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Nice Work. GLWS DigitalCenturySF

Have a question : You’ve been here for 4 years, and this is your first plugin?

Can you tell me when you see the error?

Ahh I thought you found error on my server. But yes, we deleted some items from nitro themes.

Does this plugin support variation stock? My products have size variations. (large, medium, small, etc). Sometimes certain sizes are out of stock. If I use this Plugin to create a size filter, can it detect and omit the out of stock items? Some of your competitors have been unable to get this working because of the way woocommerce handles this.

Have a look at the link

See the first product. It is a variable product and is out of stock with the size XX-Small. Let me know if this is what you want. I will submit it as soon as I finish troubleshooting.

Could you hide them completely from the list? I have no interest in showing out of stock products.

I tried to hide, it work fine normally but does not work with ajax. You can hide it by css.


I recently bought your plugin and it installed correctly. But when i went to activate it i encountered a error.

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/omle555/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nfpfilter/nfpfilter.php on line 109

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for buying my plugin. Please send me an email. I can update the plugin on your live server. My email address is sumon380@gmail.com

will do, thanks

Hi there! I just purchased your plugin and I have an issue: i cannot properly integrate it into my theme. The first problem would be that in the widget area, I dont have the Filter Bar, as specifiethe documentation, just my basic Side Bar provided by my theme. Could you please help me out with this issue? thanks, Ioana

Send your login details to sumon380@gmail.com, I will integrate it for you.


I just purchased this plugin, but after downloading, the plugin is missing. Inside the filter-plus-preview.zip is a jpeg.

What am I missing here? Apart from the plugin itself. Haha!


Is it? sorry, it might be a mistake. What is your email address? I will send a copy to your email address. Or I can install it to your site.

you can send to dens_fer00 {at} yahoo.com

Nice work! GLWS

Hi man,

Thanks for a great plugin.

It does not seem possible to sort the custom taxonomy values by dragging and dropping? Im using the widget to add the filters to my sidebar, how can i sort them?

Also just to let you know, the “Default items per page” in archive settings also affects the number of products displayed in the admin interface.

Best, Martin

Thanks for purchasing the plugin. You might be happy to know I am going to release another update. This will make the plugin more usable and user-friendly.
You should be able to select custom taxonomy values easily from drop-down select menu inside widget. Let me know if you see any complexity.


Bought your plugin today and it is working great, however how do I show the actual color (sort by color) like you have in the demo. I only have the option to add the names.

I used this woocommerce variation swatches and photos plugin to assign color and image to product attribute


I am using the plugin you mention and it is working, however it is not showing the color or image only the tick box with the color name.

Color is set under attributes. Any suggestions?

Ok send your admin details to my email address sumon380@gmail.com. I want to debug in your server.


murrc2 Purchased

I purchased yesterday and added to my website and get this error when added to sidebar! Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/craigmur/public_html/demo/rhoda/wp-content/plugins/nfpfilter/nfpfilter-widget.php on line 377

Please help. Thanks

Send me your email address, I will send you updated files


This plugin works with Woocommerce Bookings for resources and date availability?

Thanks in advance :)

Bookable products will work normally but it does not have any special filter for booking products.


smuw Purchased

Hi there. I have trouble inserting ur Filter Plus toggle button. It’s there (on product/shop page) but a) the position is off, b) the click doesn’t do anything – the toggle is not working.

Here’s the link: http://gadgetvalley.eu/produkty/

I want to achieve the same effect as presented here: http://www.iconicthemes.net/absolute-widgets/ – nice toggle filters that are layered/displayed over the content of a shop.

Somehow the page does not have a sidebar to open on toggle. Please note that you have to pick a sidebar to toggle from the filter plus admin panel. If you think everything is alright but it is not working you can send me your admin access to my email address. Send a message from my profile page https://codecanyon.net/user/sumon380

Oh, forgot to mention, if it is a normal page and not the product archive page you have to insert the sidebar by shortcode.

Hello, Can i get a demo please?


Searching for products in backed is not working when your plugin is enabled. I am using the Avada theme

Arvada should work without any problem.

Avada. It is working fine, when i disable the plugin

I am sorry but when i checked Avada on my server it was working. can you send your admin access to my email address. dont worry it will make it work

Thanks, i have send you a message


nes060 Purchased

There is a bug: with custom taxonomies active, the filter for products in admin is not working anymore. Why is it that the extra options in the widget area don’t appear with the woocommerce categories?

It works at my end. I would like to debug your site. Please email your site access to me from my profile page https://codecanyon.net/user/iconomicthemes

Widget has options depending on filter types. Let me know if you do not see the five checkbox options for product category.


I have absolutely no idea how to create a colour filter or any custom filters. Please can you assist.

Thanks, please can you send me the updated files too : nic [@] nicharry . com

Thanks, please can you send me the updated files too : nic [@] nicharry . com

Email sent

Hi, I just purchased this plugin. After activating, it is not possible for me to search products in the admin control panel. It always returns no results found. If there a way to fix this? Thanks! ryan

Yes, write your email address. I will send you updated copy of the plugin.

Email sent