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Is this plugin compatible with Dokan? Would the custom fields creator be seen on the vendor admin?

Thank you so much for asking, you can email us to developers@solvercircle.com to discuss the integration with Dokan.


After much thinking and debate with my customer about this issue, we decided to abandon this approach since every single developer/company is asking 10 000€ or more for a simple function of adding an extra fee per product, per vendor. Both me an my customer agree that it is a bit insane and we both feel that we are being lured simply because there is a lot of demand and very few skilled people available – it’s only adding a fee per product per vendor, not going to the moon and back! It is complicated and requires work, but we’re not fighting Sauron here. It simply is better to tackle that problem on the desk instead of spending 30% more (or more) than the price of the whole web shop on a coded solution for the web shop. Besides, the average ETA is 9 weeks (!!!!!), time that we simply do not have.

Therefore, we thank you so much for your time and effort but still we chasing another way as said before. Thanks once again!

Best wishes!

Hi, we did not have any email discussion with you for such customization. As, yet we did not receive any email from you. We can offer you custom development for our own

Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce



Pre-purchase question.

Is this plugin responsive?

Please check the DEMO of this item at your devices to confirm your need regarding responsiveness :)


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Is there a way to reuse the custom items in multiple products?

sorry, could not understand your question.


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I have a few food products that share the same ingredients. Can they be reused in let’s say a whole category of items instead of adding them product per product? Right now I have to type them in each new product manually. When you have a few hundred menu items in your restaurant website it becomes a lot of work.

I am afraid, it does not have bulk update feature. But if you want we can provide custom development at separate cost. Please email us to get a quotation.

Hi, a prebuy question:

we want to realize a checkbox for ordering a sample of the product for free.

Checkbox checked = product price = 0.00 Second we want to have a dropdown which let the user choose the amount of the product (it is meterware) so he can choose for 1..20 m for 1..n items.

Is that possible?

Thank you!

Some of your needs are possible with existing item but some features need custom development. Please feel free to email us to discuss for customization.

This plugin looks great, but in the description it says 3 types of field types are available such as radio button, checkbox and dropdown list. Cant it add a simple input field?

Thank you,

It will require custom development to add input field. Thanks.

It should, however if needed we can provide development help too.

Hello, I have a pre-order question, if this plugin works correctly with Enfold theme?

Yes and we provide item support.

is there a way to add addons globally to category or mass products?

it will require custom development at separate additional cost. Please email developers@solvercircle.com to discuss.

Hey, can i use the function of the plugin also programmatically in cobination with the add_to_cart()-function?

Sorry, you question is not clear. Please email us with details need and example case.


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Hi, does this plugin work with PHP7? I was testing it in a PHP7 local dev installation, but the custom options are making the page looking weird

Please submit a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your issue details and access information.


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Hi, When having more than once field as a radiobox, you can only select one and not multiple. For example I have two fields which each requires an answer. I can only seem to select one answer from the 2 questions. See this video -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewsbspj7bgptmdf/custom-fields-question.mp4?dl=0

You should use Checkbox instead or radio button. Because Radio button accept only single selection among the options.


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Ok, thanks

Is it possible to show these options in cart or checkout instead product page?

The options are related to each product. So, we have to show it with relevant product. Please email us to clarify your exact purpose or need with example, so that we can discuss.

Pre Purchase question

With this plugin, is it possible to add the option as toppings for Pizza and then the toppings to have different prices according to the SIZE of the pizza? for example when selecting 9” pizza, per topping cost is £1 but on when selecting 15” pizza, set it £2 per toppings?


Is this plugin have a option for percentage increase/decrease price in all product options?


For percentage increase/decrease in price you should use the WooCommerce Bulk Price and Stock Quantity Update plugin :


is the latest version of the plugin compatible with wc 3.3.4?

The plugin is not working with woocommerce 3.3.4!!!

Please submit your issue details and access information in a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com and our team will check it out for you. No worries please :)