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Hello, I purchased your plugin because I noticed you used the Divi theme for the demo site, so I figured it’s compatible. It is great, btw. The issue I’m having is that my website’s language is not english, so right now I cannot customize the “& above” in price for example, or the “off or more” in discounts. Also, it would be nice to have an “all products” option in the per page setting. Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck! :)

All the static text is translatable. You can translate provided nfpfilter.pot to your language. To learn how to translate language file see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r1yZ1t2378

If you are using wpml then it should be easy enough.

At the end thanks for appreciation and supporting, I want to make the plugin more compatible and useful day by day.

Ok, thanks. It didn’t work, though, but it’s fine, I translated them manually in the php files :)

Did not work? it is not okay then. It should work properly if you have translated pot file properly. Can you show me how it did not work?

Hello, I can’t find the color sorting criteria… Is it a custom taxonomy? If so, how can I insert color boxes?

Okay, that is a misunderstanding. Please submit your refund request.

Thank you. Great plugin otherwise and wonderful support! All the best

You are welcome.

Hello, Ive encountered a problem with the plug-in’s functionality. It is working like it’s supposed to only when I disable the “Enable Ajax loading on filter” option. Moreover, it wont memorize the filter that I previously chose and the checkboxes don’t work as they should. I want the plug-in to be functional with the enabled Ajax. Thank you. I am waiting for your reply.

I am working to solve any problem and to make it more useful. Lot of improvements and new functions are coming soon. Can I examine your site to see exactly what is happening? My email address is sumon380@gmail.com


I am interested in your product but I wanted to know if this works with the uncode theme. The reason I am asking is because they do not have the regular coding method for displaying the products. Instead of using the “ul” tags, they have used “divs” and the ”.product” class is not there at all.

Maybe your product might work without ajax, but I need the ajax particularly.

Thanks. Bhavin

Okay, I will examine and get back to you soon.

BTW, there is a tool in the plugin where you can set products class name. For example if your theme has products-loop instead of products, you just need to wright the class name products-loop in the settings page and it should work properly. To be more specific if you theme uses wc_get_template_part( ‘content’, ‘product’ ); in the template file my plugin should work.

Hi there,

We have installed your plugin on our site which uses Jupiter theme but it seems to be conflicting with the theme and when activated the single product lightbox pop-up does not work, but opens in the tab instead.

Please can you advise on a fix for this please?

Hi, there is a theme specific setup for jupiter. Just added to documentation. You can see it here http://iconicthemes.net/filter-plus-documentation/#theme-specific-integration

Thanks for your help, sorry we missed the response the first time! all good

Sorry, wrong url. Here is the the documentation http://iconicthemes.net/filterplus-documentation/

I have 3 cols on the shop archive page and 4 cols in products. I am setting this in the filter woo filter ‘loop_shop_columns’ and filtering on the conditional is_shop(). Everything is fine until I activate your plugin and select an option generated by the plugin. The return comes back with the page set to 3 columns not 4. Where in your plugin is this being set so I can over-ride this

add_filter( ‘loop_shop_columns’, ‘wc_loop_shop_columns’, 1, 10 );

function wc_loop_shop_columns( $number_columns ) { if(is_shop()){ return 3; }else{ return 4; } }

Email me to sumon380@gmail.com and be little more descriptive. Some screenshots if possible.

Thank you. I have done a CSS Work Around for launch Monday. I will get back to you after launch.


piermario Purchased

Hello, I purchased the plugin yesterday and I’ve been trying to configure it on a Divi shop I’m building for a customer.

I’m having troubles with the strange behavior of filters on the sidebar that seem to work at first on main shop page, but stay active when I select a different product category, thus returning no products to show.

Same goes for sidebar widgets in category archive pages. When I click on a link to choose a different category, products from that category (e.g. shoes) are loaded into the category (e.g. tennis) I was previously browsing, making it rather puzzling for me, not to mention from customers. :)

I have a about 6 main categories and about 30 sub-categories of products. If I want the sidebar to show filters for a given sub category, do I have to create a widget with a different Dependency Category for each one of them?

