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Presale question.

so every customer will have a one code different from the others? Do they have to register? if the guest can checkout then he/she will receive the email of the coupon after completing the order, so they can create another email and then get new coupon?

Please if you can explain.

Many Thanks


This plugin doesn’t generate a coupon automatically. It allows you to choose a coupon that you want to use for the first time order customer.

The customer can only get the coupon code once he makes his first purchase on your site so that they can use their coupon on second order.

Also yes, people can register with multiple email ids

But you can try our another plugin( which checks address + email + phone number to and gives the user a discount and there is no discount code there, the discount is added automatically once the user types in their details on checkout page. Also this plugin gives discount for the first order only.

hi. how many times can the person use that coupon that is sent to them?

The coupon code would be created by you and then you can assign that coupon code for first order discount. SO you can create a coupon which would be used only once per user.

Hi, I just purchased WooCommerce First Order Discount and could use a step by step on how to install. I am not the most say user, so simplistic guidance would be great!

- Will

Hello Will,

Here is the process how you can install.

1) Download the zip file from codecanyon.
2) Unzip the file and inside it there would be 2 things( documentation & ).
3) Then go to your website’s admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New
4) Once you are there then there would be a Upload Plugin link on the top. Just click that link.
5) Then select and upload.
6) Once uploaded you would be prompted to activate the plugin. Just activate the plugin.
7) Once activated you will reach on a page where there would be all the installed plugins just scroll down and find Woocommerce first order discount and click on settings to setup the plugin.

OK, thanks! I got it installed. When you follow through with the order, the discount does not automatically apply. Shouldn’t it?

When someone would purchase their first product then they would get an email with a coupon code that is generated automatically by the plugin and emailed to the user.

Dear colleague, your plugin is interesting and would work very well in Brazil. You have a translator for Portuguese in Brazil? Can I translate your plugin for Portuguese from Brazil in exchange for a license, we can close a partnership?

This is totally my fault, so feel free to refuse this request.

I was looking for a plugin that offered the ability to offer a coupon code when the user registers at the site. When I read your sales page I saw the: “Offer a coupon when someone registers on your website.”

I did not notice it was describing another plugin, and I had thought it was a feature of the plugin I just purchased. I realize now that it is not and I was looking for this plugin:

Would it be possible for your to refund my purchase for this plugin so I can purchase the plugin that I actually needed. I fully realize that this was my mistake and that refunding for digital products can be a touchy subject.

Sorry to have bothered you. Please let me know your decision.

I understand the issue. It’s okay. Please submit a refund request and we will process it.

Got a question before purchase, will it work if the WooCommerce subscription is being used? and coupon code only have to apply on first order not on next month subscription?

The plugin hasn’t been tested with WooCommerce subscriptions. I think you are looking for a plugin which would allow discount when a customer first makes a purchase of the product. This plugin gives discount after a product has been purchased.

Please have a look at our another plugin called First purchase discount(


Hi! I’ve bought the plugin and instaled and it works ok in the woocomerce cart, but when customers check out and pay in pagseguro (paypal similar) the discount its not applying. Can you help me?

We will definitely help you but before that can you please comment from the account you purchased the plugin. It would help us to identify your purchase.


nevma Purchased


I am trying to setup the plugin, everything OK with the process and settings but when a new customer sends the order (we mark the order done just to make sure), we don ‘t receive any message with the coupon as we should.

Is the coupon auto-generated? Do we have to make it and then use it?

Is there something else i have to check?


The email should go after user makes place his order. So are you sure you are checking that after order has been placed email with vouchers are not going to the user?


nevma Purchased

Yes, no emails. I tried everything and i didn’ t receive any email at.


Can you share your site url and admin details at so that we can check what the issue is.

Pre-sale question I want to enable new user to have a first purchase discount of yyy dollars with a minimum spend of xxx dollars. Is it possible to achieve this using the plugin?


Thanks for your interest in our plugin. Currently that option is not available with this version of the plugin. But if you want we can do that for you. Please hire one of our dedicated developer and he can do the task for you.


I use the Signup Discount on my web site.
Is a possibilty to set the limit usage to 1 item ?

Best regards


Can you describe more clearly what exactly you are looking for?

Pre-purchase question: we need a plugin that sends customers an email after they’ve placed their first order, and that includes a discount coupon for their second order. Can this plugin do this?

Thanks, Dan.


Yes this plugin exactly the same thing what you are looking for. If you face any issues then we are always here to help you.