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Hey, do you plan to add an option that more buys give a higher discout? Like 5 buys give a price X, 10 price Y and 15 price Z?

Hey, do you plan to add an option that more buys give a higher discout? Like 5 buys give a price X, 10 price Y and 15 price Z?

You can combine this with Simple Bulk Discount plugin to accomplish that.

hi, i’m about to buy your plugin, i have 2 questions :

1) is it possible to set the minimum of a group deal based on total order amount rather than buyers number ?

2) is it possible to put a deal on a seperate page in wordpress, or to have private posts with only a deal so i can send the link to some customers only ?

Thanks a lot.


1. not possible

2. yes, that’s possible, since every product in WooCommerce has visibility settings (Public, Password protected, Private)

Ok thanks for answering quickly, have a good day !

Hi Team, i want to decrease the price accordingly if total purchase quantity reaches a threshold.

For example, My group price is 20 if total purchase quantity reaches 20. will be 15, if quantity reaches 30

Does your plugin do this ?Please

Hi, price decrease is not possible at the moment.

Hi, we are going to buy Boxshop wp theme, i need to know is this plugin working with that theme, and if we put this will it change item listening style, i mean theme has nice style, after we put this plugin will it change like ur demo?

Hello, if theme is compatible with WooCommerce then it should all work just fine.

Thank u! & will it change product listening style?

Our plugin does not change listing styles.

I am planing to buy this plug-in but if it can make a discount based on total purchase quantity from my stocks as explained richardmaxx’s comment. If you can add such feature I will buy and could be many people to buy this plug-in.

We’re planning that for future update.

Are there instructions somewhere as to how to integrate Simple Bulk Discounts and Group Buy and Deals so that a store can have incremental price discounts. (5 buys give a price X, 10 price Y and 15 price Z)???


Hi, I guess I didn’t make my question clear. I was asking which one of the two plugin links I posted was the one you were referring to. We already purchased the second one but then I found the first link and wondered if that was the one you meant. Are you familiar with both? Would either work for the purpose I asked about above?

Both should do it.


Does plugin support display the count down time for the categoreies, rather than products only



no, only by products. It creates custom product type.


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Is there a live demo of admin so i can see the entire posting process? Thanks.


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Are there field like “Highlights”, “What you’ll get” , and “Fine print”?


we do no provide demo login for admin. You have screenshots in plugin profile for that. Fields mentioned are something you need to implement yourself.

Does this work with Variable Products?

Hi, no, one group buy should be for 1 variation.