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Is it possible to have all the messages autoexpand by default instead of having to click on each one to get it to expand.

Sorry,all messages will be closed by default.


Prepurchase question – if the customer uploads file after making order on my account view order page – can he download his uploaded files also afterwards?

BR, Kaspar


please make sure you set file types properly as descried in settings.


Did some tests with different files and the extensions were allowed – still getting Error 600. Also – how to allow files without extension?

Moreover – I can upload the very same file, but my customer can’t.

BR, Kaspar

ok, can you please share any customer login detail to test via sales@najeebmedia.com

Very interested in this plugin for a new project site. Is it fully compatible with both WordPress 4.6 and WooCommerce 2.6?


Is there a way to remove Expand all and Collapse all buttons and at the same tame all the messages would be expanded by default.

BR, Kaspar


Sorry, it’s not possible.

How do I change the “From” name to be something other than “Shop Manger” in the email notifications?

Also how do I include the message itself in the email notification. Right now it just says “click here to reply” and the message itself is not in the email

Sorry, what you mean by user type?

I mean when an admin sends a message in the backend that message doesn’t actually get included in the email. So if I type “Your order has not shipped” in the message field and click send that message does NOT get included in the email. I would like to inlcude that message in the email

I see, well message will be shown to use on site not in email typed by admin.


The plugin works fine on the frontend. But the menu is not displayed in the admin dashboard. It used to work on the local install – not on the live install.

Please could you help me out?

I know i know! I am talking about the “WOOUpload-menue”! In wordpress admin dashboard there used to be a “Wooupload” menu! That doesn’t show up anymore!

Any help on this? What could the WooUpload menue prevent from displaying?

Hi it can be me capability issue. Please change following script in admin.class.php

$this -> menu_pages = array(array('page_title' => $this->plugin_meta['name'], 'menu_title' => $this->plugin_meta['name'], 'cap' => 'manage_options', 'slug' => $this->plugin_meta['shortname'], 'callback' => 'main_settings', 'parent_slug' => '',) );

1. Notice: Undefined index: do_download in wp-content/plugins/nm-wooconvo_V2/classes/plugin.class.php on line 1109

2. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …...wp-content/plugins/nm-wooconvo_V2/classes/plugin.class.php:42) in …...wp-content/plugins/sg-cachepress/class-sg-cachepress.php on line 335

4. Notice: Undefined index: in_footer in ….../wp-content/plugins/nm-wooconvo_V2/classes/input.class.php on line 141

5. Notice: Undefined index: load_after in ….../wp-content/plugins/nm-wooconvo_V2/classes/nm-framework.php on line 191

What to do about that?


We will remove these notice for now please set WP_DEBUG false into your wp-config.php file.

I wish to buy this plugin .. got these questions

1) any way to only allow admin to upload files and users can only download 2) there is no update in last 1 year … is this actually developing now too


well for now admin can user can send files to each other, and we are behind this plugin. we will update whenever it needs.

Just bought it…. and its no doubt an AWESOME plugin … as it reduced my work of emailing files and keeping records .. now clients will come to my site more after this …

I need small help . how to add size .. as im getting this error .. for even 5 mb file .. ive tried adding : Maximum File Size Limit Upload as 5mb, 500mb,500000, 5000 all possible ways .

Error #-600: File size error.

and i dint find any help doc too with it .

Urgent feature suggestion :

- please allow wysiwyg editor in message it’ make conversation look good - allow pre written answer on admin side for quick reply … ie we generally see in support sites/plugins etc..

Hi, thanks for your suggetions, we will take care of these feature in next release asap.


7979 Purchased

Kindly release update … with the above said feature + option messages to display messages conversation as expanded or show some button to show grid .. as in few themes its not visible and people are not able to found it …

Hi, I just bought your plugin….but I can’t upload files as customer! Always 601 error!

I’ve correctly set the allowed extension in the plugin settings….

My file is a simple jpg…


may be you are typing filetype in wrong format.

Ok I have found the solution….not to set the setting….strange.. Thank’s however for the plugin!


may be you are typing filetype in wrong format.

The closing button for the images don’t work


How I can turn of email notifications when shop admin sends message to user (so that user would not get email)?

Also – is there way to delete messages that shop admin has sent?

BR, Kaspar


No, right now no option to disable email notifications and delete messages.