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What I need a fee plugin for is the following scenario: Site offers free shipping to US48 states and the actual shipping costs are built into the product prices, so if someone orders outside US48, FedEx rates apply, but we need to offset the built in shipping cost by applying a negative fee that is set PER PRODUCT (or group of products that have the same shipping cost) that applies only when FedEx is the selected method. Ideally the fee offsets would be set in the product records, but if I have to setup a specific fee for each product (with the FedEx condition), that would be ok. Additionally, I need the offset fees to be totaled up for all items in the cart and shown as one negative number like a discount.

Your plugin does not appear to have Shipping Method as a condition, but you have Country and State, so that might work but is it the Billing or Shipping Country/State? Would your plugin meet my needs described above?

Note: Your demo site does not allow admin access to configure fees – kind of hard to see if it will work the way I need it to.


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Pre sale question; Is it possible to make multiple rules for extra fees based on cart total price? So if the total order amount is between $0 and $100 you will pay a fee of $5, if the total order amount is between $101 and $200 the extra fee is $10, and so on?

Yes it is possible with this plugin

Hi I have just purchased this plugin and I have NO IDEA how to install it. Can you please help?!


There is a folder rp-extra-fee inside package file. You can upload it using ftp to your site plugin folder or make zip of that folder and upload it from admin

I have tried that and I get this msg.. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Don’t worry I have just installed it via ftp and its working! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!


I am having trouble installing this plugin. I have tried copying the folder rpi-extra-fee to my plugins folder, but it doesn’t show up in plugins. I then tried creating a .zap of that folder and uploading via the Upload plugin page, but I get the following error PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Can you advise what may be the problem. Thanks


Please make .zip file of rp-extra-fee folder and upload it from admin or you can directly upload that folder using ftp to wp-content/plugins folder

Let me know if it will not work for you.

Hi, I have purchased this plug in and I wanted to know is it possible to have an additional filed for categories. Basically, I would like to allocate to 1 particular category in my shop a min or max qty of items so that I can charge a particular shipping rate. Is this possible at all?

Can you provide the code and how much will that cost?


Please find below code for it

In plugin main.php file find calculate_item_fee function(Line 106)

In function find below line

$total = $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_total;

Replace above line with below code

$total = 0; foreach (WC()>cart>get_cart() as $cart_item_key => $cart_item) { $product = $cart_item[‘data’]; if (has_term(‘replace with your category’, ‘product_cat’, $product->id)) { $total++; } }


That’s for that. So in the main.php file, line 106 I replace this >> $total = $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_total; with the code. Is that correct?

Fee is not increasing as number of items are added to cart. The fee is staying at a fixed dollar amount, regardless of items in cart. Is this a bug or what can be done to resolve it? Wordpress and all plugins are updated to latest versions.

Hello, does it change the extra fee based on payment gateway, when I change the payment method on the checkout form?

Changing to another payment method (what customers usually do) is an AJAX request.

I have tried three other plugins that claim to do the same as your plugin, but they all don’t update the fee and text string when a customer changes the payment method on the checkout page.

For example our default payment method is iDeal. We only want to add a payment fee when they choose to pay with PayPal.

When they select PayPal, nothing appears. When they click another payment method, for example Credit Card, the PayPal extra fee appears.


When they select PayPal, nothing appears. When they press F5, to refresh, the PayPal extra fee appears.

Somehow the AJAX request to change the payment method does not refresh the extra fee.

Does your plugin work well when a customer chooses another payment method?


Yes it will change extra fee based on customer change payment method using ajax


I need to add a fee that will be based on the order total but only for COD Payments.

So, for example… COD Payment Total is between $100 and $300, COD fee = $1 COD Payment Total is between $301 and $600, COD fee = $2 etc.

Can your plugin do this?

Many thanks in advance.


Plugin can not do that

OK, thanks for the confirmation.

I have a few products that need to have $32 added to them when shipped ground. The same products need to have $45 added to them when shipped air. The same products need to have $70 added to them when shipped Internationally. I use FedEx and UPS plugins to calculate shipping. Will any of your plugins or combo of plugins work for this? Thanks!

Hello, I need to apply a fee of 5% (percent) only for users on X role and using Y payment method. Is that possible? The fee must be a percent of total ammount The fee only apply to users that match both rules at same time: X ROLE and Y Payment method

Can this allow me to add extra fees per the various services with UPS?

No, this plugin does not allow you to add extra fee per the various services of ups


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I just purchased the plugin. I installed it with FTP and added an extra fee (payment methods), however the checkout page does not update or show anything when changing payment method. I use a third party payment provider plugin, but somehow your plugin does not work.

It does work, but it does not show on checkout page. Not in payment selection and order review. That way the customer pays the extra fee, but is not notified. Can you give us a hand.

Thanks, Tim


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Correction it works, it had to do with my own custom coding. My apologies

I charge $5 for the 1st item in cart and $2 for each addtl. item. Can this be accomplished with your Woocommerce extra fee plugin

No you can not add extra free for first item using this plugin.

Yes it’s work with latest woocommerce and WordPress version

Hi, does this work with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce?