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When I leave the phone number tab empty in the checkout page I get this warning: ‘SyntaxError: Unexpected token E in JSON at position 0’. Could this changed to the normal Woocommerce warning?


That’s strange.. Please write me your website details via PM. I will check your issue.

Hello, I’m having some issues with the “Add phone number validation” option: I need the prefix to show up in the back-end and it works, but if the field is left empty (it is not required) an error “33” shows up and the customer is unable to complete the order. I think it’s trying to validate the field even if it’s empty. How can i fix this?


Just letting you know that update will be soon, it’s on Envato review stage now.

It works, thank you!

Great! Happy to help :)


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Not sure if this is helpful at all for you, but installed your plugin and found that Pagespeed test results via GTMetrix were slightly (and I mean slightly!) affected.

The message given is:

The following external resources have small response bodies. Inlining the response in HTML can reduce blocking of page rendering. should inline the following small resources:


- https://mysite/wp-content/plugins/woo-phone-input-plugin/css/validation.css

Definitely not an expert here, but I guess that is pointing out that the plugin is adding to css requests for only a really small amount of data?

Useful info for a future update perhaps? Or maybe not….

Nice plugin, thanks, James :)

Hi James,

Smart criticism is always good.

Thanks for your message, I’ll add it to my notes and will fix in future updates.

Regards, Alex


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Thanks Alex :)


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Hi ,

Does this plugin support RTL, yet?


Not yet, it’s planned in next major update.

Hi Alex: Your plugin works great. My problem is that I’m using a plugin called WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro, and in this case your plugin doesn’t work. Can you suggest something to make some king of integration? Should I need to add some class to the input or is it more difficult than I expect? Thanks, Anita


Please write me your website details via PM. I will check your issue.

Hi pre sales question does ur plugin do validation for international numbers?


For some reason my plugin is modified, do you know why?

Can you please check it now i restored it ? i have no idea why as i not technical

Still unable to activate it i restored as my developer messed the site i will send new credentials in private message. Thanks

Hi Please help me as it does not show on cart the phone field of yours.




Please write me your website details via Private Message, and I will check your issue.

Hi. nice to meet you. i bought your plug in. it’s really awsome plugin.

but i have a issue. i use some PG plugins that paypal and korean paygate.

paypal is good work with your plugin. but korean paygate plugin is not work. because auto adding [+] plus text. so how can i remove auto [+] text?



Replied, please check email.

could you check on email one more?


Yeah, will check it now


I am interested in your plugin, but I have few questions. Do you have Demo of admin area? Is it possible to limit input to one or few countries? Is it possible to disable flags (I dont need to show them)?


Sorry, no admin area available.

“Is it possible to limit input to one or few countries?” – yes, it’s possible on settings page

“Is it possible to disable flags” – there are no such option, you can hide flags via CSS.

Hey, Your plugin is very good. Fast and easy to install. But not customisable. Please can you add translation settings? I’m using Loco Translate and it’s very cool. Because on the front end, the user will see “valid” “not valid”, but only in english.

Thank you again ;)

Hey mate,

Thanks for your message, and I guess you’re right.. I’ll implement different translations soon. :)

The function that set automaticaly with IP adress doesn’t work. I’ve tried with a French IP via VPN, or with my real IP without my VPN and the flag is grey..

The rest works if I choose manually the country.

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Please write me your website details via PM. I will check your issue.

Just got your plugin, when I choose my country from the list and enter my phone number it says “Invalid Number” in red next to it. trust me my number is a valid number. How can i solve this Its a new site that i am setting up I also have an SMS Notification system set up and your plugin is not showing up on there’s. They are two times when a client is asked for their number. When they sign up (Which yours works) and when they buy an eTikcet “Attendee Information” your plugin does not show up. Can you help..

On top of the Countries, you put America and UK how can I place a 3rd choose

Ok, I see.. Can you write me PM (Private Message) please? I need some details of your website.

Hi, purchased this plugin to use on my new site i am developing. The new site is to replace a currently active site. I installed the plugin in the new site and it was working fine. I then installed the same plugin on my currently active site to leave it on there till the new site is ready.

But i noticed that the plugin is now not working on my new under development site. Is it because of the multiple installation? Or is there some other issue? You did say there was some incompatibility issue with Woocommerce Checkout Field plugin that needed to be addressed, but it was working fine without any fixes when i first installed it. Can please advice?


Please write me your website details via PM. I will check your issue.

Can country be based on sales regions according of woocommerce?


No, it’s not connected with “sales regions” of WooCommerce.