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hi, how can i assign a user to a group? I don’t find the option

Hi Fafizio,
please about support questions use the plugin page comment system. If you want to add users to groups manually, in Users->All Users above the table you have a bulk option to do it.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

I have recently purchased your WooCommerce Group Pricing plugin. We were quite pleased at how nicely it solved one of our issues concerning memberships. This following description is a bit complicated, so I hope you are already familiar with many of the things to be discussed here.

The Solutions:

Let me give some background. We at are building a website for an upscale heath club providing various class training offerings and personal training services.

1) Class training sessions are scheduled in the form of event tickets as products using WP Events, WP Groups, Woo Group Pricing plugin, and EventON with EventON Ticketing plugins. With this collection of plugins we are able to turn an event into a scheduled, bookable, ticketed product. Class training is free to the health club members but costs a price for non-members. This is where your plugin is quite useful to us. Groups logic is implemented so that users belonging to the Members group do not have to pay for class lessons, only guests will have to do so.

2) Personal training sessions are scheduled in the form of Bookable Products using the Woo Bookings plugin, This differs from the Class training in that it requires the use of a graphical calendar widget (included) and Woo Bookings Resources (the actual personal trainers). These personal training sessions are not discounted for health club members.

3) This is related to item 2 (above) regarding discounting. We do use Woo Smart Coupons to establish prepaid volume discount coupons for anyone, whether a member or a non-member. For instance we are offering personal training session 10-packs at a 20% discount below the price of 10 separately purchased personal training sessions. Smart coupons allows us to sell a 10-pack coupon as an actual product, much like a gift certificate but tied to a specific product. The value of this 10-pack coupon gets smaller with use, which is very useful to us.

The Problems:

Both of the above solutions are adversely impacted by Woo Group Pricing. This plugin works well when limited to its use in signing up for Classes (item 1 above). However, the following is a list of problems caused by this plugin to other functionality:

1) Even though personal training sessions (bookable products) are discountable, they are never free. For some reason when a anyone books a training session it is always displayed as being free. When I deactivate Woo Group Pricing this behaves as it supposed, that is it displays a price.

2) As a result of the problems above the 10-pack of prepaid discount coupons never lose their initial value. This problem is really tied to the one just above.

3) All product sale prices never display. Only product base prices display. When Woo Group Pricing is deactivated product sale pricing will once again display.

We would very like to have these problems solved and would love to have your help with this.

Thank you very much.

Hi Signedon,
Please about support questions use the comments system in the plugin page.
Antonio B.

Hi Antonio, I did this already about 2 weeks ago. I also sent an email to You should see the contents of what I posted there from before. I will re-post this to that comment area you mentioned again.

Antonio B.

Hi! I’ve purchased the WooCommerce Group Pricing plugin.

I’ve a problem setting a Sale Price in WooCommerce. With your plugin Activated the front end doesn’t show the sale price. When I deactivate it the sale price regularly shows.

How can I solve the problem? Many thanx! Sergio

Hi Sergio,
please, to support questions using the comments system of the plugin page.
In Woocommerce->Groups Pricing you can select to apply the discount or not to sale price (if it exists).
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

Hi, How can I massively update the groups pricing? I am using WP All import to import all my products from a csv file and I can’t seem to find a way to update the groups pricing using this tool.

Is there a custom field I can edit to set the different group prices per product?


answered here.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

Then are the plugin compatible with WooCommerce 2.5.X? I have some issues then I upgraded to 2.5.2

Hi compressportdk,
it should be compatible with the last version. If you have a problem, please let me know using the plugin website comments system:
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

Hi! Presales question: does your plugin allow the possibility to hide the price for guest users?

Hi Marcelo,
sorry, the plugin doesn’t hide the prices to guest users.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.


lacomb Purchased

I was unable to get plugin to work. Author has been non-responsive. Wish I could get a refund but there does not appear to be a refund policy.

Hi lacomb,
If you have any problem with the settings, you can use the comments system in the plugin page:
If you want a refund, I have not problem with this, but you need to request it to codecanyon ( sorry, I can’t do it directly ).
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.


robphat Purchased

I was using this plugin on a site to change the prices based on Group membership, so that once someone buys a product, they are placed in a group that gives that product a price of $0. This makes it so that once they buy it, the price changes to free from there on. However, I also have some products that are Name Your Price (using the Name Your Price plugin). Groups pricing of course does not work on these.

Are you aware of any other way to simply hide the pricing elements generated by the Name Your Price plugin if the user is a member of a certain group?

Hi robphat,
really I don’t know that plugin. You could ask to the author about the filters that the plugin has, and using the Groups API you could create your own solution.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.


robphat Purchased

Yes Kento said the same thing in an email I sent him about it. But that level of customization is beyond my abilities. Is it something you could do for a fee?

Question – Can I set the group discount, in percentage or Number globally per group, and then in an individual product add an additional discount for that group?

