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Dear customers!

You will receive email notification from Envato about update to this product in the next 24-48 hours. This update does not change the code, however it includes important Instagram API change. Unfortunately, it is mandatory update and you will need to re-download the files from codecanyon and reinstall the plugin on your site.

If you won’t update after it is released – your instagram feed on the instashop page will become empty after cache is cleared.

Please let us know if you will have any questions about this.


taroc Purchased

Hi, anyway to send me the updated plugin earlier? The one I’ve just downloaded from envato is the old one. Any alternative link I can download at? Feed is down and I’m hoping it won’t be down too long


taroc Purchased

cool thanks


taroc Purchased

I just want to highlight that sometimes (not all the time) I’m getting error messages above the instagram shop feed.

Warning: file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden in /home/yolkasi9/public_html/ on line 574

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/yolkasi9/public_html/ on line 575

Hi Taroc,

Can you please open a support ticket in regards to this message? Our developers will be happy to look into this for you. You can open the ticket at

Hey I was one of the people who got scammed by eComily buying the hosted version, the pro version, and the white label. I thought it was a great idea and wish I would have known I was being robbed. My question is does your plugin offer the same templates that they had allowing for multiple combinations of stores to be created?

Hi cperez90008,

Sorry to hear that. eComily violated terms of licensing by purchasing our product and redistributing it as their own, even though they slightly modified it.

Templates was not part of our product. WooCommerce Instagram Shop has functionality to connect products from your WooCommerce with your Instagram account feed – please take a look on the screenshots or live preview.

Hello, you said “not for all your woocommerce products.” Will this give an error or slowdown the website?

Hi Bernarh,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Can you please clarify where do you see this written ? “not for all your woocommerce products”

It won’t slow down the website – you just create a separate page with our shortcode and that page only communicates with instagram and matches woocommerce products to insta feed items based on tags. There are limits in the plugin settings which you can set in terms of how far to go in terms of instagram feed history – which also allows to limit the time required to process the items on that separate page. Generally speaking – we’ve used this with 1 month of instagram feeds and it works very fast, without any issues.

Hello, interested in purchasing this before but your presentation lacks some clarity(try better image examples that show the instagram app capability separate from the web browser view) as it related to what is capable of being viewed on the INSTAGRAM MOBILE APP. Not interested in the web page view of instagram Please detail exactly what can be viewed/fed from woocommerce that can be viewed on the instagram mobile app feed page? You stated that you can put text in the instagram bio area relating to the product with the link but, what about the bottom of the product image in the instagram mobile app view? thanks

Hi tgg1061,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Our plugin doesn’t add anything to your instagram, that’s why there are no screenshots/presentation of the instagram actual mobile app.

In general it can be summarized in following way:

1) you create new page on your site and add special shortcode to that page. 2) you edit your profile on instagram mobile app – link to your site should be changed to the url of that new page you created in #1 3) post something on the instagram with a hashtag #supercoolproduct in the caption (not comments) 4) add the same hashtag to the woocommerce product on your site.

Points 3/4 have to be repeated for any product you with to sell this way.

That’s it. Now when your instagram followers will be reading your feed on their instagram app – they will see your latest posts with caption like “Check out our #supercoolproduct – it’s on sale now – link in bio” – they click on your profile and click on the website link -> they land on the special page which will display only the instagram posts which they can buy (since they are associated with the product in woocommerce).

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need further clarification.

will this work for existing pictures that are up, by just going in it and adding a # or do they have to be new posts

Hi DakiDeZain,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We’ve replied to your support inquiry in the support system.

Hi, couple of questions:

1. Does the plugin skip images without a product hashtag? 2. Is there a three column option?


Hi fairestmedia,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

1. It will not display posts without product hashtags association.

2. Yes, there is a 1/2/3/4/5 column layouts in our product –

Wow, you are fast. Thanks!

Is this compatible with WCvendors so that each individual vendor can utilize?

Hi bcaemichael1

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t work with WCVendors


Every time I try to authenticate this app by clicking this link “Click here to generate your Access Token and User ID” I get the following message…..


You’ve acquired our software illegally through warez site. Our products are available EXCLUSIVELY through Envato Marketplace – you have to purchase it there and then contact support at to remove the restriction set in our system for your site. The warez site you’ve downloaded “WooCommerce Instagram Shop” from is not allowed to re-sell it.

WooCommerce Instagram Shop is sold exclusively on Envato marketplace –


Obviously, I didn’t not steal/buy this from some warez website or I would not be seeking support here. Please fix this issue.

Thank you.

Hi Silho,

Thank you for purchasing.

Please contact us through this form: and send the domain name where you’re trying to activate the product.

Hello! I can not set up WooCommerce Instagram Shop. Help me. Sorry for my English

Здравствуйте Андрей,

Я ответил на Ваше письмо – и переслал обновленные файлы. Если письмо не получите в течении 5 минут – проверьте спам пожалуйсто.


AndreyVF Purchased

большое спасибо, получил, настроил, но мне кажется у меня плагин так и не работает как описано

Добрый день Андрей,

Не могли бы Вы описать подробнее что не так в ответ на е-майл который мы послали на той неделе?

Is your plugin works to all of languages?

Hi cheonmu,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Currently, our plugin comes with English & Russian translations. It comes with PO files so you can add your own translations as well.

Can i see your instagram demo page?

You can see it by clicking live preview button on product description.

any plans for WC vendors

Hi mediakliqco,

We may look into this in the new year. Can’t comment beyond that at this time.

Hi Can you show sites that use the extension?

Hi diatargeting,

Please check out instagram profile at – you’ll be able to test out the demo in full capacity this way.

Hi does this works with multiple products in a picture?

Hi bellterb,

At the moment, unfortunately – no, but we are working on the update which will allow that.

Instead of buttons below the images, can it be styled based on Instagram with buttons that appear when hovering over the image, along with a dark transparent background? Does it automatically import new posts from Instagram?

Hi codings,

Thank you for your interest in our product and your suggestions!

Both features are already part of the product –


Great Plugin! I have a couple of questions: 1- Does the plugin have front-end dashboard? If not, how hard is it to be created? 2- Can I create multi-vendor marketplace using one of the multivendor Wocommerce plugins? how would that work if multiple shops use the same hashtag? 3- If no.2 doesn’t work, would the plugin support multisite? 4- Does the plugin support RTL? Thanks in advance.

Hi TimaSh,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

1. There is no front-end dashboard Can you explain in more details what kind of FRONT-END dashboard you mean? There is dashboard for admin only ->

2. We never tested our plugin within multivendor/multisite environment. Multisite could work fine in theory though.

4. RTL should be fine.

Thanks for your reply.

1. You are right, I wasn’t clear here. If I use a plugin such as “Woocommerce Front-end Shop Manager”, where it allows to add custom editable fields using custom meta fields to add third party plugins fields, would that work on (Hashtag and Action button) on the product edit page front-end?

2. Do you plan on testing it with multivendor? In theory, if it works, would each vendor have their own “Woocommerce Instagram shop” setting, stats pages you mentioned above on their dashboard so they can add their Instagram account and access token? Thanks in advance