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URGENT Version 3 fixes reqd

1) Option to remove gravatar from each chat . it redirets the user to other site

2) give big text box when replying on admin side order page + give option to add paragraphs to it too.. now it merge all lines in line and that mess the whole chat (see this codecanyon text box as an example)

3) the old chats on same order page get messy as the gravater was not loaded for them. (better give an option to remove or remove hyperlink + small image )

4) better design for displaying user chat .. there are no border on chat so it looks ugly .. add some border etc too please …

It’s approved. You can download from your account.


7979 Purchased

No its not approved ive just downloaded and its same old version of 23 march & version 1.3.1 and ive uploaded it too and its still the same … :(

I have received confirmation last night that it’s approved.

Hi. I’ve buyed and installed the plugin. Before I can test if it’s work with upload file after checkout I see this warning in backoffice:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'NM_PLUGIN_WooConvo' does not have a method 'load_scripts_admin' in /home/ctp2014/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 524

Can I fix this? Thanks. Giuseppe

Make sure you downloaded latest version.

Hello If client send message….i can receive it..if admin(me) send a message…it’s not showing in clients order page.


can you please send site login detail to rameez@najeebmediagroup.com. We have checked and working fine at both end to send and receive messages.

Here are the site details “http://www.printredy.com” I send you the login details to your email.

HI hi, this plugin is compatible with wc vendors?

Wc vendors pro

No, I think we have to check this against vendors.

Ok ok. that would be great

Can I get an email notification when a customer send a message? If so how?

Yes email notification sent to both admin and user on every message. If messages are not being recieved then your email settings are not correct.

The customer is receiving an email when the chat box is updated but I am not receiving one when customer updates the chat box.

There are settings in plugin, may be it’s disable.


sgaven Purchased

Can I please have a refund for this plugin? Been testing it and doesn’t seem to work for me. Please see screenshot below:




did you configure plugin? Please share your site detail with rameez@najeebmediagroup.com to see this issue and fix.


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Dear Support

i buy the product and i am happy with but on the client side i can not find the test and the attachment the admin send for the specific product but i can send msg to admin. any idea? pls is urgent.

Thanks in advance Vakis Demetriou


can you please share your site detai to rameez@najeebmediagroup.com


Any options to see how the client side page looks like?

Thanks in advance


ataub23 Purchased

Hi There, I am having a problem with the plugin. When someone sends a message through your plugin on the order page, no email is being sent to let the person know the message is there. I thought your plugin was supposed to notify by email when a message is put in…


ataub23 Purchased

I thought that. My email settings are working properly for the site, because I am getting all other emails from the site like order confirmations, new users, etc. Is there any other reason why those alerts are not coming through? Can you further assist me please.

Please share your site detail with rameez@najeebmediagroup.com and explain issue clearly.


ataub23 Purchased

Thank you. I just emailed you.


ataub23 Purchased

Hi There, I would like to change the text that the email says when they have a message. How do I do that?


ataub23 Purchased

Thank you. I am looking at the file. What line (where) do I make the changes?

there you will see a variable called $message, you can edit this for your own email.


ataub23 Purchased

I emailed you back directly regarding this. Please get back to me ASAP. Thanks!

Your plugin has a translation into pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese)? I intend to use it on the print services website. It will allow the customer to upload large files with the art to print on the My Account -> My Orders? Is there a size limit for uploading files? Can these files that the client send be downloaded by the store administrator? Where can they be downloaded? Is your plugin compatible with the latest versions of Wordpress and Woocommerce?


Sorry it’s not translated into Brazilian, but you can translate this. It’s translate ready.

Yes filesize can be controlled and all files can be downloaded by admin under each order. Yes it’s compatible with latest WC.

Hello, I’m thinking of buying your plugin, I have the following questions: Can I test the system with a demo manager? Is it available in Spanish? What is the difference with using notes to the woocommerce customers in each order?


you can see live demo of plugin linked above, yes easily translatable into any language using wpml or similar plugins. Sorry I can’t understand your last question.

Where the customer can see your messages?

customer will message under My Account page against each order. You can see screenshots to get an idea.


nmedia82 team

I Required live demo for this plugin ” WooCommerce File Sharing & Message After Checkout ” before purchase.


Please update php 7 compatibility:

FILE: /lib/wide-image/WideImage.php


172 | ERROR | Using ‘break’ outside of a loop or switch structure is invalid and will throw a fatal error since PHP 7.0

FILE: lib/wide-image/Font/PS.php


38 | ERROR | Function imagepsloadfont() is removed since PHP 7.0 52 | ERROR | Function imagepstext() is removed since PHP 7.0 57 | ERROR | Function imagepsfreefont() is removed since PHP 7.0


we have fixed this, and soon update will be released.

hello, i need a refund, both client massaging each other can’t receive massage without reloading the page, am not happy with it.

We have several different people (shop managers) who we want to be able to communicate with their customers. For example, John Smith offers his product “Show Review from John Smith.” When someone purchases it on our site I want John to get a notification, then I want the customer to be able to upload their file, or share a message/link. John can then follow up with the customer with his responses. Back and forth. But if Susan Johnson sells her “Music Review from Susan Johnson” product, I want her to get the notice, etc… Can your plugin do this?

Well yes, if your code is good and works as new feature then we will add this.

Is it possible to modify the email sent to the customer and the shop keeper to include the content of the message left?


you can edit email template from files.