So as an example: Group 1 gets 10% off all products. Then Product B they get an additional 5% or dollar amount off? So for product B priced at $100 they get the 10% off (from global discount) and an additional 5 dollar and 50 cents off? So their price for Product B is $84.50?


Hi roosites,
yes, you can set custom discount per products, so you can have a default 10% for the GroupA, and 15% for the ProductA and GroupA. But if you set ‘rate’ as discount method (you can select between rates or fixed amount), then both discounts ( default and the product ) use the same method.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

pre-sales inquiry. Can you add a role that is tax exempt?

Hi colourst,
sorry, the plugin add discount according to the user’s groups. But it doesn’t change the taxes applied.
Maybe you can use this code ( ) based on Groups to create your custom solution based on roles.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.


stane Purchased

Hi Antonio,

I’ve buy your plugin. Please can you say me if I can determine rate or amount for each product ? And not only one of them for all products.


Hi stane,
Sorry for the delay (I have not received this comment notification).
Yes, You can set values for each product.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

Just purchased latest version. It shows original and special price which is good, but instead of using ‘Was’ and ‘Now’ on the pricing line can this wording be altered to say ‘RRP’ and ‘Your price’

Hi printnet,
You can use the translations to translate these strings.
Also, you have available this filter:
apply_filters( 'wwo_group_pricing_display_original_prices', $text, $original_price, $price );
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.

Excellent Thanks.

Is this version 2.7 or is it 2.8 ?

You can get the last version from your downloads page:


but is this version 2.8 or 2.9 ?

An update came a couple days ago and I think that was 2.8

So is this 2.9 ?

You website does not say.

The last version is 2.9. Changelog updated.
Thanks !!

There is a number of issues that came up on installation.

1. If you have a retail store that sells a product including tax and sell at wholesale plus tax (which is normal) the plugin won’t allow this – it has to be one or the other and applied to both eg both are plus tax or both are inc tax.

2. The discount calculation for whatever reason doesn’t calculate correctly. I wanted to hit a whole price point I had to show a fixed discount per product – all good except it can’t calculate it correctly.

The $1,395 inc Tax retail had to be $744.79 +Tax – that’s a discount of 46.61%, if I entered that discount in it showed a net price of $739.35 – don’t know why.

Bro i have as a substitude for the Groups? Cuz i see no difference..

Does this plugin support custom discount by category?

Here I don’t decide prices.
Yes, you can set discounts per categories.

Envato decides? Also why not sell your other plugins here?


Pre-sales question.

I will set up an e-commerce site for selling physical products. A customer can get a discount on any products by buying a membership plan.

I have to buy 2 plugins, 1 for various pricing and 1 for membership, that’s right? Or do your plugin can do both?

thank you.

Hi pnam,
With our plugin you can set discounts to the users according to their groups.
If you need to sell membership plan, with Groups for Woocommerce you can do it ( ).
Kind regards, Antonio B.

Thanks for the fast reply.

To ensure I do understand right.

For example,

I provide a membership plan that cost $19 a year.

My site offers a shirt at $10 for a non-member and $5 for a member (running by your plugin). If customers want to buy the shirt at $5 member price, they have to buy a membership first (running by Groups).

Is it correct?

More questions,

Is your plugin can display both member and non-member prices on products? Is it support Thai Baht currency and Thai language? (optional) It can use with any payment gateway that supports woocommerce?

Thank you again.

Yes, this is correct. If you want to sell membership plan, you need the other integration (Groups for Woocommerce).
My plugin has an option to display both prices, the original, and the discounted price.
The plugin indludes English and Spanish translations, but using the Wordpress translation system, you can translate this to other languages.
Related to the gateways, it should not depend of the gateway used.
Kind regards,
Antonio B.

i try the ( group pricing ) plugin on a test site to decide if i use it or no. i am 99% to use it :). i have an issue . when i activate th plugin on a default price in a category that i have not add an discount i see that a price have by default 0.01% discount. example : i have a price 58.00 € . i dont touch the category that it is belong but i see that the price in frontend is 57.99 €. how could i fix it or what ihave done wrong ?

Hi Tselis,
please be sure that you have the latest version. If the problem persists, you can send me dashboard admin access to antonio[at]eggemplo[dot]com and I’ll have a look at your settings.
Kind regards,
Antonio B.

Are there any known bugs with the plugin affecting site speed? It seems to halve the site speed. The P3 plugin tells me sql queries have gone from a nominal 190 to over 11,000. We’re running the latest wordpress, woocommerce and groups plugin.

The plugin is incompatible with woocommerce add-ons plugin. The price in the cart will only reflect the discount applied to the price of the item. For example say I have a product for $1,000 that is discounted by this plugin to $800, but the user checks the box for an add-on that costs $100. The price in the cart will still say $800, the add-on cost is ignored. I have brought this up to the developer a number of times over the past year and a half and haven’t heard anything about a fix. Just a heads up for anyone who uses add-ons.

Hi ! Pre-Sale question : Is it possible to hide price for unconnected visitors and show price for connected visitors ?

sorry for the delay. This option is not available.
Kind Regards,
Antonio B.