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Pre-sales questions:
1. can this plugin trigger the create/sent invoices with due date set to xx days which can be set by your plugin?
I’m using another plugin to create invoices.
Just need an option during checkout for client who are allowed to pay by invoice (due date xx days later) so the invoices have correct due date as well.

2. is it possible to define/set a credit limit for “open” invoices per customer? This would make it possible to allow orders with checkout per invoice until e.g. 10.000 EUR value.
When a new order exceeds the credit limit 10.000 EUR, the client get’s a notification “payment via invoice is not possible. Exceeding credit limit. Please clear any previous open invoice or choose a different payment method.”

Marking a (previous) order “invoice_status” field in admin as “paid” clears the unpaid invoices into “paid”, and thus allowing the client to purchase again via invoice gateway option.

Just some ideas, but I think this is a great added value and it offers some more dynamic into your plugin and better integration for B2B projects.

Nice Plugin, GLWS :)


Similar to 7grafix, I seek a budget/allowance feature, whereby store admin sets budgets for each user account, and order amounts are deducted from a user’s budget. The Invoice Payment Gateway would then allow me to handle the offline billing. But it’s not enough without tracking user budgets, and preventing their exceeding the budgets. I noticed you’ve developed many tools for B2B/Wholesale purposes, and perhaps with slight tweaking I’d be able to use a few. Would love to chat further.

What is the point of buying the plugin when you still have to pay for support?


You dont have to pay for support, unless you purchase extended support from envato.


Hi, can this plugin send the “Customer Invoice” from the WP Dashboard automatically when the customer chooses this payment method during checkout? http://screencast.com/t/b6V16WDRlP

Hi. Can it send a proforma invoice on order placed? Also do you need to manually set the order to complete to make the functionality of this plug in work or does it automatically set the order to complete?

Like! Congratulation!