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hi! a pre-sales question: does ur plugin send product images automatically to instagram? I have just created ig account but have too many products to upload, will this do it automatically for me?

Hi kostas78

Our plugin does not send anything to instagram, it only displays the association between instagram post and woocommerce product – if such association was added through the hashtags.

Hi, pre sale question: does this plugin permit what is described in this instagram blog post?

so that in my instagram posts i can tag products finded on woocommerce catalogue?

Hi testudoweb,

What is explained in the link you’ve sent is different from the way our plugin works. We’re working on the update which will allow to mark multiple products on the same image and we’ll release it within October, but still it’s not going to work as described on the link – because that’s native instagram code which is not available to developers through API yet.


I understand your plugin works off of a landing page that would be on my WordPress website. However, can I have that landing page with 10 photos, and a smaller feed that appears on the footer of every page with 4 photos?



Landing page with 10 photos – possible. The smaller feed – we don’t have such capability at this time, but we’ll definitely look into it.

Hey guys, can somebody sent me quick video how this plugin works live ?

Sorry, we don’t have video available at this time.

I just purchased and nothing is showing up on the page I created? I have followed all the instructions and nothing? I am thinking this is not compatible with my theme? Please help?

I tried to reinstall and deactivated the link to Instagram, now I cant deactivate the link on your plugin in my dashboard… the button doesn’t work.. this point If I cant get anything to work I need a refund… thank you

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for purchasing our product.

If you have any issues or questions – please open support ticket at and our support staff will be happy to help you!

Thank you I will talk to them.

its work with Dokan ?

No, sorry.

Is it possible to have the Instagram “landing Page” on one site linking to a woo commerce shop on a different site. So landing page on and linking to woocommerce on


First of all – sorry for the delay in replying due to the holidays..

You would have to have woocommerce on the same site where instagram landing page, but then you can use link feature and send customers to different woocommerce site. Though, keep in mind – you’d have to have products on both woocommerce sites.

How can we get a support from your system? It has been 3 days since I have posted to your support system as a customer. When can I get a response?

Hi kelessenol,

Sorry for the delay in replying due to the holidays..

We will get back to all support tickets within 24 hours.

Hello, it has been 1 month now and you are not replying in your support site. I am requesting a reply to my case.


We’ve replied to your request – please review.

i want to know that is this plugin works for normal instagram page or it works for only advertised product??
i want to connect my woocommerce inventory direct auto updated to instagram page.
and all products must have add to cart button or buy now button on my instagram page

for example

Hi clinchcovers,

There is no option to add add to cart buttons to instagram page, unless you use instagram business tools for this. Please re-read our product description to understand how it works.

Presales Question: hi, i’d like to use the plugin to fetch Images from my Instagram account and relate/connect them with my Woocommerce products so the user is able to buy them directly from the Woocommerce eshop. Is this how it is used? Will i be able to create feeds of Instagram photos and place them wherever i like using Shortcodes?


There is only 1 feed – whatever is posted with special hashtag on your instagram and has same hashtag for a product in woocommerce – will be displayed in the feed on your site. This is the only feed which is possible to display at the moment, but you can display it anywhere on your site (same shortcode)

The response does not respond more than two days. The plugin did not satisfy my expectations. Is there a refund policy?

Hi Maxim,

Apologies for the long delay in getting back to your support ticket. It was replied to yesterday. Please get back to us within the same support ticket – if you still experience the issue.

I just bought this and when trying to connect to Instagram I get a message:

Unfortunately, you got scammed by eComily Commerce PRO ( We highly suggest you to call your credit card company and cancel the transaction due to scam. You can read more about this scam artist on this page: took our product “WooCommerce Instagram Shop”, re-branded it and are selling with triple price breaking our copyright and promising functionality which doesn’t exist.

WooCommerce Instagram Shop is sold exclusively on Envato marketplace and costs only $21 USD


NOT 1.8.2 ?!!?

FIXED: use alternative authentication method below the link “click here to generate your access token and user ID”

Hi CryptoCredits,

I’m glad you tried the alternative authentication method. Usually normal authentication works fine but we’ll look into it. In future, if you have any support request – please open support ticket at