... and, (last one for now, I swear!) how do I get different filters to show up in the sidebar and in the filters toggle on the Default Shop on the demo?

Thanks in advance!



piermario Purchased

Another thing I forgot to say… on a product page, clicking on a product category on the sidebar loads the corresponding products below the product details and reviews tabs, not loading a new page with that category only.

Hi, please send an email to sumon380@gmail.com for any technical assistance. I wanna fix all problems right now.


piermario Purchased

Just sent an email, thanks!


dannyboy5 Purchased

Hi there

Great plugin

However it isn’t working with WPML


Locking System, Installation and Cat Size in the left sidebar.

These are attributes

Which works perfectly for “YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter” plugin as I translated those attributes for different languages.

Could you advice please?




dannyboy5 Purchased

Hi There
I saw a new version for the plugin today and installed it.
But for some reason that issue isn’t fixed
Could you advice please?

I submitted that version two days before, so wpml fixing is not included in that version. I will submit another version today, hopefully that will fix wpml issues.

Just submitted another update. This should fix wpml problem. Please update your version when get version update email.

Just for future reference I would like to urge you to fix this issue before it becomes a problem. Just bought the plugin btw. This is the only issue I came across.

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; nfp_filter_plus has a deprecated constructor in /Users//Sites//wp-content/plugins/nfpfilter/nfpfilter-widget.php on line 14

Problems can be solved. When you see a plugin or theme is doing good that plugin has not come to that position in a day. It need lots of fixing and tweaks to make a plugin compatible. When we got approved in themeforest we do not use any depreciated code because envato reviewer does not allow any depreciated coded plugin. As you know technology is always changing and we have to update frequently to the latest technology. Anyway, I approved refund request.


Hello, I have bought the plugin, but i found that if the page open a category from menu, the plugin don’t filter the taxonomi of the articles in the page, show all taxonomies even is no in the page.

How can i do this? Regards, Santi

Hmm, this need to be sorted. I will fix this and update in one or two days. Stay connected, we will make this thing the best.

Ok..thanks.. The second problem maybe was fixed disabling and enabling “Ajax mode”, now show only the products in that category.

i’ll be waiting. Regards, Santi

HI, can you send some screenshots of the issue?


piermario Purchased

Hello, is there a way to make the shortcode only show one products category? Looking forward for the new updates and functions, keep up the good work!


piermario Purchased

What would the exact syntax for the shortcode be? I’d like to show the latest products added to a given category on a page which describes what the shop sells.

I tried this, but it still shows all the latest products added from all the categories:

[nfpfilter_products columns=”5” http://www.mysiteurl.com/?nfpproduct_cat=women]

Could you please give me an actual shortcode example? It would be great if such examples would be introduced into the next release documentation.

Looking forward to hear back from you,




piermario Purchased

I read again your reply, it looks like the shortcode doesn’t currently have a category option. That would be very useful. See the live page I’d like to use it on here: http://www.mediterraneosport.it/running/

Right now I’m using divi shop module, but I’d prefere to manage all through your plugin.

Are you still planning to release a new version in some days?

Thanks in advance!


Don’t worry buddy, adding category to shortcode. It will be like cats=”woman,kids”. Just comma separated slugs.

Hi, great filter, just took some time to understand how the set-up works. :-) I want to have the products ordered according to their average rating, but the filter does just apply the recently added order. Do I do something wrong or is this something not working?

I have selected this parameter during the setup and it is included in the short code, but the result is still order by newest when the page is loaded. looks like the parameter is not taken from the short code.

I found it and sorted. Thanks for finding that bug. You will be notified when new version is approved.

Great! Is it possible to create a string/text based filter? I might end up with 280 attributes which will create an endless list.

Hi, Bhavin here again. Haven’t got a constructive reply from you. So wanted to know if I did buy your plugin and if it doesn’t work with uncode theme, will you refund me the amount?


Sure, I will refund if there is a compatibility issue. I want to check uncode today and will do whatever is needed to make it compatible.

Okay, I checked uncode on my localhost and it worked without any problem. See screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/jd7sdcd6g2ju2vi/uncode-check.jpg?dl=0