Live Product Editor for WooCommerce

Live Product Editor for WooCommerce

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Live Product Editor for WooCommerce 4.2.4

The ultimate tool for managing WooCommerce shops, right at the frontend, featuring live product editing! It has never been this easy to manage a professional online store! WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager integrates itself all over your shops frontend and adds the live editing product functionality. It supports product archives, single products, and even the shortcodes! All Wordpress templates are supported by default. This tool will improve your shop, and will save you a lot of time spent on managing your products. Well, WooCommerce just got better! Get up to 50% more time for you life! Check the demo at this link.

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Live Product Editor for WooCommerce

Now you can easily edit your products from your shops frontend thanks to the WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager plugin. Change prices, manage stock, even add taxonomy terms, categories and attributes or just add some new images to the product gallery. All live editing, directly from the site archives, single product pages, or even shortcodes. Works with EVERY template! Guaranteed!

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Product editing for tablets, handheld, phone and small screen devices!

Editing products from the backend using a tablet or a phone is complicated. WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager improves the product editing experience on these devices dramatically. The easiest product managing on the iPhone and iPad. Full support and quick controls right at your fingertips!

Easy WooCommerce Integration

Plugin integrates itself in your shop automatically. Every user that has a role to manage the store will have the access to it just like he has to the product editing screen, only now on the frontend. The WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager icons will appear on all possible products. On click the manager starts and the editing can start! Quickly and easily!

Multi Vendor Support

Ignite WooCommerce Vendor Stores, WooThemes Product Vendors, WC Vendors and similar plugins are supported! Store vendors will only be able to edit their products.

Supported WooCommerce Product Settings

These options are already integrated. WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager updates and bug fixes are free for a lifetime! New options will be added in the updates.

  • Downloadable Products! Full Support!
  • Product Shipping
  • Product Taxes
  • Extra Options
  • Creating Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate Products from the Frontend!
  • Cloning and Deleting Products
  • Managing Variations, Creating, Deleting
  • Full Vendor Support! – Vendor Editing Restriction Groups
  • Product Content and Description
  • Simple, Variable, External/Affiliate and Grouped Products Support!
  • Product Name
  • Product Slug
  • Product Featured Image
  • Product Gallery
  • Prices, Sale Prices
  • Schedule Sales
  • Stock Management
  • Product Grouping
  • Product Categories, Tags
  • Categories, Tags New Term Creation
  • Product Attributes
  • New Attribute and New Attribute Term Creation
  • Variable Products
  • Variable Attributes
  • Variable Featured Images
  • Variable Prices, Sale Prices
  • Variable Schedule Sale
  • Variable Stock Management
  • External/Affiliate Product Links

Do you need more features for the WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager?

Post your wanted features in the item comments! The goal is to implement all the WooCommerce product settings in the live manager, but lets do the important ones first!

Live Product Editor for WooCommerce - 5 NEW CHANGELOG

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+ Live Product Editor for WooCommerce 4.1.5 - 24. January 2019.
- added support for WooCommerce 3.5.4, WordPress 5.0.3

+ Live Product Editor for WooCommerce 4.1.3 - 2. November 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.1 support

+ Live Product Editor for WooCommerce 4.1.3 - 2. November 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.1 support

+ Live Product Editor for WooCommerce 4.1.2 - 25. October 2018.
- added WooCommerce 3.5.0 support

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.1.1 - 21. September 2018.
- added export/import, backup/restore and reset options

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.1.1 - 21. September 2018.
- added export/import, backup/restore and reset options

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.1.1 - 21. September 2018.
- added export/import, backup/restore and reset options

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.1.0 - 10. August 2018.
- removed automatic updates and registration! to get automatic updates from WordPress Dashboard use the Envato Market ( plugin
- updated admin panel to 1.0.7
- updated and improved plugin documentation

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.0.5 - 24. May 2018.
- updated admin panel to 1.0.6

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.0.4 - 5. May 2018.
- updated admin panel to 1.0.5

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager 4.0.3 - 21. April 2018.
- added option to force loading of javascript, this fixes issues when AJAX is used, or in quickview mode
- fixed admin problems with saving/ordering vendor groups/custom options
- fixed admin option names not set
- updated admin panel to 1.0.4

