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Just had a play with your demo. Does the user have to be registered 1st?

Demo did not calculate discount automatically with a plus $100 spend as a none registered user.

Cheers, Phil

Hey guys,

Couple of queries:

1. Does plugin refer to ip address in calculating 1st purchase discount? Tried adding different names & addresses & discount does not show. Plugin worked perfectly 1st time.

2. Checkout page notice not displaying & your demo is the same

Additional plugin features for the future maybe:

1. Option to attach a free product in addition to discount 2. Option to extend discount beyond 1st purchase



Update – Query 1 is to do with 2nd address line. I have removed 2nd address on my checkout page. I know you are looking into this.

We have submitted a new update for the plugin and you will get it very soon.

Hello checkout page notice is not show and the second line of the address shall not be taken into acccount while checking if the customer qualifies foe the discount


we have submitted an update which would fix this issue.



Thanks for this sueful plugin.

We have a issue on our web site. IN the instace where a new user makes 2 orders and both getting the first purchase discount. In this case both of the orders was on “proccesing” status.

Where can we add a code to check if the user has an uncompleted order? If there are any uncompleted order system will not allow the first purchase discount. Until we delete that order.

Hi There,

It should already work fine. We tested the same scenario and it worked fine for us. Can you share your website url so that we can try and test there.



Was checking for broken links the other day & this 404 not found was picked up: magnific-popup.css refers to loader.GIF, but there is no loader.GIF within plugin.

.wcmd-loading { background-image: url(’../loader.GIF’);

Cheers, Phil

Hi Phil,

Just checked and that image actually is there. Not sure why your site showing 404. That image actually resides in

See if you have that file in there.


Ah, loader.gif is located in another plugin, Woocommerce Mailchimp Discount which I don’t have installed. It is not essential for this plugin so I guess I can edit the css to remove reference to background image.

Thanks, Phil

Hi, I purchased your plugin (9c205c30-151d-4782-897c-31e6d6e4384f) and I am not understanding how the discount is calculated. I added a product for 65€ (tax included) with 4,35€ shipping cost. Within plugin´s setup I chose to apply 10% discount after tax and excluding shipping costs. It turns out that the discount applied is 5,28€ when it should have been 6,5€ (0,1*65). I would appreciate your help

Really sorry about the problem. You mean to say that it is not taking tax into account ? Can you share your website url and we will check?

That is correct. For instance if the customer add Product A for 10€ (tax included) with 2€ shipping cost he/she would fill in billing information and should be automatically granted a 1€ discount. What really happens is that the customer is being granted 0,81€ discount. Tax rate at 23%. (10€/1,23=8,13€). Shipping cost should not enter the equation so that is fine. Furthemore, if I uncheck “Enable First Purchase Discount” it keeps working. If you need further information I would rather share by email. Thanks


After latest WooCommerce update seeing PHP Notice in php5.6 error report: “Trying to get property of non-object in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-first-purchase-discount/includes/class-wc-settings-first-purchse-discount.php on line 32”

Cheers, Phil

Hi Phil,

Thanks for reporting this. We will work on it and provide a necessary fix.

Questions 1. Is the popup container responsive and work on mobile? If so are there guidelines for designing the popup window? 2. I assume that we can apply our own CSS and graphics to the popup?


The popup content is generated from a text editor and on the admin there is option to set popup size and all. You can also use your own css for the popup. The graphics can easily changed from admin.


hi… iam latin (my english is not god) i need validate de checkbox (new account) before show the discount… please help. i need apply discount only costumer role


Sorry but not really sure what exactly you mean. Do you mean that the discount would only be applied if the user check a checkbox?

Correct. if the user check a checkbox becomes customer, then the discount is applied. if the user uncheck the checkbox then no discount applies. I need validate a new costumer for apply discount….

Ok, It can be done but that’s a new functionality and our support only covers bug fixes. If you want you can hire us to do that for you.


I hope support is still available. I submitted a couple of pre-sale questions via the form on your profile 3 days ago and didn’t receive a reply. Anyway, I purchased this plugin and ran into a serious bug. After I installed it, I started to set it up, but did not check the “Enable Discount For First Purchase” box, since I was still setting up the options. I entered 15% off, chose my categories, etc. But, even though the “Enable Discount For First Purchase” checkbox was NOT checked, the plugin STILL gave a new customer the 15% off! This happened while I was setting up the plugin. So, I had to immediately deactivate the plugin in my WP plugins.

I have since tested it and yes, it WILL give the discount even though the plugin is NOT enabled. See screenshots below.

Gives Discount even though it’s not enabled.

