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Hi someone ordered a group buy from me and i set it to processing then to complete but either way the progress bar in product page didn’t count 1 new order

What’s the problem?

We would have to check this. You can mail us your wp-admin url and login to our email.


Replied via mail.


smjung Purchased

Hello. For test, I tried to buy 5 items and canceled this order. But “Deals sold:5” & the status bar doesn’t go back to 0. How can I fix it? Thank you.


this happens only if order was completed and then cancelled. So in that case purchases have been logged and you need to go to edit product -> groupbuy History block and manually delete entried there. After that status bar will be zero again.

We will add this feature in next update too, plugin will automatically do this.


Fabri-k Purchased

Hu, I ve some Pre sales questions:

1-is there a easy way to use stripe, to put a crowfinding system paiement, customer are only charged if the deal is successful? Do you plan to add this kind of functions?

-2-do you accept contract for code modification?

3- does the code add a new shop design, or it only add the green bar and the timer to the one already exist.


No, our plugin is coded with feature to refund deal payment if deal does not succeed. We have never test our plugin with crowdfunding type of payments so I can’t really say.


Fabri-k Purchased

Do you plan do add this feature soon. If not can you charge for add it in custom work?

Right now we’re not planning this, but will add this to TODO list.

One presale question? Is it possible to take orders and deliver the products for each single order placed? and count as success but sale ends in specified time even if the set numbers reached or not? so i can honor the customers who purchased it.

No, not possible

Group buy minimum quantity not meet-fail—when customer group buy a product for 5 units, if the group buy fail didn’t meet the minimum then goes fail, it will send e-mail to custoemr 5 times saying group buy fail, can we just send just one e-mail to let custoemr know?

We will add this on todo list, thx

I have replied to your email, please do not send support to email and comments. Please contact us via email or comments.

Message send


Hello, When is your next update? Thank you.

Should be soon, but you can contact us over email to get our latest dev version.

Hello, can we remove the time zone & can we rename the “participate” text on the button? thanks

You need to purchase licence before you can get support.

Respected author, I asked can we, not how to. It is a pre sale question.’thanks

Yes, you can do that.


I am using this plugin & the problem i am facing is with the WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin.

When i am creating a group by product in my default language and product deal finished, in the proudct detail page no error notice coming which is good.

And if i create a group by prouduct in my default language and tranlate it into another language then also its working without any error messages.

Problem arises here: When i am creating a group by proudct in my other language (Eg: Spanish) and proudct deal finished its gives me the error message in the product detail page “Product deal finished” in the white background and nothing appears in that page and also in the backend for that particular language no proudcts showing and same error message showing there as well.

And when i deactivate WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin and activate it again then that error message not displayed and everything seems to be working fine.

As i have seen in the documentation its compatible with WPML, but not working in my case…

So Please Reply into this matter ASAP, As i am stuck in between..


You need to purchase licence if you want to get support.


juhagstr Purchased

Hello wpgenie, I’ve sent you email regarding the above issue, I have bought the licence. Thanks.

ok, we will reply via email

Hi pre-sale questions: what if my timer is only for few minutes, will it still display the year, month, day?

Hello, no, only minutes and seconds.

Sorry, only hours, mins and seconds. So timer will look like 0 hours X mins X secs


rashidi4 Purchased

I would like to be able to add different tiers based on quantity. For example, 10 for $100, 15 for $75, and 20 for $50. Is that possible? Thanks


rashidi4 Purchased

Ok, thanks. Could a developer customize that for me? (Obviously that would probably limit my support from you if the code was modified) Thx

You can get this feature by combining our Simple Bulk Discount and Group Buy plugin. Once group buy is defined you go to simple bulk discount for that product and define fixed fee discount – check screenshot https://wpgenie.org/screenshot/group_buy_simple_bulk_discount.png


rashidi4 Purchased

Ok, great, thanks!

Please check your inbox. Also, i have questions regarding the emails that the plugin sends to customer if a deal succeed or fail. Are these emails sent as an addition to the ordinary Woocommerce emails or are the Wooccomerce email not sent when the products is setup as a deal?

Yes, in addition to ordinary Woocomerce email notifications which are related to that specific custom product type (group buy).

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Pre-sale questions: So I came across your product through another product who promoted their video for one of their features: https://vimeo.com/48532142

Is it possible to integrate this bulk sale in with Facebook like that? Any documentation on how to integrate it into the Facebook shop like that? (again, this is pre-sales so if there is documentation, that’s all I need to know or if support would help with integration like that)

Secondly, I want some clarity on how this works. So with this group discount, say we want to hit 500 people for the discount, each individual would have to order (for simplistic sake, each person ordering only 1 item), 1) I think it’s mentioned that we can allow more than 500 to buy the discount so ending it would be based on just the timer, correct? 2) It sounds like you collect the money upfront, the program makes sure the money is in the account to verify that it is indeed an order and then puts it on the order counter. 3) This sounds like a great way to launch a pre-sale item so we know how much to order, is there a way to contact these people (are emails collected like a typical woocommerce member?) once they place the order reminding them it is a pre-order item and that items won’t be shipped for x-x weeks?

Now on point 3 above, and looping back to my first question in regards to Facebook shop integration like the video, when they order through facebook shops like that (I’ve never done this personally), is that information collected through Woocommerce? I’m not sure if you will know this answer and I’m hoping you also have another plugin on the site that will help with that facebook integration and that bulk sale promotion on the facebook page.

Sorry for the long winded pre-sales question. We haven’t launched yet and finding things like this gets me a little excited about the potential it can have on a start up. I appreciate anyone’s time they will take in answering these questions!

If you can integrate Woocommerce shop with FB then you can use this plugin. Yes, you can use it for preorders.

Whats happening? I’ve sen’t you 3 emails without any response?

Oh, ok, didnt now that, sorry. Thought it was an issue with the plugin due to latest Woocommerce update.

We have added .groupbuy-time {width: 100%;} to your custom CSS in your theme. Noticed that there are some other thing will reply via email.

Thanks, this solved the issue with the timer so great! I also sent an e-mail.

Hi, i had Pre-sale Questions..

I’m thinking right when i think: - this is an “Groupon Theme”? - from where the Deals where imported? - Did the import works automatical?

No, this is group buy / groupon plugin for Woocommerce. Please check documentation and demo. Deals are not imported from anywhere, you just get abilitiy to create deals within WooCommerce.

okay, one other Question. At Groupon i can only purchase one deals at the same Time. Here i can buy more? How Data will synced to payment provider?

Please read documentation. There is no data syncing with payment provider, once you commit to buy deal or deals you go to checkout and make payment.