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I am looking to create a group deal product where customers’ credit cards are NOT charged unless and until a certain number of the product are sold. For example, until say 8 are sold. Does this plugin allow me to do this?

Hi, no, but you can refund money if deal is not success.

Would this plugin work with Woocommerce Pre-Orders plugin to enable this functionality (i.e., not charging credit cards until goal is met)?

It might work, but we have not test it with Woocommerce Pre-Orders plugin.

good work, very nice ! all the best for your sales ;)

thanks! :D

i bought it, but can’t install it , the zip file is empty. pls check, thanks!

Please download “installable files only” there is something wrong with Envato upload system. We are aware of this problem, so we urge everyone to download “installable files only”.

Hi I am extremely interested to it as we are doing many group deals. But I am not sure if the “countdown” timer work with my theme. Can I purchase and if it doesn’t work, i get a refund or something?

Hello, no because we do not offer refunds for items that have been downloaded. Sorry.

Understood, is there any other way to check it? I worry about it because I once tried a similar plugin which it affect my theme ADD TO CART button. Hope you can help

We’ll try to do our best to sort it if there’s problem. That’s why you have support.

Hi I am extremely interested to it as we are doing many group deals. But I am not sure if the “countdown” timer work with my theme. Can I purchase and if it doesn’t work, i get a refund or something?

Hello, no we’re not refunding items that have been downloaded.

Hello, thanks for this good Plugin. But the Plugin did not work on my side. If I choose “groupby” on the productpage and start seeing them, I see no price, no timer, nothing. I am using wp 4.70, maybe thats the problem. Do you any idea where the issue is come from?

thanks for answering


I have replied to your email, no need to send both email and comment.

can you make this plugin translatable ? i’ve tried translating with Loco Translate, and it doesn’t work. thanks

there’s an error. you named it wc_groupbuy.pot in your plugin, but actually it needs to be wc-groupbuy.pot

you used wrong type of hyphen. you should rename the file and re-upload to CC

with renamed file, it works

We have error in text domain was wc-groupbuy instead of wc_groupbuy :( This will be sorted in next update.

I’ve a presale question
I know that under the terms of the license I can use the product only on one real site.
But I always make a copy of the site on localhost (to check for updates, etc.).
Will I be able to work with your plugin on my localhost and on a real site at the same time (simultaneously)?
Will I be available all the features without entering any key in the localhost?

Hello, yes it will work on localhost

Can a normal user create his own deal?

No, this is not possible without 3rd party multivendor plugin. Otherwise user has to have at least shop manager role to add deals (that include too many rights to give regular users, so you need multivendor plugin).

Thanks for replying. Do you have a recommendation for a 3rd party plugin?

Product Vendors should work.

Hi – very slick implementation!

May I ask what the feature roadmap looks like? I’m looking for a group buying plugin that has the following features:

1) the ability to set pricing/volume “tiers,” eg it takes 10 orders (or $100 worth of orders) to trigger the deal, but if we get 20 orders then everyone gets another 10% off, 50 orders and everyone gets 20% off etc.

2) the ability to reach the Minimum (or tiers) with orders from a pool of different products. So for example, the Minimum for the group buy is $200, but we don’t care whether it is made up of 20x Product A ($10) or 10x Product B ($20) or a combination, just the total needs to go over $200.

I understand that these are moderately complex features and I may end up purchasing your plugin without them but if something like these were on your roadmap it would make the decision a lot easier.

We don’t have that in our feature list for future… we want to keep it simple. So I won’t promise anything.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales =D

The site is not loading for some reason.

Which site? Demo https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-groupbuy/ ? Just checked it and it works fine.

thanks. it is working now.

- Ability to refund purchase if deal failed (payment processor has to support this feature!) – Do you know which payment processor supports refund purchase? Any good one that has a plugin to refund for this group buy?

- What happens if the deal is sold out? Is there a waiting list or email subscription mail for future notification who missed the deal or web-hook to open new page to subscribe users?


1. Stripe and PayPal support that feature 2. No. Nothing special happens, just people can not purchase deal anymore.

One more question

can I disable maximum # of deals if deals only depends on the timer such as 5 day sale.

Yes, you don’t have to set max number of deals.