Woocommerce Hotel Booking

Woocommerce Hotel Booking

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Woocommerce Hotel Booking

An impressive tool to handle the booking features for hotel services

Simplify the booking process.
Get on with running your business

Simply manage the hotel resources
  • Complete control over booking orders
  • Add info to your booking order: Check-in time, check-out time, note, arrival time
  • Set price based on time
  • Filter orders effectively
  • Export booking orders to CSV
Easily customize orders
  • Extra bed and the prices
  • Number of adults and children and prices
  • Set price range to products base on the days of week
  • Change the status of booking with ease


For admin

  • Admin can enable/disable booking fields in backend to fit their requirement
  • Admin can configure the allowed adult amount, the extra price for adult amount option

  • enable booking fields backend

  • Admin can set special a promotion price based on a particular date and time (exclusive feature)

  • set price range

  • Admin can manage booking in a grid view.

  • grid view booking management

  • Change the status of booking with ease.

  • change status booking

  • Admin can manage the bookings with Calendar view

  • calendar view booking hotel

  • Admin can manage resources (exclusive feature)

  • woocommerce hotel booking

  • Enable different payment option (deposit or full amount) and different payment methods – online (credit card or paypal) or offline

  • woocommerce hotel booking

For customers

  • Customers can fill in important information when booking a room

  • woocommerce booking plugin

  • Pay with any existing payment gateway such as Paypal, Stripe, Skills (exclusive feature)

  • hotel booking payment gateway

  • Allow to display in Google Calendar view conveniently

  • hotel booking payment gateway


All notable changes to this extension will be documented in this file.
This extension adheres to [Magenest](
### 2.0 Jully 13 2017
* Add event to google calendar
* Deposit a piece of money

### Version 1.3 - june 28 2017
- Bug fix: bill calculation
- Bug fix: not saved in booking field

### Version 1.2 - September 28, 2014
* Bug fix : Change woocommerce setting tab from event ticket to hotel booking
* Bug fix : Add the jquery datepicker for the checkin and checkout
* Improvement : Remove unnecessary options in configuration

### Version 1.0.0 - July 20 , 2015
First release

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