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When I import a image via a external url, does it get downloaded to the media library? Or am I just hot-linking?

Do these images get added to the products image gallery?

Can I set the featured image from within this plugin?

Both the direct link and import feature the image will show up in the media library now the difference is the import feature the image is copied to your server in the uploads folder and with the direct link it doesn’t copy anything to the server just hot linking.

Do these fields show up under woo tab products edit pg as well?

Do I still need another oembed plugin for hotlinking to show the pic?

No you don’t need another plugin and also these fields don’t show up in the products page

Very cool! Nice plugin :-)

thank you let me know how it works out for you

It support variations images?

It supports the main image of any product doesn’t matter if it’s a simple product or a variation product. But only supports the first main image.

Thank you for this plugin. As a woocommerce designer and developer I constantly see a need for Bulk editing on products. There are many ways to bulk edit products and some plugin that assist in that, but none that are a real complete solution. I would love to get this plugin however I see that it only edits 1 image per product. Are their plans to incorporate the ability to edit all images of a product, including gallery images and variation images.

With this ability I would say this would be the only real and total solution for bulk product image editing.

Lets say I have a company who is going online for the first time to sell my products. I probably have a csv of my products but in most cases that wouldn’t include my product images. If I import that csv into woocommerce to help speed up my product development process I am left with incomplete products, all lacking images.

This tool would allow me to set all my images very fast if it had the two additional features I listed above. Please let me know.

Sorry but our plugin doesn’t provide those two options maybe this is something we can add later as a upgraded version but i can tell you this if you do your bulk upload of products all those products will automatically show up in the image manager all you have to do is add the image urls

Can I import photo’s as products with this plugin? I want to offer my customers the possibility to order prints of their photo’s that I took.

Hi there!

I’m willing to buy this plugin but I’m worried about supported versions, I have WP 3.9 plus WC 2.1, when do you plan to update?


wow 5 days without reply, well sure I will not buy this plugin

it works with all the latest updates


This is a pre-sale question.

I noticed you told alexus13 that the plugin

...only supports the first main image.

Does this mean it only supports the featured image not the product gallery images?

I am really hoping it supports all the images that go with a product!


Will only support the featured image not the gallery images

Hi there, interested in this plugin, can I see a demo please ???

Sorry we don’t have a live demo i can send you screen shots of a live site we use it on

Please email me your email address so we can send you demo login information.

This is something that noone else seems to have written. So I request, make it edit gallery images per product. Then I can use it for all of my stores for their updates. It would really save time to have that feature, but has no use for me if I cannot edit the other angles of the product.

I’ll keep my eye on this for updates!

something we are working on in the new version

is it possible to hotlink all the woocommerce images for an affiliate store? I was testing one and it downloaded and got me a TOS error

we did test them using a image on photobucket and flickr so what you can try doing is getting the full path of the URL and entering it in the path field and using it as a direct link

Any chance of getting an update on this plugin? It doesn’t seem to work with the latest version of Wordpress

we have tested the plugin with latest wordpress update please tell us the error you’re getting also what version of wordpress and what option are you selecting that’s giving you the error

When clicking the buttons nothing happens anymore. Wordpress has updated and so has woocommerce since the release of this plugins last update. Clicking the “add image” links simply causes the plugin to scroll to the top of the page. It is not functioning. Please kindly provide an update :)

we are looking into this

This plugin only works with the main product image doesn’t work with any other images or gallery images so if you are trying to control just the main image from one area than this will work

Hallo DreamPlugins,

I need to delete all images (ALL, even the image for product presentation!) from my products. Is it possible with this plugin?

Sorry this plugin won’t allow you to delete all the images at once.


If this plugin does what I think it will, then I’m good! But I want to make sure before I pay anymore money to fix a missing feature from woocommerce.

Does this allow for me to create a single product, say 5”x7” picture prints, but have it link to a gallery on Flickr that the person can choose from that gallery or would I have to create a 5”x7” product for each picture then use this to link to?

I’m really hoping it’s the first option. Thank you!

for the first part of the question yes it does that so for example you have a product but you want that image to be pulled from flickr you can do a direct link for that image but with this plugin it won’t allow you to have a gallery of images for one product it’s 1 image per product

Great plugin , saved me a lot of time , i wish i knew it has a single image update option . Secondly after import , once i share the product to google plus and social sites the image place is not loading . it shows a broken image . Any idea how this can be fixed and what is the reason?

so your saying when you share the product the image doesn’t show