Something else I don’t see and would suggest you add in a future update is including the Discount Name on the Woocommerce invoice or on the Order Detail screen (similar to how coupons are displayed when used). When I received the invoice via email, there was no indication what discount had been applied. My customer that received the discount also used a 5% off coupon for a campaign I was running, so, this customer actually received 20% off their entire purchase.

It took me a while to figure out why a 5% off coupon actually gave 20%, since YOUR PLUGIN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DISABLED! It would have been nice to see the “First Order Discount” label somewhere on the email invoice or Order Details page so the discount would be known.

Something else I suggest is to have an option to disallow any Woocommerce coupons from being added to the discount applied by your plugin. We should have the option of allowing a new customer to receive the first order discount, but not add on multiple coupons on top of that. Just like what happened to me, a 5% off coupon turned into 20% off, since my first order discount was 15%. I don’t mind giving the customer the option of choosing one or the other, but not added together.

Until those issues are fixed, this plugin is no good for me.


Really sorry for our late response. We are looking into the things you have mentioned and assure you to provide an update very soon.


I’ve installed this plugin but the discount never displays on my checkout page, whats happened?

yes, please send the details on . Please make sure the account has access to woocommerce settings and plugin editor.


I sent an email 2 days ago, could you read it? I need a solution soon!

Hi i continued without a solution to my issue, where is the support??


Is it possible for us to set a specific date from which the plugin will check for existing orders?

We have a shop that have been running since 2011, and we have around 10.000 orders in it.

A customer who purchased something once in 2012, might have forgotten about it again or at least see themselves as a new customer, and so I worry that we might get complaints from some of those if they cannot get any discount.


What you want is possible but for that you need to get that functionality added to your plugin. If you want then someone from our team can help you to get this done.

Urgent help required, I have emailed you logins to the support email but wanted to ping something here as well, activated the plugin, checked all the settings and it does nothing, no discount is applied at all

We are working on it will let you know very soon.

Support on this plugin is horrible, you don’t get back to anyone, know one knows if its working or not, my client has ended up giving away double the discount


The plugin is working fine on described version of woocommerce. There are some compatibility issues on latest version of woocommerce which are currently worked on and would be available to download in 2-3 days.

Hi i continued without a solution to my issue. team support Works very bad!


We haven’t received your email yet. Can you please send it again to ?

I had an issue with the plugin and WooCommerce 2.6.4 – I couldn’t see, add or edit shipping zones. Turned it off and working again now, but will you look into this issue? I still need the plugin. thanks


Thanks for pointing out the issue. We will release an update which would fix this issue.

hi what do you mean “which allows you to offer discount to the customers who are making their first purchase on your store.” ? you mean the plugin automatically offer discount to the customers who are making their first purchase on the cart page or can used with coupon code.

The plugin will automatically apply the discount without use of any coupon or anything on the checkout page. The plugin checks for the combination of email, address, phone number etc to know if the same user already made a purchase in past. Please have a look at the demo to know how this plugin functions.

presale question, can we use coupon codes from woo to trigger the first purchse discount? to make the first purchase, customer should register, shouldnt they? thanks

Hello Indriani,

For first purchase the customers doesn’t need to login as it checks for various things such as user’s billing details/shipping details etc. and based on that it makes the decision if it’s a first purchase or not.

You can try our demo to understand it better.


JK000 Purchased

Hi, The plugin is well used. There are questions. Do you have any plans to add a maximum purchase amount to the minimum purchase amount? If you can modify it yourself, it would be helpful to let me know the code. Thank you.

Pre-sale question I want to enable new user to have a first purchase discount of yyy dollars with a minimum spend of xxx dollars. Is it possible to achieve this using the plugin?


pulldog Purchased

Running Woocommerce 2.6.14, Wordpress 4.72 and discount is not working. Have been using the plugin for over a year and has been working in past versions. The checkout notice shows up and the plugin in is configured, but no discount is being applied to new users.


Sorry for the issue what you have. We are working on the update of the plugin. Once its finished we will upload that to codecanyon and once its approved you can download from there.

Did the plugin stopped working for the latest wordpress, it has been working for a long time till the latest update, I noticed another user having the same issue. Any updates on the latest plugin version? Thanks


Can you create a support ticket for this issue. Also I can see that your support period has been gone.Please make it renew so that we can help you.

I don’t think i would like to renew the support because of a version update of a wordpress and woocommerce. It wouldn’t be fair on my end. I am basing this from your previous reply to pulldog that you mentioned there will be a new update to the plugin. The only we did with our website is update to the latest woocommerce and wordpress.

Hi Sengjai,

I understand your concern. Please download the latest version of our plugin. It should work on the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

If you still face issues then please create a support ticket for this issue.