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Hi there,

Still a happy user of your plugin, but we found another problem. This is our clients website:

Problem: on every change of an input field (address, housenumber, zipcode or city), your browser will focus out the field and scroll up to the ‘motivate’ message. This makes it very annoying to complete the checkout.

Steps to reproduce: 1) Put a product in your cart. 2) Go to checkout 3) Fill in the form, not too fast, and use [tab] to switch fields. You will encounter the problem while going through the form.

When I disable the motivating message or the plugin, the problem doesn’t occur anymore.

Could you make a fix for this?

Thanks, BlueCola

Ps. We’re using WooCommerce 2.2.10.

Hi, is there any chance we can get a reply this or next week? It’s a quite urgent matter. Thanks!


mirco65 Purchased

Bought it and have some problems: 1) Is not possible set money as 39,90€ or 39.90€ (it give me an error) 2) I set two gift, thinking one gift was allowed till first amount and second was allowed to add with the first gift after the higher amount (i set to 69 for have one gift and 129 for the second gift) but is available just another different gift, instead I thoungt was possible add 2 different gift.

3) how can I set the CSS of the messages because I have just the text but not a box that show me that I am elegible for a gift. 4) Should be nice see the gift as a product (withta picture of the product, the name of the product and where the amuont money is = 0 or have wrote gift) instead there is just the name of the product. So do you have solution to improve the plug-in? I think you have something nice but is really incomplete at the moment and very limitative!

Thanks Mirco


mirco65 Purchased

I would like be refounded about this plugin because have too many problems! Please answer to it!

Hello there! Are you compatible with Visual Composer? Thanks!

Hello, I still haven’t tried Visual Composer, so I don’t know.

Is this still supported? Thanks.

We currently provide only maintenance releases to ensure the plugin compatibility with the latest WooCommerce versions and with official WooCommerce themes. Individual support is currently disabled.

Can this plugin give multiple gifts? I need to let customer choose 2 gifts if they purchased more than $50. thank you

Yes, the customer can choose, if you specify a gift category.

Hi. Is it possible to set up the free gifts when a customer enters a giftcard? Thank you.

The plugin determines according to the purchased price.

Hi there,

My client sell patatoes online. It’s possible to order units of 5,10,15, 20, 25 kilogram and so on…. When clients orders more than 20 kilo in total (no matter which products) they get 5 kilo of A,B,C free. It this possible with your plugin?

Looking forward hearing from you!

In addition: they can make their own variations up till 20 kilo, then they get 5 kilo of A,B or C for free.

The plugin determines the gift eligibility according to the purchased price, not quantity.

Can you help me clarify if this will work with your plug-in:

For my clients site, which is a paid-member access site, each new user receives a free 15 consultance.

We need to make sure that each customer knows how to make use of this gift& free consultion + also make sure that the user can only receive ONE free consultion, and we also need to monitor who has made use of the free consultance.

Thanks Peter

I have the plugin working however, the free gift gets enabled with (price + tax). If I set the free gift price to $20, and the item is $18+tax ($20), then they get the free gift. However, a $18 item should not trigger the free gift. What do I need to change?

Thank you for your question. I’ve examined the situation and the only solution to this problem seems to be setting the free gift price to the same price plus the tax.

I managed to fix it by changing $the_amount = $woocommerce->cart->subtotal; TO $the_amount = $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_total;

Hi, I tried enabling the category option so the users can choose more than one gift items. I can see the drop down on the basket page but there is no option to add the product to the cart. Please help

Just wondering if you plan on adding the ability to show the product with a picture within the cart or next to the drop-down menu? Would help a lot.


ratputin Purchased

I recently discovered a conflict between “WooCommerce Free Gift” and “WooCommerce Give Products”. If your plugin is installed, then Give Products ceases to work. Can you provide a fix/workaround?

Hi i would like to ask if this plugin could do this type of rules:

If the Total minimum purchase is equal to 500.00 and 50.00 of any product in a particular category is present in the cart, customer will get a free item.



renp Author

Hi, no, the plugin only decides according to the total price.