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With this plugin active, I am seeing two card number fields at checkout if a user has a saved card on file. I am using the WooCommerce Stripe plugin. If I deactivate this phone input plugin the issue goes away?

Any advise?

Hi, please send me private message through the form on my profile page. Also please include your license id.

Hello! i just bought the WooCommerce international phone input today. It seems to work but i can’t checkout. The error says: Please, insert a valid phone number. Only numbers. Hope you can help me.

Hi, please send me private message through the form on my profile page.

Hi, I bought your plugin. in woo-phone-input-plugin\frontend\class-frontend.php you have this line of code, line 91: $message = sprintf (esc_html__( ’%s is a required field’, ‘woocommerce’ ), ‘Billing Phone’);

I am in the Netherlands, so the error message will be: ‘Billing Phone is een verplicht veld’. I can change the text in this file, but how can I make this so that on an update of your plugin, my changes will remain the same?

Kind regards, Michiel

It was just a typo, try to download new version from Envato and install it. Plugin version in Wordpress should be “2.0.2”

Ok, version is 2.02 now. Still, in the translation files, I find no translation option for ‘Billing Phone’

Can you send me your website details again please (in PM)?

At Setting>Show only selected countries, I selected a few countries I want to show. When I hit the dropdown button, United Kingdom shows first. I want this list in alphabetical order, no exceptions. Is that possible?

Unfortunately it’s not possible yet.

Hi there,

I think there’s a problem with our theme and your plugin – the combo list box is transparent, and the fields below are visibile and are active – so using the combo box is difficult.

Can you please take a look and let me know how to fix?

Hi David,

Try to add these css fixes in your theme:

Thanks Alex! That fixed the display issue – much appreciated!

Awesome! Happy to help!


skysnet Purchased

Can you add support for woocommerce 4.x

Hi, plugin already support WooCommerce 4.x. Let me know if you have any issues.


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I need to remove the + and only add the country code in front of the phone number.

how can i do it?


You can try to use “woocommerce_checkout_create_order” hook and modify phone number “on the fly” just before creating an order.

Hello , I have buy the woocommerce-international-phone-input it is working correct after user login . But when user buy the product with gust mode then it is not working can please tell me the issue please check the below URL and try to buy the product in gust checkout and go to checkout page you can see the phone number field not working.

My Item Purchase Code: 43001d3d-0f6e-4cf0-b414-8495d587131a


You have some “cookie” error in the console.

Try to fix or disable it and plugin should work after.

Hello Alex,

First, thanks for your plugin, it’s working like a charm!

Here my feature request: I would like to be able to select the prefered countries. I’ve seen that they are declared in the intlTelInput-jquery.min.js file, but as I’m on a multisite installation I can’t change the values directly in the file (not same configuration for each site) and I know it’s also a bad pratice to add changes directly to plugin files

Please let me know if the feature will be added,

Thanks, Victor

Hi Victor,

Version 2.0.3 is on the way! (and will be released tomorrow)

It includes new filter and works like this:

add_filter(‘wpi_preferred_countries’, function(){ return [‘ua’, ‘us’]; });

Hi Alex, thank you for the quick reply!

It’s working perfectly :)

The first feedback that I have is that on a multisite install (with a custom theme used with different langs), I need to add a site option to have different preferred langs on each site rather than having a plugin setting for that ;)

Have a good day, Victor

Nice :) Thanks for using it.

Hello, is there a way to use plugin on custom fields like ACF or on Contact Form 7 fields?

Hello, not yet, but I’m building such plugin already.

does this work on mobile devices?

Yes, it works on mobile devices and tablets.


I purchased this plugin for use with contact form 7, I don’t think this plugin actually works with contact form 7 as I am unable to activate the plugin.

Please advise me asap.

Hi, this plugin was designed for WooCommerce, not Contact Form 7.

Pre-sale question. I have problem exporting phone numbers in this format +601255667788 using an order export plugin. The +60 (first 3 characters) is important to link to Whatsapp. My question is if a user selects country flag (which automatically sets +60) and then user adds 01255667788 as usual practice, does the plugin automatically corrects this to +601255667788 or it will register as +6001255667788 (an addition zero) which is an error.

I dont want to be modifying it before exporting it. So an automatic export in the right format to Whatsapp is a must.

Looks good.

Hello, is it possible to accept numbers only from specific country? I mean I want my woocommerce to accept phone numbers only from my country. Thanks


Yes, it’s possible.