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Thanks for your great plugin!

One question. How can i remove this braces?

I have marked them in green!

Can’t seem to delete them, so stupid =)


Hi, I don’t see any relevant screenshot on the URL you sent…

Can I give a one off discount for selected items in my store instead of giving away for free?

Let me know



Hi, this is unfortunatelly not possible with this plugin.

So I can use this plugin to create a coupon code that will add a product to cart with the price reduction set by the coupon?

Can I create one coupon that will add a free product to cart and also give a $ discount on the order?

Can this be used to add hidden products to the cart?

Will this work with woocommerce 2.0x?



You configure a gift product in the administration area (in coupon settings). After the customer applies this cuppon, he/she will get the gift product for free.

The plugin works with WooCommerce 2.0.x and 2.1.x as well.

Is there a shortcode to display the number of coupons left (for instance, if I wanted to set 25 uses, a shortcode to display the number of uses remaining)?

No, there is not such a shortcode implemented in this plugin.

THIS PLUGIN DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO INSERT A PRODUCT INTO A CART WITH A COUPON. I don’t see how this is any different than standard woocommerce coupon codes!!

I’m really sorry that the plugin didn’t meet your expectations. As I pointed in the comment above, the gift is not added directly to the cart but it is displayed in the summary table below the cart and it is displayed in the order review page as well.

The screenshots on the plugin page suggest that it works in this way.

Maybe the plugin isn’t working correctly then, because I’m not seeing it in summary or on the order review page, or in the order on the back end of the site…?

Hmm, there are sometimes issues with unofficial themes (i.e. those not directly from WooThemes). They are usually lacking calling a hook (action or filter) recommended by the WooThemes guidelines. I’m going to extend the documentation with a troubleshooting section regarding these issues.

Hi Renp, I have purchased your plugin and installed it but unfortunately it is not working on my website. I sent you an email with the website details over a week ago. Would you be able to take a look at the problem at your earliest convenience please.

Thanks and regards, Marty.

Hi Marty, I’ve just replied to your email regarding this issue. I’m figuring out the problem.

So the main problem is (as I described in my recent email) with the compatibility with your theme. The theme apparently lacks calling a necessary hook. This seems to happen with some themes and I’m going to extend the documentation with a troubleshooting section soon in order to prevent these incompatibility issues for you and for others.

Hi there,

I just bought this plugin and have installed it on my site. I’m able to select “Free Gift” in the coupon settings but I am not able to specify the free gift.

The website has the following parameters:

WC Version: 2.1.10 WC Database Version: 2.1.10 WP Version: 3.9.2 WP Multisite Enabled: No Web Server Info: Apache PHP Version: 5.3.3 MySQL Version: 5.5.14

Can you please help?


Hi, this is probably a problem of compatibility with the theme you are using. Unfortunately, some unofficial WooCommerce themes don’t call all the necessary WooCommerce hooks. In the documentation to Free Gift Coupons plugin there is a troubleshooting section which describes what actions to perform in order to fix this issue. Let me know in case of further questions.

Hi, thanks for the responce. What you suggested makes sense however my theme does not use any of the templates for the cart. Your documentation says the necessary hook is contained in ‘cart/total.php’. The most recent version of woocommerce has the hook in ‘cart/cart-total.php’. Could that be the issue? Thanks! Ciaran

Yes, you are right, in the newest WooCommerce version the template file is cart-totals.php. The custom themes usually have their own versions of these template files under their theme folder. The process of figuring out what exactly to fix may be sometimes a bit difficult. I would suggest that you contact the support of your theme and report that their theme doesn’t call the woocommerce_cart_totals_before_order_total hook on the appropriate place. Hope that helps. R.


Great plugin! Is it also possible to buy a gift coupon for someone else?


Hi, this is not how the plugin works, but I believe that there are already different plugins for this task.


Previously did the code automatically apply when conditions apply?

Example: Purchase A and B, and you get $1 off for B.

It’s not automatically applying now


We need to find a solution for gift vouchers and woo commerce We need the plugin to… - instantly email a voucher upon purchasing one - able to pick a spa treatment / package rather than a dollar amount - able to pick a $ amount from $20 and up - able to send pdf voucher direct to customer or recipient for $ amount (min $20) - able to send a pdf voucher direct to customer or recipient for a particular treatment without the $ amount on the voucher (ie you have been gifted a “massage package” etc..) - need to be able to email direct to the 3rd party

Can you let me know if your plugin will do this? Thanks

When will this plugin work with products with Variations?


I’m searching for a plugin that allows me to do the following: - Bulk generate 1500 coupons with unique code - Apply those coupon only on 2 products - Usable only once per client - The coupon apply a 100% OFF, shipping included

Can I do that with one of your plugin?

No, bulk generation of coupons is not possible with this plugin.


I’ve made a mistake, we just bought “free gift” but definitly, we need “free gift coupon” First : did you already solve the ’’unexpected token issue’’ : Compatibility issue with WooCommerce 2.4 resolved like inb your other extension ? Second question : is that possible to exchange (+1$ of course…) Thanks,

Yes, the compatibility issue regarding unexpected token has been resolved in other plugins.

Hello, we have this, do you know how to fix it please? Thank you.

Fatal error: Call to a member function is_in_stock() on a non-object in /nas/content/staging/tsoonline/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-gift-coupons/woocommerce-gift-coupons.php on line 486

Hi, please comment out this line in woocommerce-gift-coupons.php:
add_action( 'admin_notices', array( $this, 'check_in_stock' ) );
I will provide a fix in next version, for now just use this tweak.

Is there any way to automatically generate a coupon customer’s birthday?

No, this has been not implemented.

Hello, we have some troubles with the plugin : Sometimes it doesn’t add the gift on the cart, don’t know why… But we can deal with it other ways. The main problem is that taxes are not calculated on every products lines in orders where the gift is applied… Which is a great issue for our accounter as no VAT is available in our accounts for these orders. Does anybody has the same issue here ? Thanks,

Hello, can you disable all other WooCommerce plugins and test some purchases?

May I clarify if the plugin can apply to two free gifts or more free gifts with 1 coupon code? Or it just can apply for one free gift with 1 coupon code? Thanks!

Hi, each coupon code is for one gift.

Will this plugin add a sku to the order? Or just a note? I need to know what my distributor will see on their new order notification. (I’m trying to use this plugin to give a free gift after a existing coupon for cart-discount is added). Thanks

It adds the product to the order as any other product, with price set to zero. There is also a meta tag visible on orders admin page which confirms that the product is a free gift.

Thanks for reply. So to your knowledge is it possible to have 1 coupon set up that does 2 things… a % cart discount AND adds a free gift to the customers cart? Can you specify where in your plugin I define this? Thanks

Well it wasn’t probably clear to me at the beginning. This plugin ONLY adds a free gift by applying a coupon code.

can it be auto apply the coupon after the requirement met ?

It works based on standard WooCommerce coupon system and I think there is no such option.


darkn Purchased

since the last woocomemrce update, your plugin seems to hide my admin area in wordpress…can just see the menu on the left side, no content (only backend)...if I disable gift coupons, everything works finde…any idea`?


darkn Purchased

still not working