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Here is pre-purchase question.

Does this shop support variable product option? For example I’m selling cakes online, will they be able to choose their desired size and wordings from your shop option.

Hi bannoffee

Yes, it supports variable product options –

Also variable product with different prices? And text options for customers to write their wordings on the cake.

different prices – yes. Wording – we haven’t tested it, however, if it’s native woocommerce field and not a 3rd party plugin – it should work fine.

hi! a pre-sales question: does ur plugin send product images automatically to instagram? I have just created ig account but have too many products to upload, will this do it automatically for me?

Hi kostas78

Our plugin does not send anything to instagram, it only displays the association between instagram post and woocommerce product – if such association was added through the hashtags.

Hi, pre sale question: does this plugin permit what is described in this instagram blog post?

so that in my instagram posts i can tag products finded on woocommerce catalogue?

Hi testudoweb,

What is explained in the link you’ve sent is different from the way our plugin works. We’re working on the update which will allow to mark multiple products on the same image and we’ll release it within October, but still it’s not going to work as described on the link – because that’s native instagram code which is not available to developers through API yet.


I understand your plugin works off of a landing page that would be on my WordPress website. However, can I have that landing page with 10 photos, and a smaller feed that appears on the footer of every page with 4 photos?



Landing page with 10 photos – possible. The smaller feed – we don’t have such capability at this time, but we’ll definitely look into it.

Hey guys, can somebody sent me quick video how this plugin works live ?

Sorry, we don’t have video available at this time.

I just purchased and nothing is showing up on the page I created? I have followed all the instructions and nothing? I am thinking this is not compatible with my theme? Please help?

I tried to reinstall and deactivated the link to Instagram, now I cant deactivate the link on your plugin in my dashboard… the button doesn’t work.. this point If I cant get anything to work I need a refund… thank you

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for purchasing our product.

If you have any issues or questions – please open support ticket at and our support staff will be happy to help you!

Thank you I will talk to them.