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Question on the plugin. In your demo, it shows a screen with all the regular user roles, where you can show and hide products. If i were to define a custom role would this plugin allow me to show and hide for it, or just the default roles.

Hi there,

FYI Our Plugin support custom user role as well.

Thanks, CodeWooGeek Team

Hi, is your plugin compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin? Thank

Hi there,

Yes it is compatible with WooCommerce Subscription Plugin from WooThemes

Thanks, CodeWooGeek Team

thank you for your answer

Presales question, is it possible to show customer A product 1,2,4 and 5 and customer B products 1,6,8,9 and customer C: products 1, 12, 17? Thanks!

Hi there,

As per our plugin concern hiding products are based on user roles, not as a individual user, if you group certain users to certain roles then it is possible.


CodeWooGeek Team

Hi is it possible to hide categories and another taxonomy.

I tested the demo verion and its super that a user is added automaticly when i create a new role. So i have two questions.

1. I want to add a custom taxonomy like Brands, do they also automaticly appear in the dropdown where i can choose (product or category) ?

2. When i have chosen a category to hide it i need another taxonomy to hide it too but theres only 1 dropdown field.

are there any possibilities to add a taxonomy and hide to different types at the same time.

Any idea?


Hi there,

For your Information our Plugin support only products/product categories(taxonomy) of WooCommerce. We haven’t explore supporting other custom taxonomy yet, we will look in to it based on feasibility.


Hi, my customer bought this plugin anyway and it`s not so dificult to add another taxonomy – for anyone who need this too:

i used CPT UI to easy add new taxonomies

add another option like ‘4’ => __(‘Kundengruppe’, ‘woohideproducts’) read out the terms by duplicating: $get_terms_kundenart and change the term slug and then you have to call it out to see it in the backend $updated_settings[] = array( ‘name’ => __(‘Choose Kundengruppe’, ‘woohideproducts’) the other things are in the multiple section.

Really nice plugin easy to customize – would be a really nice feature to add new taxonomies by itself in the next version


Hi, I’m looking for a solution to set up the following system.

There are three types of “users”: - non-logged in visitors - “subscribers” (or a custom group) - admins/editors

I’m using a combination of WooCommerce and WPML.

- Non-logged visitors can see and buy public products. They cannot see or buy restricted products. Not on the shop page, not on tag pages, nowhere.

- subscribers can see and buy restricted products. They cannot see or buy “public” products. Not on the shop page, not on tag pages, nowhere.

- admins/editors: can see/buy everything.

Can your plug-in do all this? Which plugins does it support for creating custom groups?

Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Creating Custom Groups/User Roles is not available in our plugin. But if you create any user roles it will dynamically listed in settings page.

And from your requirement it can be doable with our plugin.


Does this plugin support “Grouped Products” in WooCommerce? for instance; wholesaler role users can see different products on the parent product page then regular customers?

Hello – With your plugin, is it possible to hide only the category title (in woocommerce sidebar widget) for user roles and still have the products in that category visible in the store?

HELP! Filter is not working on my brands display page:

FYI “artist”in the URL is the alias for “brand”

I can see category to hide, when i click on category, it doesn’t show me the product that I need to hide, am I missing something?

Hi there,

Assume that you are using WooCommerce 3.0 ? If so then please wait for an update as we already submitted plugin to envato for review, once it done it may available in a day or two for download.

Thanks, CodeWooGeek Team

hi there is a bug in the plugin, the hidden products are still visible in the bestseller and similar product sliders.

is there a fix for this problem?