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I’m getting this error, is this a Woocommerce issue? “woocomerce_price is deprecated since version 3.0! Use wc_price instead… /wp-inclues/functions.php on line 3831”

Got it. For the future, I have to delete the plug-in then re-install? And to confirm, I won’t lose any data from current live deals, correct?

Yes, that’s safest way to update. No data will be lost.

Ok, thanks for confirming!


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The filed “Group buy available from date” and “Group buy available to date ” cannot save The error message is: Please match the requested format

No need to send comment since you allready contacted us via email.

Woocommerce upgraded to 3.1.1, when will the latest plugin be available so that I can update? Thx

Group Buy Deals supports that version of WooCommerce. So no need for any updates.

Ok, great! Thx

A pre sale question. Will it compatible with group buy themes, such as kupon https://themeforest.net/item/group-buying-theme-daily-deals-marketplace-kupon/12372781

If it supports WooCommerce then it should be compatible.

Ok, thanks for confirming!

Could I use wp_cron to run this plugin where the host do not support cron job. If could, how about the performance compare with the cron job. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_cron

No, that’s not possible. You need to use something like this http://goo.gl/yXNQTS if your host does not support cronjobs.

Ok, thanks for confirming!

Hello, does it support same person buy more than one product?if yes what about shipping fee? thank you

Yes. Shipping fee is defined in Woocommerce.

Hi again any beautiful theme that is compatible with your plugin? I wonder if rehub is good fit.

All themes that have valid WooCommerce support work with this plugin.

I’ve been trying to use this plugin on other themes, but I can’t get the pricing/countdown and buy button to show up on the product pages. I also am not getting the calendar icons to post in the editor. How do I resolve? Here is the theme: https://themeforest.net/item/negan-clean-minimal-woocommerce-theme/19995001

So, I found where the calendar is…its at the bottom of the page, but its layer under the left side navigation now. I still can’t fully control it though.

Going through the forums, and I’m having the same problem as @Chiuz. “The field “Group buy available from date” and “Group buy available to date ” cannot save The error message is: Please match the requested format”

This happens usually when 3rd party plugin overrides default WP date picker. You need to find out which one is causing that.

can i apply date by hour only for example deal is active only for 15 hour only? after the customer purchased the deal are he get a coupon template by email to redeem it?

my used themes is Topdeal by WP provided by woocomerce

so if this deal in restaurant how the customer redeem the coupon there?

You need to implement your own specific business process if you have some specifics like resaturant. Or you can simplify it and use just order number as coupon number.

Hi, is possible for a customer pay partial?

Hello, no

Hi, I have downloaded the plugin but it seems that the plugin can’t be installed. I have tried both the uploading of the plugin via Wordpress or through directory. Both methods don’t work.

Can I know how to fix this ?

Hello, please read documentation and installation instructions. You need to download installable WordPress files only.

Привет, совместима с wc vendors? планируется ли интеграция с galaxy funder?

Should work with WC Vendors, but we would recommend Product Vendors instead. If there is gateway for WooCommerce for that system then yes, otherwise we don’t have plans to do some kind of special integration.

Great support!Fast response to my questions with patience, time and time again. Thank you!

We have new ticketing support system https://support.wpgenie.org/ hopefully will enable us to provide better and faster support for all our clients. System is SSL enabled and you can send us safely sensitive info.

This is now default way to get support for all our items. You will need to have valid item purchase and “supported” badge to access it.


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Can I use your plugin for product as a Variable product, I mean with different price options?

Hello, no, group buy is special product type. It’s meant to be used as single variation, not with many options with different prices.

We have introduced ticket system https://support.wpgenie.org/ which requires valid support for item (you need to have green SUPPORTED badge). We just can’t support indefinitely users with one time purchase.

Note that users without support can download all new updates.


miata2 Purchased

Hi, my ticket #282 was closed immediately, the issue wasn’t even solved!?

I’ve reopened it with explanation (you can also reopen ticket anytime), here is screenshot http://storage.wpgenie.org/m/unnamed%2ejpg

Everything on that screenshot is ok. Check how progress bar looks like on our demo https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-groupbuy/product/rock-music-concert/

Dear wpgenie,

I am interested to purchase the plugin, can it set like this screenshot : http://prntscr.com/gvx2wz.

Can I have the websites that using this plugin?



You will have to find web developer to help you develop that kind of site. It’s whole project, not just modification of plugin.


My backend site like this : http://prntscr.com/gwbnal And my frontend site like this : http://prntscr.com/gwbnw0

1. Can it work like that setting ? – compatible with plugin WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels and Woocommerce Easy Booking 2. Can I set time format only days, hours, minutes, and seconds only (without months and weeks)? 3. Can I set time format in color box?



No, please check plugin’s documentation to see its features.

Hi, I have a couple of pre-purchase questions.

1) I see it takes payment at the time the person buys the item, even if the deal is unlocked yet due to number of sales. I assume this uses the normal payment gateways? If so, I would assume if we set the Paypal gateway to ‘authorize’ instead of ‘Sale’ then we woiuldn’t be taking payment until we initiate the payments ourselves? We don’t want people paying at time they ‘purchase’, but instead want to take payment once the deal is closed.

2) I can’t see any mention of the deal price dropping in line with number of purchases (just like TV shopping channels do, such as Gemporia do) I suspect this isn’t possible as the payment is taken immediately. I also have your ‘WooCommerce Drop / Raise Prices’ which is great. SO you have the code to do a price drop on a set requirement (in that case, time). Are there any plans to do some sort of work so the group buy plugin has the ability to use the price drop feature triggered on number of purchases???

Thanks Gavin.


1. plugin only creates order, how you handle that it’s up to you, read FAQ item no 17 https://wpgenie.org/woocommerce-groupbuy/documentation/#faq

2. for now no