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codings Purchased

Hello, this plugin won’t allow access without the item Purchase Code, CodeCanyon Username, and Live Demo Name. Isn’t the purchase code enough? What if you are a developer working for a client and do not need the client to know your CodeCanyon credentials?


codings Purchased

Hi, just wondering if you have considered this issue and plan to make it so the plugin can be used with just the purchase code. Thanks!

Hi Codings,

There was no further development on this product since we last spoke about this. It is still on the list.


codings Purchased

Thanks for the honesty.

Hi I am very excited about this wonderful plug-in. I am using affiliate WP plugin as our site affiliate system. Can our affiliates introduce my items with their own Instagram account?

Hi Kindzadza,

You can connect 1 account with our plugin at this time.

Thank you for your early reply. Do you mean that it is possible in the near future? Or should I customize myself? Do you think that it is possible to me?

We may look into such functionality in future, but I can’t provide an ETA for this. You can try customizing it yourself, but it will require extensive PHP knowledge – it all depends on your skills.


pre – sale question: are those two fields added in the Edit product page , Hashtags(s) and Action Button able to be exported and imported / merged using the CSV import Suite official extension?

It would be quite a manual process to update all products one by one!

Please let me know any thoughts / suggestions on updating those in the fastest possible way.

Thank you in advance,



Hi Bill,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, we haven’t tested it with any CSV import 3rd party tools and cannot comment on whether it will work or not.

Hi, Thanks for you plugin. Mostly got it working within minutes. One challenge I have is that the product listed on the Wordpress instagram shop feed page contains no link to the product? The text to buy or more info works within issues but there is simply no HREF to the actual WooCommerce product detail page or add to cart… I am missing anything?

Hi Rwin2007,

Please open support ticket at and please include URL to your site – and one of our support staff will assist you further

hello.a few pre-purchase question:1-is it ok with RTL?2-how is its landing page design?is it built-in?

Hi Hamidsajjadi,

1. Not tested with RTL, unfortunately.

2. This is the landing page - – you can change the layout in settings (1-2-3-4 or 5 columns)

Hi, do you have a demo page for the plugin?

Hi KeremAkyol,

The only demo page is here in the description – you can go to our instagram profile and click on profile link (on your phone) and you will land on our demo site.

Hi does this works with multiple products in a picture yet? Thanks

Hi bellterb,

Not yet, unfortunately. It’s in the works.

Installed the plugin the other day, but it only shows 6 items on mylanding page, i´ve added 14 with different hashtags, and selected to show up to 20? Why?

Hi Paulina,

Please open support ticket at and our staff will assist you further.

Hello I just bought your plugin and when setting it up i get an error message as follows:

Unfortunately, you got scammed by eComily Commerce PRO (

We highly suggest you to call your credit card company and cancel the transaction due to scam.

You can read more about this scam artist on this page: took our product “WooCommerce Instagram Shop”, re-branded it and are selling with triple price breaking our copyright and promising functionality which doesn’t exist.

WooCommerce Instagram Shop is sold exclusively on Envato marketplace and costs only $21 USD

What da heck is this i bought it here at codecanyon

Hi tomatnig,

It means that you or somebody who has access to your hosting tried to install our product which was acquired illegally from a warez site, and our system flagged the domain name.

Thank you for purchasing.

You will need to open support ticket at and include the domain name where you’re trying to install the plugin – we will then be able to remove the restriction.

I thought this plugin allows Instagram feeds will add the woocommerce products images with buy or add to cart button on Instagram and later link to cart page when someone’s clicks the link to buy. This was what I expected

Hi tomatnig,

It’s not possible to add buy buttons to the instagram posts within instagram itself. The whole flow of our app is explained in item description.

Pre-sales question: Must it be woocommerce? If I have an existing site for purchase, can I still use this? Basically what I want is customers see the instagram pictures, click on it and goes to my page for booking

Hi chanche3,

Thank you for your interest in our product. At this moment – yes, it has to be woocommerce.

Hi, we installed the plugins, we configured it, but it does not matter the products from instagram, do I have to do some extra step?

best regards

Hi oarlegui,

We replied to your support ticket few days ago – please take a look there.


glimsol Purchased

is this plugin work only in live server? or also in local?

Hi glimsol,

We’ve replied to your support ticket – please take a look there.

Hi, are you going to be expanding this product or not with more features? We were interested in purchasing but was waiting to see improvement. If yes, what will be some new features in upcoming update? thanks!

Hi tgg1061,

Yes, we do have plans on expanding this product. The next major update will have multiple products associations to the same instagram post.

Presale questions

1. I understand that the plugin fetch the image from IG based on hashtags. How about the price? Does the user need to login to Woocommerce to manually update the price?

2. Does the images between IG and Woo sync automatically? If yes, how often per day?

Hi syafnet,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

1. You need to manage products in woocommerce, then associate them with instagram posts through hashtags. Site fetches only instagram images (based on hashtags).

2. No, whatever you upload to instagram and associate with product through hashtag is then showed on instagram. Once customers land on the instagram landing page on your site – they see instagram posts and once they click on them -> they are redirected to the product page with product images (or product is added to cart, based on your setup/selection)

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Foursixty and candid are the only ones I see that looks anything like instagram

Do we know if this is compatible with WooCommerce v3.x?

Hi migstf,

It is compatible.

Which payment gateways does this product support

Hi whardson,

There are not payment integration as there are no payments in our plugin. You need to use woocommerce and whichever payment gateway you are using for your current store. Again, our product does not interact with payments.

So your software does not complete the purchase on Instagram. When payment is needed it goes to the website owners website CORRECT?

Yes. Please re-read the description of our product here: