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$63 is so little amount compared to other awesome plugins in this marketplace site, why you don’t just make it $630 and get visitors to this page and specially to this plugin to be more impressed of your way of pricing items!

yes it is specially when yith informed

This is a honest mistake. We are making adjustment to the price as we also think $63 is too expensive, not to mention $630. lol

yes that make sense now


Thank you :)

Hi, is it possible to allow for free shipping instead of a percentage discount? Also, other similar plugins have a flaw where the customer still gets a discount even if they didn’t actually share the link. Does your plugin prevent discount if they just close the Facebook share pop-up window?

Hi codings,

Currently the Pro version have Fixed Price and Percentage Discount. We will consider exploring the option to add in Free Shipping in future.

With regards to the flaw mentioned, I just did a test on our demo site and I don’t see this issue on our plugin. You may want to give it a try at http://beta.on9commerce.com/woocommercehuatfacebooksharediscountpro/shop/


Just tried it, you’re right. Your plugin doesn’t seem to apply the discount unless they really share it on their Facebook. Well done! Anyone reading this, you should know this is a major advantage of this particular plugin. As for the free shipping option, that’s important for me at the moment, so I will wait until that becomes available. Thank you.

can one specify what gets shared on Facebook, instead of my website i would prefer to share the product they are purchasing

Good day, you can setup any URL in the configurations and that also includes your product URL or external URL. Try it on our demo store at http://beta.on9commerce.com/woocommercehuatfacebooksharediscountpro/shop/ I have set the Facebook discount to share a product URL now. Let us know if you have any other questions :) or you can buy our plugin now :D


Yes, i understand you can specify any url, but does not help when u have many different products. Obviously you want the person the like and share the product that he is buying. If it would be possible to show the LIKE FOR DISCOUNT on every product then that would have been awsome, then people are sharing the specific product.

Hi, I see. We don’t have this feature at this moment as we would need to build the logic for how the shopper will share with many products in the cart. We will consider this for future releases if there are more demand on this feature. Thanks for this awesome feedback and idea.