not said anything about Simple or Variable products.

I just wanted to mention that this plugin has really a good support.

Hello,Pre-sale question,Does it can be resend the license keys email manually If due to some reason license keys email is not sent to the customer ?

The license keys can be seen by the user in his account under my orders. Right now there is no specific button to resend emails manually by the way

hello, how can i sell license like this website https://rikgotrhythm.beatstars.com/ please add a product and click on review license to see functionality . I am looking for a plugin which does this . thank you

The review license button shows some descriptions about the product licensing where this product is a tool to sell keys or licenses. Please check the video we’ve provided to get the idea of what it does.

Is it 100% compatible with the latest woocommerce???

Hello, Would you please tell me if you would accept a custom job for including the Variable products ? Thank you

Hi there, Please use our profile page form to explain what you need exactly and also please include your budget for this custom job.

Thank you .. done.


alphaos Purchased

Hello, i have a problem! Yesterday i bought the Plugin. But i get a error if i add a new code:

“There was an error while saving data.”

Please help me. I use “WordPress 4.7.5”

Hi there,

Please send me your WP credentials via our profile page.


alphaos Purchased



rumitru Purchased


Your plugin doesn’t send automatically license. Before, everything works fine, but now i don’t know what’s happen, i don’t update anything.

1. Plugin Settings screenshot: https://yadi.sk/i/u7yQ0EhW3K8yS9 2. License codes: https://yadi.sk/i/Z9huutMI3K8yhL 3. Order: https://yadi.sk/i/Z9huutMI3K8yhL

Woocommerce 2.6.14 WooCommerce License Delivery 1.0.4 Wordpress 4.7.2

Error logs are clean.

Hello there, does it assign the licenses? and emailing is the issue? could you update to the latest version which is 1.0.5?


rumitru Purchased

it’s not assign, i show you screenshots above, and not emailing. so, if i update your plugin i need update woocommerce too? I can’t update it now. And i don’t understand – before it works fine, what’s happen…

It may need both updates. Please update both WooCommerce & The plugin and let me know if you still see the issue. In that case, I need to take a look at your configs myself. So after the update, please send your wp credentials using our profile form. I will check asap.