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I put the start date and end date but does not appear to promote the product. The option is enabled the panel

Unanswered comments? No recent updates? Such a promising plugin, it’s a shame!

I tried to contact you several times regarding the plugin not working _ i think i want my money back now as there is no support and it isn’t working as described

leave a review…

i can decrease price over sell volumes? ( if sell 10 itens, not have discount, but after sell 20 itens, decrease 10%... etc…

Hi, is it possible to créate diferent % for each deal ? eg: if 10 qty = 10%, if 20 Qty = 20% ..

Does this still work?

The web demo doesn’t show any deal features!

is this works??????? no reply to comments…no working demo?

Hi, it seems your plugin isn’t ready to translate, eg:


could you add __( ‘text’, ‘woo_groupdeal’ ) in all you plugin please ?

thanks a lot fred


Could you please update your demo? I don’t see any deals.

Hi, can you tell me please if the when the customers pay ? when the deal it complete or before ? thx a lot for your answer..

Thank you for your awesome plugin.

Unlike your demo, the texts in the deal box are squeezed to left and I see no line divider appeared.

Please have a look my website below and see if anything wrong. ->


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damn it , should have read comments first , installed plugin , but no “add group” button anywhere

Before I buy the plugin I would like to confirm one thing: Is it really WPML compatible? For example, if I have 2 languages for my site, do I need to set up a deal for each language of the same product? Will the number of items sold for the same product in different language still the same?

From what I searched in this forum it seems the answer is no …. Please clarify if I am wrong? Thanks very much.

Cheers, Ming

I’m surprised this met Codecanyons criteria for being offered here. Goes to show you that money talk bullshit walks.

Looks like this producr hasn’t been updated in nearly two years. Does it still work with the latest version of woocommerce?


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Is this project still active?

Hi yes, may I help you with your problem?

pre-buy question: Will it work with Woocommerce Bookings?