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Is this based upon the jQuery plugin intl-tel-input? I’m interested in using that code in WooCommerce but I can’t seem to find any plugins built upon it


It’s appear only on checkout page.


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OK, but this will mean that while we can be sure numbers are formatted correctly at checkout, a customer can later enter an unformatted number in the account screen or an admin can enter an unformatted number while editing orders, correcting user accounts, etc. Might it be possible to add support for the additional number fields or is it something we could code manually (functions.php?) once the plugin is installed? Thanks

We’re already working on it, next big update will be soon. Phone validator will be added in all places where it is possible.


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Good plugin, works well.

Can I suggest the following ideas…

1. When “Add phone number validation” is disabled, the number field should still display the placeholder hint as it does when it is enabled. Perhaps we could have this as a separate option… “Display placeholder hint”

2. Display the Valid / Invalid prompt above the number field or in the number field itself (change field background colour or border colour to green or red maybe… show a small tick or x in the field perhaps?). At present it is displayed to the right of the number field and seems to nudge surrounding elements

3. The ability to change to Valid / Invalid prompts… some might just like a green tick or red x, some might want to add their own text or as per no. 2 above… maybe we could have the validation displayed in or on the field itself.

4. Hook onto all phone fields: I have asked about extending this plugin to all phone number fields (order admin screen, Wordpress user screen, WooCommerce account screens, etc…). From the reply, I gather you are working on it so hopefully it works out for you

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi !

I already working on next update and these ideas will definitely work for the plugin. Thanks!

i have added the plugin in my site

but it show error check the screenshot below link

hi yeah

your email please

Please use form at the right hand side

Hi! I just bought your plugin. I was checking it and I’ve found a problem with the validation texts.

When I enter a wrong number appears the validation text error “Invalid Number” in red, but when I enter a correct one, the “✓ Valid Number” appears on top of the error, I mean the error warning doesn’t disappear. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks!

Hi, can you provide website details via PM please?

hi the plugin seems not working on my website can you please check it

Hi, can you provide website details via PM please?

which details exactly?

temporary wp-admin access

Hi, because we only service a single country but our SMS plugin require us to have international phone format input. Is it possible to force the country code, ratehr than set via user ip, but set it manually via option/ hard code?


There is an option on Settings page, you can select countries which you need to show on frontend.

Thanks for getting back. Even by limiting the selectable countries to just a single one, the entry will default to a blank (grey) flag rather than the single country.

What I need is that the field defaults tot eh single country (without using IP detect). Thanks.

yeah, it’s possible by hardcoding “initialCountry” option. Go to main plugin .php file and edit it to look like: initialCountry: ‘ua’

Hey there

im having troubleinstalling this plugin.. woocommerce gives a

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”



That’s because you’re using wrong file, try to choose “” (not codecanyon package file)

im downloading the “installable wordpress file” from the downloads section

hmm, that’s strange.. can you provide website details via PM please?

Hi! I am using your amazing plugin for a long time, but after my last site major update it stopped working.


WordPress 4.9.2 Divi Theme 3.0.98 Woocommerce 3.2.6 WooCommerce international phone input 1.4.5

Purchase code: 2ec54b08-0445-4f86-a7f6-a1966432192f

Hi, can you provide temporary website details via PM please? I’ll take on a look on it quickly.

I’m wondering that is there possible to auto remove the “0”(zero) in front of the mobile number and auto change to international format? (include remover any dash and space symbol)

For example: If customer input “0912-345-678” and select Taiwan format (+886) and we will get “+886912345678”

Many thank :)

Hi, it’s possible only by coding custom js script.

Hi I bought your plugin in checkout show correctly but when I check details in admin for this order phone number is without prefix… How fix this situation?


Go to Settings > Int. Phone Input > check “Add phone number validation”

Hi Alex

Quick one, is there a way to make a valid phone number a required field. IE: if the phone number is not valid then the order would not proceed to the next step.


I think something like this may help