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i must say what an “INCREDIBLE” plugin.

Just wondering if i wanna use this on a site located inside UAE and we also ship-out other countries and Gulf Countries using Aramex courier service so this plugin can be used such site?

Thanks . Any external woocommerce shipping plugin works with this plugin . I didn’t tried it with Aramex courier . You can write me to hostfaqe@gmail.com and send me a copy of the plugin to try and to give you a sure answer . Regards

I only use FedEx shipping. Can this plugin be used to force a specific shipping option within FedEx. For example, if item A is in the cart, force only overnight shipping. If item B, force give them choice of overnight or 2Day. If neither item is in cart, offer all FedEx shipping options.

Creating the shipping classes and assigning to the product the necessary shipping class i think may be it will be possible . To be sincere i didn’t tried such a scenario . Greetings

Exactly what I was searching for my shop .

I need to be able to charge flat rate on some and fedex on others, so if they buy something with flat rate and something else with fedex, it needs to charge BOTH shipping methods, I can not seem to get it to do that.

Hello DanLewisSEO , what are you trying to archive , i am sorry – i think it is not possible using this plugin . The plugin force the shipping method and in the cart as you can see in the demo if 2 products with different shipping methods will use only one method , and not for each product a shipping charge – so 2 shipping’s in total . Regards

Hi, about a week ago I sent a message via support – unfortunately, I did not get any answer until today :-(

My question: Does the plugin work with qTranslate PLUS when the websites is run in 3 different languages. Will the translation work?

Helloooooo, nobody there?? :-(

I hope the suport works better when you buy the plugin

Hello Wind99 – The plugin itself use the pre – installed shipping methods and . and do not add anything new in the site . It just force to use one or the other shipping method .

So it is not related at all with the translation . If the actual website (using the shipping methods ) works fine with the translation , than will be the same with this plugin too .


Thanks, I will give it a try and will let you know

Is this work for multi vendor and multi products site? All the products belongs to vendors, not me so vendors does the goods shipping. Example: Buyer from Country JP buy ProductA from Vendor1 cost $10 located in PH, buy ProductA from Vendor2 cost $70 located in PH. Can you handle shipping cost by separate products and locations like this?

This case like me is applied to other user who installed multi vendor plugin.

Hello , The plugin it is only to force the shipping methods , i dont know if can be compatible for your case , Regards

I ALMOST purchased this plugin. The reason I did not is because it doesn’t support what DanLewisSEO mentioned in the comments here – I am unable to have one product with (for example) USPS calculated shipping in the cart and another product with forced Flat Rate shipping in the cart and have the check out page calculate both shipping options for the total. If you can add that featured, I’d happily purchase this plugin in the future! Thank you.

Hi , as i know exist a solution for this , Feel free to contact me . Regards

Will this disable the forced item if local pickup is selected?

Hi Before I purchase this plugin, I would like to achieve the following.

Item A – Force Shipping. Item B – Normal Woocommerce Shipping that I have set.

If customer buys item A & B, can I combine the both Shipping cost?

Hypothetically speaking, Item A is set to be flat rate (using your plugin), however, item B is set to calculate using a different shipping plugin. Are they able to calculate together? Could we make item A free shipping only when item B is added to the cart?

No , sorry this plugin doesn’t calculate together , and no for the second question as well . Regards

Hi, quick question on whether this condition can be achieved with your shipping module before I purchase:

  • I have some items that are small enough to add pre-determined shipping and they can pay at that point.
  • I have some items that are too big and need me to send a custom shipping quote after they checkout. I need a text box in the checkout to explain this to the customer.
  • If a customer puts BOTH a big and small item in their basket, I need it to default/override to the ‘ask for a quote’ option.

Can your module handle this?

Presale question. Will your plugin do this… I use USPS and Fedex plugins to give real shipping costs. I have 1 product type (samples) which I’ve added a class I want to ship USPS, everything else, FedX.

Hi, I am looking to other local delivery to various areas of my city and towns/cities around my country, can I do this with your Plugin and Local Delivery?

Does this plugin works with UPS Freight Accounts – so I can provide API to connect to the shipping Account ?

Hello, I am looking to create products on the fly with PHP code on my Wordpress website. I have everything I need except how to check the checkbox for the shipping methods I want to use for each product generated. Currently, it will create the product and none of the shipping methods are checked. What would the code be to update this? I am looking for something like:


Except I am not sure what I need in this update_post_meta code to check the FedEx (or “Shipping”) shipping box.


Pre sale question:

I had a product categroy (very small products) so they can be shipped in a simple letter. So here are my scenarios:

- if there is in cart one or more of these category product, and only of these category) i want to display letter shipping method.

- if there is in cart one (or more) product of these category mixed with other product categories, i want to display all onthers shipping methods but not letter shipping method beaucause of the weight of the others products.

So i want to show a shipping method if cart contain only a certain category of product and i want to hide it when the cart contain an any other category of product.

Please Let me know if your plug in permit to do that

Best regards

way i try set up Flat Rate price ($) does not charge now at the checkout pages add select a shipping it notwork i have a Woo Extra Flat Rate plugins that not work when i checkout pages but i have a Force Product Shippings that notwork with Shipping Zones

hello can i defualt shipping to flat rate, and then they can select local pick up if they want to switch?