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Hi, this is another pre-sale question. In our ecommerce we have normal customers that don’t require invoice and the price is vat included (b2c) and clients that require invoice so the price is vat excluded (b2b). Can you please tell me if your plugin add a VAT field in user registration and has a way to control the vat calculation inside the invoice? Any other plugin combined with yours can you suggest? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hi, our plugins does not work on User Register page. Our module only fill information to PDF invoice. So if you have there fields. we can extend our plugins to add them to PDF file

Thank you for your reply. I found this plugin to add VAT number and to avoid to display VAT charges for EU countries. Can it be compatible with your plugin? This is their link: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocoomerce-eu-vat-field/19463373

We are not sure for this external plugins. you can try to use it

Hi, Before I buy this plugin I need to verify something. Does your packing slip allows to have the shipping tracking number as a barcode. Or is it possible to have that feature?


ok thanks. will buy then


Hi there I wanted to know if your plugin also allows me to generate a unique barcode for my orders.

i need to generate a barcode 39 and insert that in my Invoice.

How can I achieve this with the help of your plugin?

Yes, our plugins can do this

i have issue with currency symbol is not showing up in invoice seems fonts not supported indian currency please fix it , i already created ticket in support but no response till now ,

hello, sorry for reply later because our local timezone is GMT+7.
we worked from 8h30->17h30 on Monday to Friday.
Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://taydoapp.com/support/
and give us your admin account + FTP account
so we can tracking your issue

Hello, we’re interested in purchasing your plugin, we have a pre-sales question, we have products in backorder, and standard products for immediate shipping, we would like to know if with your plugin is possible to print a partial packing list to acknowledge the shipping of certain items (not the ones in backorder) and later sending the backorder products with a different packing list.

Hi, We only print packing slip from Woocommerce’s Order

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Hi, we replied your ticket

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do you mean if I purchase the plugin it will support gravity forms woocommerce fields without any coding? or do I have to contact you and open support ticket and give you access to my admin account, I meant does it support the shortcodes without any customization?

because if what you are saying true, and you can show examples of embedding custom fields your sales would be thousands of this item, the only plugin which is working right now is the free woocommerce one but it has no templates, why do not you show examples of what this plugin can do? there are many plugins in the market few of them accept custom fields embedding the price is much higher than yours, if really it accepts custom woocommerce shortcodes why do not you proof it by examples or video?

we are sure it work. you can buy this plugin if you want use it for your store. thanks

(1) I have some extra Checkout fields. Can this plugin include them on the Packing Slip? (2) Can the barcode be on the Packing Slip? Is the barcode based on Order Number?

Yes, we can help you

Hi there, This plugin can be used to Auto Print orders in thermical printer?


Hi, this pluins will create PDF file for your invoice/delivery

Can I have two invoices active at the same time and depending on the order I generate a pdf or another one?

Hi, One order only have ONE invoice

this plugin is for print orders on termal printers? I need that the order notes be printed on the invoice. Its available? Custom invoice is available too? tks

Hi, this plugin exort to a PDF file. you can print this PDF file

ok, but in a form customizable? it print the order notes?


Hi, i will buy your product to design my own custom invoices. But before buying i want to learn can i change the layout of the page. I’m using landscape A4 paper. And i am placing same invoices as 3 copies for one A4 paper as landscape ( horizontally placed 3 columns, 3 copies ) . Can i do that?

We replied your ticket

i didn’t receive any e-mail. what’s my ticket id? where can i check? here ? http://taydoapp.com/support/view.php

please check your SPAM box or your ticket

Hello I am interested in buying your plugin. But I would like to know if it can meet my request. 1/I need to display the “Regular price ” (strikthrough text) and the “sale price ”. To shown that there is currently a discount on the price. 2/I need to translate “Subtotal ” by “Total HT ” and “Total ” by “Total TTC ”. For the French laws. 3/Finally, I need a free text area that I would fill out manually and differently on each invoice. I don’t know code so I need the plugin can already propose these solutions. Thank you so much for reading. Emma

1+2: it is okay, we can help you
3: you can use Customize Field from Woocommerce to add any value to order

I have installed your plugin but I can’t find any option to batch/bulk print orders. I go to the WooCommerce orders page and select all the orders I wish to print but there is no option showing under the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown at the top of the page. Please can you explain how we can batch print invoices from the order view?

Please do not comment at here.
please open a ticket at here: http://taydoapp.com/support/
and give us your admin account + FTP account
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i want to know how to change dollar sign to Indian rupees sign in the invoice its showing a box

Hi, currency automatic get from your woocommerce setting. if your site use rupees, it will show rupees in invoice