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I can’t edit the settings? I navigate to: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=wc_free_gift but I get a blank page?

After activating the plugin you can go to WooCommerce Settings and there should be a tab called Free Gift. If this doesn’t happen, probably some different plugin clashes with Free Gift. The plugin is tested with WooCommerce up to 3.1.


it’s possible to limit free gift to specific categories of products ?


HI there, I have a number of scenarios that i would like to apply, could you review and let me know if this can do it?

1. spend x amount of any category or combinations of categories and add a specific product (or product variation) for a specific percentage discount automatically (if in stock of course) 2. buy x number of specific product(or product variation(s)) and add specific product (or product variation) to the cart for specific percentage discount automatically. 3. Spend x amount in the cart on anything (cart total) and add any product(or product variation) with specified discount to the cart automatically. 4. first time buyers only get x% off the cart total.

Can this plugin allow me to give a customer 1 free product from a certain category if they buy a specific product in my store?


It’s good to know that the plugin has some problems when you have a large amount of products.

I’ve changed at row 273 the code to this

array( ‘title’ => __( ‘The free gift product’, ‘wc_free_gift’ ), ‘id’ => ‘wc_free_gift_product_id’, ‘desc’ => __( ‘Select the product which will be given to customer as a free gift after they make a purchase for at least the minimal amount.’, ‘wc_free_gift’ ), ‘desc_tip’ => true, ‘std’ => ‘yes’, ‘type’ => ‘text’, ‘css’ => ‘width:300px;’, //’class’ => ‘chosen_select’ //’options’ => array( ’’ => ‘Choose a product …’ ) + $this->get_products() ),

and row 299 the code to this:

array( ‘title’ => __( ‘The better free gift product (optional)’, ‘wc_free_gift’ ), ‘id’ => ‘wc_free_gift_product_id2’, ‘desc’ => __( ‘If a minimal cart subtotal for a better gift is specified, select the product which will be given to customer if he is eligible.’, ‘wc_free_gift’ ), ‘desc_tip’ => true, ‘std’ => ‘yes’, ‘type’ => ‘text’, ‘css’ => ‘width:300px;’, //’class’ => ‘chosen_select’ //’options’ => array( ’’ => ‘Choose a product …’ ) + $this->get_products() ),

i’ve filled in the ID’s and it’s working!

Thank you for reporting this issue. I will try to optimize the code.

Is there a way to use a variable product, such as a T-Shirt, with the ability to choose a specific size? A workaround would be making it so we could add multiple items as the gift (all the available sizes of the shirt, so the buyer can choose it from the list. is this feature something that could be added? Or can it do this already, and I somehow missed it?