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hello, Is there any refund policy?? because if it doesn’t work with my theme what i’ll do with it?? I have a flatsome theme.

Regards Vipul

Flastsome should work properly but if it does not I will refund.

Setting this up is a disaster, i tought i could get easy sorting by category with a shortcode, but…

Setting up should be easy if you have seen the video tutorial. If it seems complex to you I can guide you or I can set it up for you.

Thanks, handled it already with other plugin

But it is really easy to setup, I can help you, guide you or setup it for you. does that alternative plugin offer review filter, discount filter and all other options that filter plus give? It is just the setup, once you have done it your user will be able to use all the filters.

Dear Support,

My Purchase code is 865e8864-7c52-4684-8235-b69b9c0225bf

I install this plugin in kuteshop theme https://themeforest.net/item/kuteshop-multipurpose-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/13012521 Plugin is not working properly, Ajax is also not working properly.

If you click on category filter, you can see filter is not working also url is also getting wrong.

Its also not supporting properly with permalink

Please fix this problem asap.

Sure, please send access to sumon380@gmail.com and you should not mention your purchase code publicly.

hello, I have recently purchase your plugin. Now you told me there is a category dependency feature. Which is used to show different filters according to different categories. Please tell me where to find it and how to use it. Thank You

Regards Vipul

Go to widget page and try to setup a Filter plus widget. Once you select your filter from first dropdown you should see other options along with Dependency category.

Hey, I have been missing some options in your search filter widget. What are those?? Is there any compatibility problrms with theme. Please see the screenshot here- http://prnt.sc/ewsx5w


The screenshots show you have some empty taxonomies. That many be generated from the admin menu of the plugin. Go the the settings of the plugin and check if there any empty taxonomy exist. It is nothing about compatibility.


leto1987 Purchased

Hello! I’m really sorry, I purchased your plugin but should to ask you about refund. Looks like your plugin does not work with cyrillic fonts and Polylang plugin (I received a words in latin transcription, we have a four languages and a lot of filter options) Or maybe I missed something and it is possible to find a decision?

Perhaps you should ask before deciding of refund. The plugin does not have any thing to do with any font. The plugin is fully translatable, widgets are translatable using wpml. If you want I can add support for Polylang too.

Hey, Is there any training for your plugin??? im not getting how to setup taxanomies. They are empty and how should I fill with options.

Documentation files are provided with the plugin. You can also see documentation here http://iconicthemes.net/filterplus-documentation/

Feel free to ask any help.

Hey, So I added attributes in my flatsome theme for some pants products. Also I set the dependency category as pants. Still filters are not showing up. Please help me fix this issue. Here is the screenshot- http://prnt.sc/ex6dhd

Regards Vipul

Can you send your site access to me?

Hey, Yes I can send you the access but obviously not on this comment section. Tell me where I can mail you personally.


Hey, Yes I can send you the access but obviously not on this comment section. Tell me where I can mail you personally.


Please send email using the form of my profile page here. https://codecanyon.net/user/iconic_themes

I installed the plugin, but it does not appear in the menu, please I need help!

Hi, nothing will appear in menu. You have to make make it manually.

To insert a category you can simply add the category link as menu link.

Hello I have problem with wpml_translate_single_string into widget file : i do not have WPML installed but seems the widget try to the slug (not the name) with the result that it print out the slug of the fliter and not the name.

at nfpfilter-widget.php:440

$option_lang = apply_filters(‘wpml_translate_single_string’, $value[ 0 ], ‘Widgets’, ‘Filter option (’.$value1.’)’ );

if I replace with

$option_lang = apply_filters(‘wpml_translate_single_string’, $value[ 1 ], ‘Widgets’, ‘Filter option (’.$value1.’)’ );

it works as I aspect ( trying to translate the name .. not the slug)

This problem should be solved by the latest version 1.9.1. Please install the latest version and let me know if you still see the problem.