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How do I make an item appear in the menu as subitem? Example: Brazil> São Paulo. Sao paulo is a state of Brazil. But he appears on the list and not below Brazil.

“Test” feve appear below “south africa” and not like the others on the list.


You mean dropdown menu? And you want to make a dropdown menu based on country?

so we are using Filter Plus with Enfold template and it does work with a few bugs, and wondering if you can help out.

Check the link here


By default all the products are shown. Filter plus helps filter it down per category – works fine. But when Clear Categories is clicked. It shows the list but now with Pagination instead of showing all products.

Wonder where we can sort this. Thanks.

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I am able to fix this already. But for arguments sake, what setting can we put in Default Products per page on Filter Plus to show all products?

You can set per page 100 or 1000 products in the filter plus settings page to show all products.


After selecting the filter, the products do not refresh

please help


Hi, you have to update the option called product class because the script need to understand the dom structure.

Go the the settings page filter plus and update the product class with “product-listing”