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Very nice work, big sales to you :)

very nice work on this , congratulations :) i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales ;)

Hi, your app looks interesting. Before I purchase can you confirm the following: I have an online store with multiple products amd currently use both Woocommerce and GetResponse. Using this Woocommerce Getresponse Integration I can add purchasers of each different product into different lists on get response and automatically trigger different email sequences for each of those lists. I currently have the GetResponse app, but that only allows me to automatically add purchasers to one list Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your message. Using this plugin,you can easily add purchasers of each different product into different lists on get response and automatically trigger different email sequences for each of those lists.

Thank you!

Hello question about the “Enter Getresponse Contact List Id” because in your video you select the List Token, and i’m lil bit confused. Is need to wirte the List Token or the List ID?

Becuase i put the List Token ..but the tag is not pass to gestresponse user.

Thanks so much Michele

My mistake. Is correct use the ID Token, but is need put the tag without any capital letters inside because in getresponse the tag will save without capital letters. Thanks great plugin 10+

Hi, thank you for your comment , You can add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan

Hi – I just purchased. Looks good so far, except you are going to get alot of issues/questions around your labels. It seems that you need to use the List Token, not the List ID. But, in the plugin, you have it labeled List ID. I would change this in your next update or this comment section is going to be filled with the same problem. If this plugin works as advertised, you have solved a big headache for many people! Thanks

Hi, you can add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan . I can check the issue for you

Very good support. Author did a skype call to identify the issue and promptly sent me a fix. It works, very happy.

Great support. I have several payment methods and one of them is bank transfer, so I need to confirm the payment before adding the contact to Get Response. I need the contact to be added only when the order is complete. I wrote asking for help and in few hours I got what I needed. TOP service!

Hi, admin.

I’m selling an info product (Ebooks and video course) via WooCommerce, and I want the email to include the access to the product download page upon order completion.

I have purchased and installed the plugin in my Wordpress, and edited the product to integrate with the right list using the right token.

However, the contacts are not automatically added into Autoresponder Cycle ‘0’.

How do I resolve this?

lets add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan

Hi, i just added the function for adding people to Autoresponder Cycle 0

I would like to say thank to your help! Support is really promt :) And the plugin is awesome, exactly what I want.

Doesn’t work. API is there, list token also.. But it doesn’t add customers to the list…

Hi, Thanks for your comment! Lets add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan . i will check it for you

Thank you very much, super-great support with speed of light, it all works now! Thanks!

Hello is possibile setup 2 or 3 tags for 1 specific product? For example Product1, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3? thanks

hi, sorry. i mixed your comment with another plugin. you can enter one tag for a single product. if you want to apply multiple tags for a single product, you can start an automation and in that automation you can set up multiple tags .

ok well 1 product = 1 tag. Thanks

Hello. Besides tracking sales, does this plugin allow as well to track abandoned carts? Thank you.

Hi, i’ve a problem with plugin… Don’t Work.. it’s all set correctly but don’t send user at list on Getresponse.. The plugin Work only on simple product? Because i need work on my woocommerce course.

Hi, thank you for your message. I think you are missing something. lets add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan . i can check it for you

Hi! Im very interested in this plugin. I just want to ask you, is it possible to send personalized emails? Like abandoned cart emails where you show the user the exact products they were looking at. Thank you!

It will require some extra customization . lets add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan

Hi man sorry i didn’t see the reply. One last question before i buy it, this plugin doesnt require any opt-in right? is just for customers data in the back-end. Thank you.

Hi, looks very promising – does this plugin perform any sort of 2 way sync?

I mean, if a customer is cancelled or deleted in WooCommerce site, does is effect the contact on GR?

Or, if a contact is edited or removed on GR, does that somehow effect the WP customer in WooCommerce?

I don’t even say it is good or bad, just want to know – thanks!


We just purchased the plugin – will test it soon! It looks very simple and functional, which is great!

Now, as far as I understand the GR integration is only for purchasing customers – do you plan to add integration for people that simply sign up on site without purchasing?

It’s kind of basic, but very useful because we allow people to sign up on the site for free and then do followup to offer more value and of course promote paid products as well.

Please let us know, thanks!

I will check it :)

Hi again, tested the plugin – tried using tags in English and in Hebrew. The contacts simply are not being added…

So currently, is does not work for us – please, help us make it work.


please test it now :)

We are going to migrate our WordPress Project to another Hosting and Domain.

Our question is your Plugin after migration will work normally in our other Hosting.

Please clarify that detail or your recommendation for our migration to another Hosting and Domain and have no problem with your Plugin.

hi, the plugin will have no problem while you are migrating to another Hosting

I followed all the configuration steps of the WooResponse Plugin, but at the time that the customer makes the purchase of the product the mail is not stored in the configured list of the GetResponse.

I attach the screens. Toy Bone (ID and Tag Name) GetResponse list I always had two emails on that list. When the customer bought, the third email must be saved.

Please provide the necessary support. Email:

sorry, i used this email : . i am sending to here now : . please check it now.

We have already made the change of ID by the TOKEN, let’s make sure everything works correctly.

you can send your wp and getresponse login to my email address. then i can take a look of your setting

pre-sales question:

Is it possible with your plugin to add a customer to a specific getresponse list e.g. “unpaid” if you’re awaiting the payment of that customer?

And if you mark the order manually as paid in woocommerce the user should be removed from that list called “unpaid”.

So I want to determine specific customers to their chosen payment method. Is that possible?

its possible. lets add me on skype : mdratulbinhasan

Hi, this plugin works with these products: virtual, product simple, subscriptions and memberships? Do you have an abandoned cart? Can I send a welcome email to anyone who has bought me any of the products mentioned?