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Hi! Is it possible – Field with custom price + customer comment ?

Can you please give an example or explain a bit more ?

We need a custom field with price + text field (for customer comment etc height of blinds)

Please check our demo to find current custom field feature and then email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the quote regarding your requirement.


I’m currently using an appointment booking plugin for Woocommerce called WooCommerce Appointments. I would like to extent the functionality of pricing with your plugin but am wondering if you can tell me how compatible is your plugin to working with others?

Actually, this plugin work with the products of woocommerce. But we are not sure about your 3rd party plugin.

if I click on the button, you open the menu of the site higher. I do not see the plugin options fields

Please submit a ticket with your site FTP and Admin access information along with screenshot for our team to check the issue.

1. upload image? 2. set specs for that image?

We can perform custom development to add these features at additional cost .


How much for custom development to add upload image buttom?

please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the cost. Thank you :)

Good morning. I´ve purchased your plugin but it isn´t well documented. Where have i to put in the price? “Product Custom Fields and Price”? What is the way? If i enable the box, nothing happens, only the layout is breaking down. Please give me an example for € Thank You in advance,


Please submit your site FTP and admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your issue details , our team will set example for your convenience.

Sent you an email :-)

Please check. Our team has set an example for you.


great Plugin. But is it possible to have checkbox checked automaticlly?

FE we just want to add some extra costs to the product. This costs are requiered and should be displayed on the detail page but checked allready. So you could add a product from the shop page with extra cost and without visiting the detail page?! Thanks

we can perform custom development at additional cost. please email us for a quote.

Great product however it doesn’t add the price when logged in as a wholesale user. I am using the wholesale web bundle written by Rymera Web Co which I also bought from codecanyon.

Thanks for the purchase. As your wholesale plugin is developed by a separate provider, so our plugin does not recognize that by default. But we can perform custom development to implement such integration at additional development cost . Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

hey i bought this plugin because i saw your comment :

Please use the

WooCommerce Extra Options with Custom Price plugin to allow variation options with foodify menu:


but it doesn´t work with foodify menu

Please download the latest version of foodify plugin and try. If you still face any issue please submit your site FTP and admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com

can the buyer upload an image and I can set the cropping and the aspect ratio?

Will require custom development to implement such special feature.you can email us for a quote.

Hi, I can’t install the plugin. I got an error message during install : ‘Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\wamp\www\atable\wp-content\plugins\wc-custom-field\includes\wcf-view2.php on line 195’ I use the last version of Wordpress (4.5.3) and I tried without other plugin install, except Woocommerce and I got the same error message. Can you help me ?

You should first install Woocommerce and then install this plugin. And if you still face any issue, please install the wp+woocommerce+ this plugin at a web server and submit the ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your site access info.


This plugin is not compatible with my website, it totally destroyed my theme… I’d like a refund on this item.

Perhaps your theme can not handle such 3rd party options plugin ?

can you please submit your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com along with the screenshots of the issue ?

Disappointing customer service. Created a support ticket showing exactly the problem and why I want a refund. No one has followed up.

We can see, our support team has requested for site info to check the issue and resolve it for you on site.


vanoo Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to have the additional price not displayed in the cart. We have an option for example to add Rice or Potatoes by the dish, but picking one doesn’t add something to the price. So now in the cart it says Rice(€0,00). Is there an ability to remove the (€0,00). Without additional cost.

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss such customization .

Hi there!

Can this be used with WooCommerce Subscriptions? So for example, i could create a menu with both single pay options and subscription based options that total up in the checkout?

For example:

- User chooses base website plan ($19/mo – ongoing) - User skips first few options - User chooses to add a couple one time options that amount to $75 - User chooses to add maintenance at another $8/mo

The total bill for the user is $102.00 with a renewing $27 each month will be billed.

This is already an option within WooCommerce (using extensions, which I do), but it’d be awesome if it could be neatly laid out in your menu type design and embedded into a page.

Is it also possible to use ajax so there is no page reload when a user adds an item to the cart?

Thank you!

This plugin works with the default products at woocommerce, but will require custom development to integrate with subscription plugin at additional cost . You can email us to discuss the cost.

Hi bought the plugin but I can add only 14 custom fields, how is possible?

I resolved by myself. I changed the value of this variable

var wpr_f_max_fields = 50;

in the wcf.js file.

Thank you so much for sharing the information.

Can I add image to the field? or does it accept html?

Sorry, we can perform custom development to implement image to the field. Please email us with examples of your need to developers@solvercircle.com

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi, i’m very interrested by your plugin. But i want to go in the demo admin panel for see the plugin. It’s possible ?

Please check the Item Documentation URL, there we have shown the Screenshots of Admin panel features for your convenience. If you still have any confusion, please feel free to email us to developers@solvercircle.com


redan Purchased

Hello Prices are shown in brackets. How can i get rid of.

Please submit a ticket support.solvercircle.com with the screenshot of your issue and site admin and ftp access information, our support team will check it out for you.


extremin Purchased

I want refund. It’s not working. It does not add option price into total price. also I don’t want to have accordion thing, but there is no option for that. I even don’t want to create a ticket for you to solve the problem. I’m running out of time. just refund it please.


extremin Purchased

you’re right about woocommerce 3.0. thankyou for the information. let me get the latest version. and, how to remove the accordion(pulldown) header?, I want to show the option without clicking.


extremin Purchased

and one more question, how to show the total price? (I mean, regular price + extra price), thanks.

The total price is generally shown on Cart. But if you need otherwise, it will require modification in the code. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for any estimation for customization.


redan Purchased


There is an error with the calculations. While adding the extra price to the regular price, the program adds the extra price twice instead of once.

Trank you

Please submit a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com with the issue details and site information. We shall check it out for you :)