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I am thinking of buying the plugin but I need to know if the codes I sell can be sent manually after the state changes from processing to completed since I must first check the payment confirmation.

you can set the option to send the codes after you marked an order as completed. So once the user pays the money it will be marked as processing and you can check the payment and mark the order as completed to send the codes.

Love your License Delivery Wordpress plugin. Just what I was looking for. One question/comment. Everything works great except it doesn’t change the product from “out of stock” to “In Stock”. Is this something that it should be doing? Would be a very nice upgrade if not. Still have to go to each specific product and manually change from out of stock to in stock.

As sometimes there’s a need to manually decide about selling a product after it sold out, we left it as optional. So you can mark it as in Stock or “out of stock” when it is needed. Of course, it would be better to have an option for that in settings in future.

Dear HighThemes support,

I installed the plugin for www.STARMAZING.de. That worked fine. When I try to add license codes I cannot choose any existing product. I tried to find product by name and by ID-number but the selector is always empty.

What can I do to get a product-selection of our already existing products?

Best regards, Lidia

SOLVED: I checked your video tutorial and recognized: I have to preselect first the products in the product tab to be a license product. Now I can perfectly match the product with the code. Super easy! Thank you for this helpful plugin.

Hi, The plugin works well however our products keep getting the “License” product type unchecked all the time randomly making it completely unreliable and unusable because they no longer deliver keys with it unchecked. What is causing this?

Hello there, sorry for the delay. We have limited support on weekends. You’ve requested a refund. I can refund the payment if you’re not satisfied. We haven’t received any bug report regarding random unchecking of products so I need to investigate the issue more. Please write here the steps that we can follow to replicate the issue.

Also, if you see any other bugs, please let me know

P.S. if you need a refund let me know so I accept it and your payment will be refunded.

Hi, thanks for responding. Yeah – I would like a refund please.

Nice Plugin

Hi, does the plugin work correctly with WooCommerce 3.1 and WP 4.8?

Hi there, It’s compatible both of them.


nielsbr Purchased

Hi, I use your plugin with great success.

Will the plugin to updated to handle this? If not can I get a quote somehow to get it made.

1) Able to handle images and not only text keys. 2) Display the image / serial + information on the checkout page after payment succes and not only on email.

Hi there,

Glad to hear the plugin is helpful for you. Unfortunately not for now.

It is a custom project. If you’re interested, please send me the details through our profile form to get a quote.



rtwite Purchased

Been using your plugin for a while and it has been working great. Recently we had two orders that did not assign a course key or generate a new order email. The only thing I have found is that they used PayPal instead of CC. Is this where the issue is? Seems to work fine with credit cards. This causes problems because customers wants the course key immediately and not have to wait until we are open and then ask for it.

unfrotunately I have limited internet access here on vacation. I try to help as much as possible.

Please use our profile page and send me your wp credentials + let me know was it working before and stopped recently or not.

sorry for inconvenience


rtwite Purchased

Have our team working on this. Here is their response:

“The default WooCommerce behaviour is for the order status to be set to “Processing” after payment is made, except when the product is configured as “Downloadable”. I’ve confirmed this is working as expected by placing some test orders; the test orders placed when the product was configured as “Downloadable” was set to “Completed” status and assigned a license code. I would recommend reviewing all of your license code products to ensure they are correctly configured as “Downloadable” and all should be working correctly moving forward.”

My question is, does the default woocommerce behavior include PayPal orders as completed status or just credit card?

from woocommerce site:

Please note that orders that have not been paid for (such as on-hold orders via the “cheque” gateway) will not automatically be completed, as access to downloads shouldn’t be granted and shipments shouldn’t occur until payment is received. Here are some payment methods that Order Status Control will not auto-complete orders for:

Cheque Gateway (in WooCommerce core) BACS Gateway (in WooCommerce core) COD Gateway (in WooCommerce core) Any gateways that defaults to “on hold” or “pending payment” instead of “processing”

Paypal works just like cc but it depends on the product type most of the time. Some people prefer confirming the orders even for digital downloadable ones to reduce fraud. Also you can determine when the keys must be delivered in woocommerce settings > license delivery option

hi, #presale questions

i need to distribute for free 250 unique licence* codes (20 different products with 5-10 copies of each) to 50-60 people.


1 – do you have a place where i can see/test the BackOffice of your plugin and a place where i can “try to buy” a licence from your demo shops

2 -does your plugin will allow me to have let’s say 10 products, each one with a “stock” of “unique” codes ?

3 – and when people buy , your plugin will send them code and delete the code from “stock” ?

4 – let’s say a person purchase 2 different products, will your plugin send 1 email or 2 separate emails with a code ?

5 – do you have an interface that show on one page number of available licences per product ? (this way i will be able to see which codes shall be added)

6 – when no licences are available for product, is it still visible in shop ? at which moment user will understand that licences is not available anymore ?

Sorry for the delay. We were on vacation for a week with limited access to the internet.

1- we don’t have an online demo to check in action. But the videos show the steps to complete an order and get the codes.

2- Yes. You can attach as many unique codes as you like to each product and once someone purchases a product with attaching codes, one of the codes will be delivered to him/her.

3. The codes won’t be deleted for further reference in user accounts, but it will be marked as assigned and will never be used for anyone else.

4- It will send one email for each order with 1 or many products in the cart including the order details.

5- It uses the default stock management of woocommerce so you can check the remaining codes for each product on the Products page. Also in the specific page, we’ve considered for all codes, you can filter the remaining and sold codes easily.

6- It will show an “out of stock” message.


rtwite Purchased

We use your License Delivery and it works well if the customer just orders a license key, but if they order any other product along with the license key (ie; textbook), they get charged for the license key but the key is not generated and given to the customer like when they just order a key. is this an issue with the plugin or something we can easily fix. Don’t want to tell the customer they can only order the key and then will have to come back and order other products.

Hello there, Sorry for the delay. We’re back from vacation. I just tested what you explained in my local version. I added a simple product + a licensed product to the cart and completed the order. It worked well and the key assigned successfully. It should work with both types of products in one order. Are you using the latest version of the plugin which is 1.0.5? Could you disable other plugins and just run woocommerce + license delivery to check it again?