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Hi, On my previous website the plugin works great but i moved it to another website and now it’s not working :(

Can you help me please?


Hi Mi Toetie,

Could you please contact us at with additional details about the website the plugin is not working. We will proceed with the support process from there.

Thank you.

Best regards from Nigamo Toeam

Hi, I have added your plugin. Which seems to be working OK but there is one issue i cannot resolve. My free shipping threshold is set to $99. So free shipping does not show until that is reached however I need another shipping method to show from $0-$99 how do i do this? Thanks

Hi Chrissohazza,

We would like to receive more details on the issue. Could you please send more information about the shipping method you need at and we’ll continue the communication there.

Best regards from Nigamo Team

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the plugin. Does it work with multiple currencies? Meaning if I have set a minimum amount for free shipping that is different in different currencies, will it be able to adjust dynamically to the currency the user is seeing prices in.

Hello arunwolf,

Could you please let me know what plugin do you use for the multi currency functionality in WooCommerce.

Thank you.


I’m using both the core plugin as well as the advanced options add on of this plugin –


Could you please send us additional information about your website at

Thank you!

Hi, it’s possible to show the notification with shortcode?

Hello adriboixet,

Thank you for the interest in our plugin. Currently the messages are shown via the WooCommerce notification system and/or as a widget. We don’t support shortcode yet, but it’s a good idea, that we will consider for the future releases.

Best regards from Nigamo Team

Hello, i have installed this plugin but it is not displaying anything in the website so please help me regarding this issue.

hello, i am waiting for your response please update me.

Hi Robert, let’s continue the communication via email

I am interested in this plugin. I just want to make sure that the plugin will only display an “add x to your cart for free shipping” message to customers that free shipping is available to ie I have free shipping over £75 for UK, but no free shipping method for US, so US customers should not be shown this message.

Hi fatbuzz,

Thank you for the interest in our plugin! Yes, the notification message will appear only for customers from country that is present in a Shipping zone with the WooCommerce Free Shipping method set up.

Let us know if you need any additional information.

Best regards from Nigamo Team

Hello, I think about to buy this plugin. Question: Is it compatible with the plugin “WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin” Beceause wholesalers (roles) have other free shipping amounts.

Integration provided.

Issue with plugin. Doesn’t take into consideration the different free shipping settings from woocommerce. Emailed the support. No answer. Buyers be carefull

Hello neobolics,

Please excuse us for the inconvenience.

It seems that the mail you sent us was filtered out by the mailserver. We are looking at the issue at the moment and will come back to you with an answer today.

Best regards from Nigamo Team

Dear Nigamo, your plugin is absolutely great! But, I have an issue: after placed order, the order-received page shows “Free shipping…” message before the order details. I updated to 1.3.1. Any ideas, or suggested setup?

Hi alfdesign,

Thank you for the kind words!

Could you please send us an email at, with screenshots describing the issue. We’ll continue the support process in the loop.

Best regards from Nigamo Team!

Hello, I have sent two e-mails, but I have not received any response.

Hi Genti,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin.You can check your email for the support reply. Also please allow up to 24 hours for a support message to be replied.

Best regards from Nigamo Team

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce 3.1?


Thank you for the interest in our plugin!

The support for the latest WooCommerce version will be ready middle of next week.



I am considering purchasing your plugin, just had a quick question:

Can you change what the notification says? So if I want to say, “Add $28 to your cart to get the latest promotion”



Hello Brian,

Thank you for the interest in our plugin!

Yes, all the notification messages are customizable in the plugin options. You can find more information about this here:!/the_notification_settings

Best regards from Nigamo

Does this work properly anymore….I told it 150 and its telling users up to $100 for free shipping to take effect…ie, $79 item….saying only $21 left before free shipping. Looks like its using outdated coding for the current woocommerce version too per my error log files, hasnt been updated in awhile.

Hello damiafaw,

Thank you for purchasing our plugin!

The plugin is tested and it works properly with the latest WooCommerce and Wordpress versions.

However, we keep some of the deprecated functions in order to provide support for the WooCommerce Legacy Free Shipping, which is still bundled with WooCommerce. We’ve seen a conflict when it is, or it was used in an installation before and its settings are still in the system, but the “problem” is resolved for less than 5 minutes, if this is the case.

Also, please keep in mind that we can test our plugin in a “closed environment” with only WooCommerce and a couple of other plugins installed. We cannot know or suggest what other plugins you or every other shop owner could install in their shop and conflicts are highly possible. Because of that, we provide support with less than a 24 hour response in working days.

Could you please send an email with detailed information to

Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards from Nigamo Team


You mentioned about a week or two ago that there will be an upcoming update (with some shortcode features and so). Any news on when is that expected ?


That will be great. You can send me a link on Thank you

Hi guys, I haven’t received a email from you. Did you had a chance to send it ?

Hi guys, I haven’t received a email from you. Did you had a chance to send it ?

When is any update coming? My website was down because the free shipping notification used an outdated function. I’ve repaired manual but when is new version coming?

Hey, are you coming out with an updated version of this plugin anytime soon?

When is any update coming?

I use Hestia theme, and the problem is that sidebar doesnt show up i shopping-cart. Is there a solution to this or do I have to change my theme to make your plugin work properly? Thank you.

I am tired of sending emails to solve my problem and I do not receive an answer I have paid for this plugin and I stop working without any reason