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Excellent Work! :-)

Thank you! hope it comes in handy for you sometime :)

This sounds like what I am looking for. What I want is to have users (companies) register first, then assign pricing to them, different for every company. Is this what this can do?

You sure could. I think the best way to tackle this would be to set up a group for every company. So a user/company would register first, then you ( as the admin ) would create a group for them, assign them to that group and then assign pricing to that group. Does that make sense? If you then had multiple users within one company you could add them all to the same group and they’d see the same pricing.


Can i set the sale price in % ?

No sorry, the prices must be set as an actual value.

is this compatible with the new WooCommerce 2.6 release?

Good idea, this is a copy of my plugin:
I just report this to Codecanyon.

Hi, this is not a copy of your plugin. While very similar, your plugin operates in a different way. Your plugin allows the user to add discounts to each product, whereas this plugin allows the user to set a fixed price for each different group. I actually purchased your plugin for a client as that’s what they needed. However we had a different situation come up where we needed to be able to set the actual price instead of setting a discount. I’m not trying to draw traffic away from your plugin at all, just fill the gap for a different use case.

Awesome work guys! GLWS!

Best Support Ever! Had a slight conflict with another plugin and Matt handled it for me in moments! The other plugin dev hasn’t even responded to my question, so Matt saved the day.

Hey, can I easily create my own groups, independent of the user roles? This is anyway based on WP roles? Will we need another plugin? We are thinking about to get this plugin for the fulfillment of a crowdfunding campaign, so the supporters can get products without paying for this, but normal customers will pay the right price in our WooCoommerce store.

Hi there, sorry about the late reply! This plugin is intended to be used with the Groups plugin: it’s free and you are able to easily create your own groups.