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I’m wondering, would this plugin help if a scammer quickly changed the PayPal email and set his own?


I’m not sure if they can change the PayPal email address that easy.

Will this plugin require verification before the “woocommerce_payment_complete” hook can get fired off? I have an automated system that executes a script after the payment has been received, but I would need to change that to wait for verification.

Is there a hook like this I will be able to use with your plugin for verified accounts?

Hello, Yes, it will hook before the payment is set to completed. When user verifies the purchase then the status will be set to completed and your custom script will execute.

What exact hook do you need. We can add come hooks if needed.

Still working?


yes, it’s working fine with the latest WooCommerce version.

Hello, I have a pre-sale question. Once the customer verifies the order will the shop admin receive an email stating the customer verified the order?

Hi, yes the admin will receive the order completed email as usual.

Is this compatible with WordPress 4.6?

Hi, yes, it is compatible with WP 4.6

I have a plugin for licence manager (also from Envato) which displays the licence code when it is paid for, will this work with this fraud protection plugin?


we did not test that plugin but we think our plugin should work fine with it. You can purchase and test it. It you have any issues we will refund the money.


1) Is this still compatible with latest wordpress 4.8 and Woocommerce 3.1 as there was some major changes recently.

2) Instead of sending verifiaction email to all, is there any option to send such notices only when orders exceed say $XX?



How do we make this work with PayPal express plugin from Angell EYE (paypal for woocommerce)?

Hello, is the plugin still functional for the latest wordpress and woocommerce version? Thank you.

Will it work with woocommerce Version 3.0.1 and wordpress version 4.9.7 ?

Is this Plugin Dead? Author did not reply to anyone for over a year now. Was going to buy it not now

Yeah looks dead