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The field “Taxable?” doesn’t make any difference. I have the tax calculation of woocommerce activated, but the 3% discount on bacs payment should be without additional taxes. Removing the check doesn’t make any difference. Please help me!


130.00 € (item price including tax) - 3% discount (should be 130 * 0,03 = 3,90 €) = 126,10 €

but your plugin returns:

130.00 € (item price including tax) -3% discount (but is 130 * 0,03 + 130 * 0,19 (german tax) = 4,64 €) = 124,62 €

How can I solve this problem? Thank you for your answer…


can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it

we need site admin and ftp detail


The developper (Rayaan K.) sended you the credentials. Please reply to him. When he can expect an answer?

Will this plugin allow us to set a 3% fee for credit card purchases, but then also waive that fee for some customers if we give them a coupon code or something similar? Looking for the best solution for this.

you can apply 3% discount for credit card using this plugin but it will not remove if any specific coupon code apply

Ok thanks – we will probably have to get custom coding done to accomplish this.

Hi PSQ, I am keen on this plugin but I am concerned that it hasn’t been updated for quite some time & July ‘17). Are you still developing this plugin and is it still supported?



I am interested in this extension for Woocommerce but for my purpose to use it, first I need to find a way how to clone bank transfer as payment method. I mean, I need this fee/discount extension to use with offline payment and I need simple 2-3 payment methods like bank transfer to clone it and rename to what I want. Do you maybe know the way that I could accomplish that or you can provide some kind of manual how can I do this cloning myself. I tried to find plugin that could help me doing this, but was unable to find it.