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Hi. I reiterate in my opinion: This plugin is just fantastic!

I’ve been installing the last updates and it always comes better.

I’ve just a request for you. I love the fact that you can select the category showed on a “creative post slider”. The problem is I’m designing an unusual home page and the “creative posts slider” does not fit in the design. I’m using multiple instances of the “recent post” module instead.

“recent post” has an option (offset) I like. But it lacks the category selection option, which is crucial for me. Can you please implement this feature on a next update?

Right now, I have to manually change the offset number of every module in my home page everytime I create a new post.

Category selection + offset settings can covert this little module in a very powerfull composing tool.

Thanks in advance and congratulations again for your work.

sorry this message was for the front end builder plugin. not the woocommerce extension.

is this working with visual composer?

i cant avtivate plugin . what should i check. i read all documnents

Hey there…my site is www.graveyardgear.com.

The quicklook feature isn’t working.

Is there an easy fix? Or a way to turn it off?

Hi. Great plugin.

I’ve been using the product slide module and it fits perfectly with my theme.

Today, I wanted to update the website with more info and wanted to use the simple Products module. I have problems with the thumbnails. They appear very pixelated with bad quality.

What’s wrong there?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I just matched the image size options on Woocommerce with the image size options of the theme and used Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to Regenerate correct thumbnails. :)

Great extension for Front Page builder. Easy way to create custom shop page :-)

Hi there! Will this be compatible with WooCommerce 2.3? :)

The Quick-View option on your demo doesn’t work (at least not in my browser – chrome on a macbook)

Hi. I’m having troubles with the “add to cart” button generated by your plugin. You can click it forever and never happens.

Did you have any private custommer support so I can send you the access to the site ?

Thanks in advance

Great plugin BTW! ;)

Hi, the products grid is still not working :-/

I am downloading the version 1.11 and still getting the version 1.10 :-(

the product through SKU is not working too. It is bringing a different one :-/ 11 days and nobody says anything here. And actually I have complained about the product grid a long, long time ago.

Hey man, it seems that you are not giving us support :-/

That is what you have promised and it is not being done :-(

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does it support latest version of wordpress and woocommerce ?

The plugin doesn’t work at all