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Hello Can you choose to select All Products or Product Categories? I have over 1400 products and I don’t want to manually select each product. Thanks!


Not currently. We will add this feature in the future.


good job, i wish you all the best for your sales ;)


Your support link is currently broken. In addition after downloading and installing this plugin my site broke down and the plugin would not work. I was merely faced with the following error code when I went to the plugin settings page `Fatal error: Call to undefined function woo_get_user_role() in /var/www/wittyoctopus/staging-site/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-16309719-woocommerce-hide-products-by-role/index.php on line 93`. I am confused by how broken this seems to be and by your broken support link.


You can reach out ticket system here:


I registered at the site link provided. Enter my credentials, nothing happens.

My issue is after I Activate the Plugin I receive this error at the top of the Dashboard.

” Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/35/d523894324/htdocs/clickandbuilds/BlondiesBlanks/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-16309719-woocommerce-hide-products-by-role/index.php on line 89”


Deactivated everything other than Woo main Plugin. Still same error.

This plugin is broken for months now with no solution. I’d like a resolution…

I get this same error in my header and menu: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/-/public_html/shop/wp-content/plugins/woo-hide-products-by-role/index.php on line 98

When you create the ticket it gives you an ID. Theres no issue with our support software at all. I havent asked you to manage our support, i simply asked you for your ticket ID so i can locate your ticket. Without this i wont be able to find it. Credentials are not a requirement.

Anyway if you want help fixing it, send me your ticket ID and i will be happy to help. Until then there isnt much i can do.


Here’s the ticket ID: CDS-821

Why have you not replied to this ticked in your support system?

Why have a ticket support system if I am forced to contact you here and give you the ticket ID from there?
I opened this ticket on 08-08-2016 at 22:19

Thanks for the ticket ID :)

The reason why, is you are currently in a very long list. We have hundreds of tickets a day. We cannot possibly reply to them all straight away. I will get a member of staff to look into this for you now.


If no resolution I need a refund as well. I cant keep waiting. Looked very promising.

You dont need to verify your email. Just sign up, login and leave a ticket. Please leave a ticket so we can assist you.


Your not getting it, when i type my info in and hit login, nothing happens. No new screen or anything opens when using the link you asked for us to. “” Thus i can not MAKE a ticket.

if you’re struggling, please send an email to with your details


I’ve just purchased the plugin and there is a warning message appearing under the Administrator role: Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in /home/aerosite/public_html/ on line 73

How can I fix this? I went to codeden to get a ticket regarding this issue and if I need it to be resolved asap (which I do) I need to pay £35? What kind of trick is this? I was under the impression with the purchase I have 6 months free support.

Please advice. Thanks, Frosyni

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve sent a request with ticket ID: CDS-963

Though, I haven’t heard back.

Unfortunately, I can’t use this plugin, is causing lots of issues and I can’t fix them. Maybe is conflicting with the theme I’m using. Either way, I don’t have the time to mess about so I would like a refund, please.



Still no answer or refund. This is a joke!!!

Can I please have a refund ASAP?



You will need to contact Envato for a refund.

Thanks :)

We run a B2B service and would like to create a group of products that is visible to only a particular user. i,e, Private products/collections for each of our clients. To give you an example we provide on-demand printing of merchandise like tees, phone cases etc. Given each of our clients have their own designs, we would like to create a collection that is visible only to them. Kindly advise.