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v4.0.2 - 31. March 2018.
- fixed admin issues in general
- fixed admin vendor groups users issues and bugs
- fixed admin saving/loading issues and bugs when adding groups or options, but not setting them entirely
- fixed admin settings load
- fixed admin lists add/remove issues and bugs
- fixed admin vendor and custom options ordering issues
- fixed style not set *4.0.x bugs

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v4.0.1 - 18. March 2018.
- fixed purchase code/registration issues
- fixed warning: array_intersect()/in_array: argument is not an array in woocommerce-frontend-shop-manager\includes\wfsm-frontend.php on line 100, 108, 113, 117, 121, 125

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v4.0.0 - 9. February 2018.
- added completely new admin panel! developed to suit the performance and precision standards of all plugins! you will love it <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" /> expect quicker load times in all WP pages!
- fixed content and description editor bugs

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.4.3 - 20. December 2017.
- fixed automatic updates

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.4.2 - 21. November 2017.
- fixed removed admin translations

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.4.1 - 17. August 2017.
- fixed featured product bugs with WooCommerce 3.0.x+

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.4.0 - 20. June 2017.
- added tinymce editor for product posts and description
- added custom taxonomy support
- added custom shortcode for creating new products that can be inserted anywhere [wfsm_new_product]
- added filters, actions and support for custom options added using plugins (check documentataon for more)
- added dokan vendors plugin support + more
- fixed delete product when newly created product isn't saved
- fixed WC 3.0.x+ compatibility and deprecated functions
- fixed all scripts

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.3.0 - 31. May 2016.
- added custom editable fields! now you can add custom fields from the postmeta table! all custom product meta can be edited. supported options at the moment are selectbox, checkbox, input and textarea!
- added priorities for custom installations
- add specific theme installations and improved documentation
- fixed don't load scripts when WFSM is not active on page
- fixed variable download expiry bug
- fixed default init action for fixing product images not clickable realted issues
- fixed variable products and stock managing
- fixed responsive description
- fixed @import styles and fonts CSS imports

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.2.0 - 4. March 2016.
- added automatic updates! from now on we have the automatic updates!! when the new manager is released you can update it hassle free directly from your Wordpress!
- added vendor product limit
- added vendor backend restrictions
- fixed reworked the content and description editors in order to work with all themes
- fixed a few glitches

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.1.1
- fixed notices on settings save and missing user permissions and groups
- fixed notice on adding new variable products
- fixed more issues with the theme compatibility and the content and description editors

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.1.0
- fixed content and description editors, bugs issues, style issues
- fixed theme style interference and z-index positioning (X, Avada)
- fixed missing jQuery UI datepicker bugs on content and description editing
- fixed missing jQuery UI datepicker styles and images
- fixed missing ajaxurl bugs

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v3.0.0
- added downloadable products / variable and simple products support
- added virtual products support, product shipping, weight, width, height, length / variable product supported
- added product taxes / variable product supported
- added featured product
- added sold individually
- added purchase note
- added new vendor permissions (Create Custom Products, Add New Taxonomy Terms, Downloadable Products, Manage Downloads, Manage Download Extended Settings, Product Purchase Note, Sold Individually, Virtual Products, Product Shipping, Product Tax, Product External Button Text)
- added create custom product types
- added new product virtual by default
- added new product downloadable by default
- added new dark manager skin
- improved product saving
- fixed textdomain issues

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v2.3.0
- fixed bugs with vendor plugins, ajax permissions
- fixed icons bugs
- fixed translation issues and javascript errors

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v2.2.0
- improved better vendor plugins support, like WC Vendors support
- improved plugin security
- fixed update variations and attributes bugs

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v2.1.0
- added support for international character sets (e.g. ??áéü) in taxonomies, slugs

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v2.0.0
- added create product from the WooCommerce frontend (simple, grouped, external/affilate, variable product)
- added variable attributes
- added add variation
- added delete variation
- added duplicate product
- added delete product
- added default vendor editing restrictions
- added vendor restricted editing groups
- added change logo option
- added show logged in user instead of logo mode
- added flat manager style
- added show pending and draft posts in the archives setting
- added TinyMCE frontend editor for product content and description
- added post status editing
- added post content editing
- added post description editing
- added post slug editing
- added full guide video
- fixed prices with decimals not saved
- fixed WPML product issues, now products are edited in their original language

+ WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager v1.0.1
- added multi vendor plugins support (Ignite WooCommerce Vendor Stores and WooThemes Product Vendors) !
- added Spanish translation

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