Woocommerce Extra Fee

Woocommerce Extra Fee

WooCommerce Extra Fee plugin allow you to add extra fee for any order based on payment method,shipping method, cart total price, cart total weight, cart total item, user roles.

You can use this plugin for:

  • add extra fee for cash on delivery or credit card payment (For example $20 for cash on delivery)
  • Extra Fee for Bulk Order (For example add 2% if above 5 items)
  • Add extra fee for cart total weight [For example $20 if car weight more than 200]
  • you can use extra fee for multiple option.


  • Add multiple extra fee for any orders with more options
  • Set fee base on 6 different methods as below
    • based on payment method
    • based on shipping method
    • based on user role
    • based on cart total weight
    • based on cart total items
    • based on cart total price
  • Easy setup, No coding require.
5 Star review

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