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Nice. Is it possible to open the link in a new tab?


The answer is yes. Under the “External Source” tab in the product data, you can enable the product to be opened in a new tab.

Hi I two seperate URL’s. So one button that links to a location on my own site and one that links to an external site. Is this possible?

Hi! unfortunately not – it feels like it would confuse customers? I would suggest pointing to one, main product directory with this plugin and pointing to other directory within product description.

Can you clarify something. Are you able to select a unique button for each product, or is there only one custom button allowed?

Hi @oakland, It can be unique link and unique image for each product

Thanks, one other question. Will it work with this extension?

@oakland the plugin shouldn’t have any problem working as long as the plugin you mentioned follows standard coding practices, however there’s no way to be 100% sure. If you run into any issues feel free to contact us at “”.


do it work like a affiliate shop? Like this plugin

but not only with amazon. with my personal link


Hi bammab, it allows you to link to any url. It can be affilate link too.

hi there! really keen to get this plugin, but yes just wondering if we can do the below.

1) Like Can we have multiple affiliate retailers?

2) Can we have buttons that are below the add to cart, with the external site name? Something like below


Hi leokoo,
1 – no, it’s only one address,
2 – no, it works same as standard woocommerce external products. it allows you to see additional image there but doesnt change the behaviour

ah, would you be able to do something like what Woothemes did? Either in this plugin or something new? Will definitely buy if yes, as it will enable customers to buy either from us or external sources :)

unfortunately that’s not expected behaviour for our plugin – that’s already covered in mentioned product retailers plugin. We’d love you to be our customer, but if this plugin does what you need – I’d recommend using it.

Hello, has this capabilities to do OR?

I would like to offer to customers this:

Buy with us /button OR Buy at/affiliate link

where the Buy with us will be chained to internal product for order through my eshop.

The reason behind is that I have many customers which would prefer to order the product for them by us as they cant speak diff language or are not comfortable with buying from different countries.

Thank you for answer.

Hi! If I understand the queestion correctly – no, it allows only one link as it’s visible on screenshots and animations. It can be extended that way as custom development. In case you’d be interested in it – let us know via

hi. this plugin is very suitable to me.
I have a few questions before purchasing your plugin.

i am using Helium theme. url :

I want to connect external link to the details or purchase button in shop page. and single product page’s purchase button to connect external link.
eg :

because I’m trying to link products on my Woocommerce shop page directly to the external/affiliate site by clicking on the product’s external link icon.
It is possible? . . . sorry i’m not good at English. :crying:

hi honeybang,
it will do what you need for “purchase” button but not for “details” button. That would require extra development. If you’d like to have a quote for that – let us know via

Is it possible to add multiple external URL’s? Im looking to be able to have the client purchase from the site or find a location near them (affiliated partners) to purchase from. The problem is There will be multiple partners to choose from.


yes you can choose multiple links

Hi, It is possible to have internal link button to buy on the site and a external button for external website. For example: i want 1 button to buy on our shop and another button to be redirected to Amazon? Thank you.

Hi there,

My client want to keep her shop and have an internal button for some products but for others only be able to have them purchased externally. Is there a way to keep just the standard button for some projects and for others have ONLY the external button (so shut the regular button off)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, yes – you can define as external only choosen products, as in standard WooCommerce